Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Roots need to find another gig...

The Roots, the band for Jimmy Fallon's late night show, are a disgrace. I liked the Roots growing up, but this disgusted me. They chose the song Lyin' Ass Bitch from the band Fishbone, as the entrance song for presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann on November 22nd. Never mind the fact that Rep. Michele Bachmann is running for president. Never mind the fact that she is a respectful woman, wife, and mother. How about the fact that she is a CURRENT sitting Congresswoman, who deserves a certain amount of respect when invited onto a set that was once hosted by the late great Johnny Carson, who I'm sure is rolling over in his grave?

This is what happened: The band’s drummer Ahmir "Questlove" Thompson tweeted "Aight late night walkon song devotees: you love it when we snark: this next one takes the cake. ask around cause i aint tweeting title."

Here's the video clip:

I wanted to wait and see if he or his band would apologize. And how did Fallon apologize to Rep. Bachmann? By tweeting it to her. A tweet?!?! I mean he couldn't even send her an email, or place a phone call, or even a message tied to a pigeon's leg. The leader of the band when having a chance to apologize spent the time promoting his new album.

Since she's a conservative woman, the only sound you'll hear from most of the left is crickets chirping. Now imagine if this were a white band, and the woman coming out was a black liberal woman? How do you think this would be portrayed in the media? We already know the answer to that though don't we? Jimmy tweeted that Questlove was "grounded". So when is Jimmy going to fire them? I'm not going to hold my breath. I'll just leave you with two words: Don Imus.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Eric Holder needs to be fired!

This arrogant waste of space went before Congress on Tuesday November 8, 2011, and said again about how he didn't know about Fast and Furious. Multiple emails stated otherwise. I do not believe that he had no idea about this international operation, and that is was run solely by his underlings. So either he is incompetent, or just didn't give a crap about what crosses his desk (unless it deals with race of course). When asked about whether he has spoken to Border Agent Brian Terry's family this was his response:

So, this administration will place a personal phone call to the American born terrorist Samir Kahn's family to apologize for firing a Hell-fire missile down his throat when he was driving through the desert with Anwar al-Awlaki, but they can't be bothered to call the family of the brave man doing his duty to protect our southern border? What the hell is wrong with this picture? How can he say that there is no proof that the guns used in this shooting can be directly tied to Fast and Furious, even though they traced the weapons to our own files? Of course he fell back on the administration's usual defense of "It's Bush's fault", stating that the program started under Bush. While parts of the operation did, the difference is that Bush's program was coordinated with the Mexican government. Fast and Furious was not.

I came across this statement a little while ago: Holder said he is awaiting a report from the Justice Department's inspector general before deciding whom to discipline for the Fast and Furious fiasco. So far, several people involved with the program have been reassigned, and the ATF's acting director, Ken Melson, has resigned. ~The Christian Science Monitor

I have an idea, let's start with his job. He's the boss there. He is a disgrace to this nation, and worse yet a danger all around, and needs to be relieved of his position NOW!!!

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

John Banzhaf sues Catholic University on behalf of non-complaining Muslim students

This story makes me angry. A man, John Banzhaf, a George Washington University professor and Catholic University basher, is claiming to represent a group of Muslim students going to Catholic University. He complained that there are no rooms for them to pray in. Specifically a room devoid of crosses. Although at last report, no file has been claimed by any students. Just this ignorant, arrogant professor. He claims it is a case of Human Rights discrimination. This is after he filed a sex discrimination lawsuit against the same university when they announced that they would go back to same sex dorms. Did I miss something here? What part of Catholic does he not understand? He claims, “Denying Muslim students the opportunity for form a student group on campus could hardly be based upon any fundamental Catholic doctrine since Georgetown University not only has such a Muslim student group, but also provides its Muslim students with a separate prayer room and even a Muslim chaplain.” Since when does a Catholic university need to remove crosses or crucifixes from any of the rooms to accommodate anyone? Why do some people think they can change what a Catholic school is supposed to be? As someone who has lived in a Muslim country, I can attest to the fact that they make no accommodations for Christians in any type of setting. If he tried this type of lawsuit in Turkey on behalf of Christians, he'd be lucky not to be arrested. If you go to a Catholic school, expect to see crosses or crucifixes.

Oh wait a minute, I forgot. Georgetown covered up its cross to accommodate the President of the United States when he decided to grace them with his presence. The reason: They didn't want to offend anyone, and wanted to be "inclusive". Then why did he pick a "Catholic" institution to do his speech? Or how about Notre Dame's shameful honorary degree given to the same President, who came on T.V. and scolded America about not coming to a "common ground", when it pertains to abortion. I have heard others using these two examples of "Catholic" universities as being more flexible and reasonable when it comes to being inclusive of everyone.

Well I have news for them. True Catholic institutions, whether it be elementary, middle, high schools, or colleges, have to follow the Magesterium of the Church. Which simply says these halls of learning will follow and promote the official teachings of the Catholic Church.

There has been a constant attack against truly Catholic institutions of learning. I spoke with Adam Wilson who is with the Cardinal Newman Society, and he verified that The Newman Guide, which they thoroughly research for each year, lists the universities that follow the Magesterium. For the list Click Here. This is the most current list, and for me in particular will be very helpful while getting my high school freshman daughter ready for upcoming college searches.

Another site, Catholic Colleges Online, lists approximately 163 Catholic colleges, (this number includes those in The Newman Guide.) That's a difference of 140. One hundred fourty colleges that claim to be Catholic, but if you look closer, the only thing Catholic about them might be their mission statements. This site does not list all of the universities that claim to be Catholic. Another overlooked fact is that many of these colleges not on the Newman list are run by Jesuit priests, many of whom have long stopped effectively defending the faith of the Catholic Church.

I know some may be offended by that statement, but look at their "Top" universities. Georgetown: which allows Vagina Monolouges, Notre Dame: honoring President Obama with a degree, and Boston College: a students group handed out condoms within the dorms. Or how about Loyola University of Chicago: hosted its 2011 "Advocate Annual Drag Show". I could keep going, but I'd prefer to let people do their own research.

The Church is under attack from all sides, and this lawsuit is just another arrow in the quiver. If the left and "progressives" can destroy the Catholic youth, from school age through college, they feel the rest of the Church will fall.

It's time for Christian parents to get involved, be aware of where you send you child to school, and be active within your church to keep your children wholesome. Catholic parents need to be even more aware if sending your child to a Catholic school, and make sure they follow the Magesterium. If they don't, then you and you money should walk away.