Thursday, March 25, 2010

I am not a terrorist!!!

I am sick and tired of the left labeling us Americans, terrorists every time they feel threatened in any way. I have a God given right to exercise my vocal chords in protest to this horrendous bill, a bill that the majority of us never wanted! This is Congressman Clyburn of South Carolina saying we are the terrorists:

The only thing I want from our government is to protect us from the REAL terrorists, you know the ones that are training in Afghanistan to try and kill us every day of the week. You want to see terrorism Congressman? Go sit in one of our military transport vehicles in Afghanistan, go out in a convoy, and pray to God you make it back in one piece. Stay out of my life, and do your job!!!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

I commend CBS...

I know that sounds crazy, and people that know my political views will probably think I have lost my mind. But let me clarify: CBS stood their ground on a hot issue that plagues our nation and the world as a whole. As most of you have probably heard by now, CBS aired a commercial during the Super Bowl that Tim Tebow and his mother put together with the help of Focus on the Family. Tim Tebow won the Heisman Trophy in 2007, and has won two BCS championships. The rub: a TV commercial retelling of how this amazing football star came to be. While in the Philippines doing missionary work, a pregnant Pam Tebow became ill and the doctors told her she should abort her 5th child. Her response was absolutely not. After seeing the commercial, I think the pro-abortion side has shown what complete fools they have made of themselves.

This post has taken a while for me to put together, because I wanted to have enough material for you to view as a backdrop for where I'm coming from. Please go to the individual links to read the topics in more detail that way this doesn't scroll on forever.

Where have we come as a nation, and a human race as a whole where the unborn are deemed mere property, and if you want to defend those that cannot defend themselves, you are anti-woman, sexist, bigoted, or any other name pro-abortion advocates want to hurl at us? Me defending the unborn is no more preposterous, than me raising my right hand and swearing to defend this country against all enemies foreign and domestic. Or to speak out on the atrocities of slavery, (more on that in a moment). I am looked at as a radical because I state that the unborn should be able to see the light of day. To be able to smile at their mothers and fathers. To grow and do great things.

I have five beautiful children, and I sit at night and wonder what type of world are we leaving for them, where people say that the elderly, the unborn, the disabled; have no right to life because they might be an inconvenience to someone else. Here is one article that made my stomach turn that happened recently in my state of Virginia:

Mother won’t be charged in newborn baby’s death:

This story is beyond horrific, and the fact that some politicians won't touch the issue because it's too close to the issue of abortion is a cop-out. They are cowards if they look at this story and say it infringes on a women's right to abortion. I pray that this will never happen again in this nation where a baby can be born, be breathing, and still be killed by it's mother, and all because the baby is still attached by it's source of nourishment and life for nine months.

The next issue that really irks me is in the following story:

Atlanta Billboards Link Race, Abortion

What angers me the most about this article is the arrogance of Professor Beverly Guy-Sheftall, to say that, "Many black people don't know who Margaret Sanger is and could care less." While I agree that many Blacks may not know who Margaret Sanger is, I'll bet that if you told them her goal was the destruction of the Black and poor communities, they would be outraged. And add to that, that there was a company in their neighborhood that was responsible for so many of our brothers and sisters being snuffed out, and was began by a racist and eugenics enthusiast, they'd be screaming for the business to be shut down. Planned Parenthood wants to hide this little tidbit of their company's past, and unfortunately people have blinders on to what this group is all about. All you have to do is type her name in Google and learn the truth, and hear it from her own mouth.

The final story that I want to speak about has caused much outrage in the past week, but I will continue to support my view of this statement, muchto the chagrin of many that I know:

Black Pro-Life Leader Defends Congressman Trent Franks on Abortion-Slavery

How many more Black babies have to die before the Black community wakes up to this holocaust in the womb? Where are our Black leaders? The few that do speak up are shouted down by the likes of Jehmu Greene. Jehmu Greene, a prominent leader for abortion rights, is a Black woman who walks around like supporting abortion is the greatest achievement of her life. How sad; she should be lifting up her fellow sisters, and helping them keep their babies and help them see that they are proud and strong, not tell them that it is empowering to have the ability to kill their unborn child. It is infuriating that most Democrats talk about equal rights, but that never extends to the unborn, elderly, or the infirmed. The unborn are now treated like property, and have no say on whether they can make it out of the womb.

They are less than human. The are inferior. It's my body. It's my property. Mind your business. Sound familiar? The last time our nation made most of these arguments, Blacks were bound in chains, and being herded like cattle.

The unborn are not property. They are their own person. They can grow to do great things. How many doctors, lawyers, scientists, teachers, or even future presidents have been killed in the name of "choice"? Look at it this way: in the time it took you to read this post, an average of 30 babies have been killed...and that's just here in this country.

When will it end? When will we take their hands, not their lives? For the sake of humanity and our very souls, I hope soon this living nightmare will end.