Thursday, August 30, 2012

Grown man tweets about wanting to punch Paul Ryan's daughter...

Warning:  Vulgar language...
And not just the Ryan's little girl.  He said he would punch any republican's little girl.  Now does anyone remember how the right responded when some republican said they wanted to punch the Obama's daughters?  Wait, NO person in their right mind had ever said that about their daughters, or anyone else's children.  This guy talks real hard about what he would do to a little kid, but does he have the stones to say it, or actually try to assault Rep. Paul Ryan's daughter in front of him? Of course not, because Paul Ryan would stomp him into the ground.  Here's the screenshot:

Hey twitter, why aren't you blocking this fool?  Should every republican assume if they ever come across this guy that he will assault their child.  Hey JaccTrippa, you are a punk, and a coward who hides behind your computer, and gets off on threatening children.  Remind me again how the Tea Party and republicans are the violent ones. Maybe the Secret Service can pay you a little visit N-Word George...

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Negrospotting: The true race baiters and racists are who again?

So apparently the left has a funny little game going on during the Republican National Convention called #NegroSpotting on twitter. Hahahahahahaha, so very funny (*wipes tears from eyes*)! So classy! And the left says republicans are racists? I have never walked into a room of republicans and felt out of place. My 6 children are welcomed, and there is usually a fight over who gets to hold the baby. Versus if I were to walk into a room of democrats, I would most likely hear, "Oh my gosh, you've got so many children! Don't you know what birth control is?" By the way, I've had that question asked to me in the Narthax at my church one Sunday morning, but I digress.

The left is so unhinged and worried about the failure that is the Obama administration, that they are willing to denigrate anyone of color, who does not agree with them, even if they are family or friends. I have recently been called an "embarrassment" by a family member, all because I am part of a group of people who look at me for who I am, not by the color of my skin.

Here is a screenshot of Mia Love's hacked wikipedia page after her speech yesterday at the RNC, who by the way is a black woman and current Mayor in Saratoga Springs, Utah:

Again, classy.

Or how about this little tidbit of a fact that MSNBC, did not show any speech by the myriad of minorities that spoke at the RNC yesterday? Apparently showing them eats away at their argument that there are barely any minorities in the republican party, and those of us that are there are sellouts.

So here is what I am going to do during the Democratic National Convention. I am going to sit and look for black men and assume that most of them that I see are deadbeat dads who have abandoned their children. You know, since they are so many black babies out there with out their fathers. I will also assume that those same black men are unemployed since the unemployment rate is a staggering 48% for young black men 18-32. I will look for black women, and assume that they are on welfare and support the genocide of the black community, since apparently welfare is only a problem in the black community (per Chris Matthews). And  democrats have reduced her to nothing more than someone so poor that of course she has to have/support having an abortion, because she is absolutely incapable of caring for a baby.  Since one of the tenets of the foundation of Planned Parenthood, who the left adores, was the extermination of poor blacks, she fits right in.

I will treat them the way democrat leaders actually look at them and treat them, not how they think republicans look at them. And since I myself am black, they can't call me a racist can they?

Come this November, many liberals heads will explode, when Obama and his ilk are thrown out of our White House, and we as Americans can begin to rebuild broken relationships and friendships because of this administrations divisiveness, and condescension towards those they don't agree with.

UPDATE:  Yahoo News! has fired their Washington Bureau Chief David Chalian after he said this: “They aren’t concerned at all,” Chalian says on tape. “They are happy to have a party when black people drown.”

Good for them!!!

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Open letter to Vice-President Joe Biden

Open letter to the Vice President of the United States Joe Biden
Dear Mr. Vice President,

Aside from the fact that you have some issues with cursing, and committing gaffes of huge significance, you have went to a whole new level this morning in Danville, Virginia. When you said this little gem of, "They're going to put you all back in chains", my mouth dropped open! Although I am pretty sure you were referring to that metaphor as meaning Romney and Ryan's budget plans, you maybe should have remembered the importance of "putting someone in chains", and what it may have inferred upon people living in the state of Virginia. Maybe you should also read again about the recent fact that President Obama is now linked to the first case of slavery here in America. As a resident here, and a black woman who has ancestors who were slaves, I know the history of my wonderful state, but I do not ignore what happened here. There are some who do not take phrases like that lightly, and quite frankly, I feel you were very insensitive to the history here. I'm sure you know how a republican would be treated if they said the same thing.

Shame on you sir!

Also, as a Catholic I am appalled that as the most prominent Catholic in politics, you have shown a complete disregard of the Catholic Church. I would also request that you start living by the Catechism, or please stop saying how your life is guided by your faith. You are distorting the words of the Church, and as a person of influence, may lead others to put their spiritual well-being in jeopardy.

By the way Mr. Vice President, you were in Virginia, NOT North Carolina!!!

Mrs. Danielle D. Hollars
An Angry Citizen

Monday, August 13, 2012

The Sympathizer-In-Chief is at it again...

~Getty Images

I was not initially going to comment about Huma Abedin, the wife of the disgraced Rep. Anthony Weiner, but this crap about her probable family ties with the Muslim Brotherhood is really ticking me off! Why she is in a position of influence to the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and there are possible ties to the MB is beyond me, considering that when I applied for my first security clearance (Top Secret - SSBI) at 18, the government not only looked all the way back into my childhood (my family was stationed in Turkey for two years from my ages 7-9), they also looked 5 layers deep into my dad, stepmother, grandparents, friends, and neighbors lives. Why? To see if there is any chance of me being bribed, blackmailed, or abducted for national security reasons. They look at EVERYTHING!!! Anyone who went through this process knows what I'm talking about. So why pray tell is our illustrious Commander-In-Chief, once again bowing down to Muslim insecurities, and snubbing his nose at other people of faith? And don't give me any crap about how Islam is a religion of peace. I lived in a Muslim country for two years, right across the street from a Turkish school. I know what they taught there, and trust me when I say, we are the infidels, and they want to dominant by submission or by the sword. He is a sympathizer to their cause, and God forbid he offend them in any way. I'm completely ticked at his hosting yet another Ramadan dinner and this year praising Huma as an "American Patriot", while telling those of Christian faith to shove it. If he wonders why people don't believe he is the Christian he claims to be, it's because he doesn't carry himself as a Christian does.

Rep. Michele Bachmann is doing her job in looking into this, and this nation should be thanking her, not ignoring the warning signs again!!! Will someone please remind me again why the president needed to fundamentally transform America, if he was supposed to take the utmost pride in our nation? Why did he spend his first six months telling the world what a mean country we are, and that we are no longer a super power? Why is it his wife can say that this is a downright mean country, and that the only reason she is proud of America now, is because her husband is President of the United States, and we're just supposed to be in awe of her and deal with it? If we're so horrible and mean, and intolerant, then please President Obama and First Lady, pack your bags and get ready to vacate 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. While you're at it, read Vince Flynn's first book, Transfer of Power. It is a perfect example of what happens when you let the wrong people get too close. Huma and her family are the wrong people, and you are too blind to see it. You Mr. President and your policies are putting us in danger, and because you can't stand us stuffy, hateful, bigoted, homophobic Americans, who cling to our bibles and our guns, please leave and don't let the doors of the White House hit you on your way out...

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Romney and Ryan... can they win over America?

I will admit up front - Romney was not my favorite for President.  Not at all.  For the past year, we have been force-fed Romney by the establishment GOP, and we as conservatives pushed back by not getting out there excitedly on his behalf.  People would ask me if I was happy with the choice of Romney, and I didn't answer except to a select number of people. I thought he had too much baggage, and seemed almost desperate to want the presidency. People were not happy, and the campaign knew it. They knew that if they had any shot at holding on to conservatives, they had to bring in someone who can articulate our problems, and who didn't seem like a "old, rich, white man." Oh I can hear the left now saying, "See, all he did was pick a 'young, rich, white man'.  And he's a devout Catholic!!!!!!  Typical." Well last I checked, Joe Biden is white isn't he? Or does that not matter because Obama is black? Race should not overshadow this election cycle, but I'm sure that will be the usual tactic of the left to make themselves feel better when they lose. They will scream racism because our first black president lost!!!  The left has nothing left.  Oh wait, they'll add on the end that republicans and conservatives hate women, and the poor!!!!!  And children....  And your dog......

I have prayed that Romney would pick someone who can take it to the Democrats when it came to the budget, and our economy.  I mean I really prayed hard.  While I would've liked Marco Rubio, I am very pleased with his choice of Rep. Paul Ryan -WI.  He is a dedicated husband and father, and an honorable politician.  Even when our President belittled him in front of the whole nation, he held his head up with pride, and dignity.

I am finally excited, and actually slept well this morning!  I pray we can get our nation on the right track, and for those of us who are trying to dig us out of these doldrums, who are the tip of the spear, these two are the rod that will stay strong and lead us to victory!!!  Bring on the debates!!!!!!!!

P.S. I can't wait to see Biden trying to debate Ryan on ethics!