Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Mr. President, there is nothing affordable about Obamacare!!!

Mr. President Barack H. Obama,

Yesterday morning my husband calls me from work and informs me that our cost for our health care premiums skyrocketed from $550 a month for our family, to $1100 a month!  We cannot afford to pay that much out of pocket!  So he and our oldest will have coverage, but myself and our other 5 children do not.  I do not want to hear how great Obamacare is.  It is government bureaucracy at its worst, and my family and many others are now paying for it. Don't tell me that we should be able to keep my plan.  It's obvious that we cannot!  85% of the country was doing just fine with our personal health care plans. You and the Democrats have trashed the whole system instead of trying to find a way to insure the other 15%. I don't want any part of the Affordable Care Act. My children cannot play sports now for fear of broken bones or other injuries, and I will have to be the one to deal with their disappointment, not you!  

You claim to care about this country, but you have done nothing but make promises to give everything to almost everyone, excluding Christians and Conservatives of course!  We are hurting, and there is nothing you politicians are willing to do to make things right!  You say you are not going to negotiate, Harry Reid calls us anarchists, and Barbara Mikulski called us teabaggers. Why did you call for civility in the past, when this is how you treat us? America didn't want this law, and you rammed it down our throats anyway. We are paying a heavy price, and you all on The Hill and in the White House seem to have forgotten that you work for us, not the other way around!  If this law is so great, then why aren't you on it?

How much more must we suffer?

Danielle D. Hollars

Monday, September 23, 2013

The story of an American Patriot...

So back around Memorial Day of this year, while my husband and I were shopping at our local Giant, we ran into an elderly man who was wearing one of those black hats with his war service stitched on the front. I walked over to him to shake his hand and tell him thank you for his service, when I realized that his man's generation will soon be gone forever.  His name is MSG. (R) Howard W. Wickert, and I will forever be proud to have shaken his hand.  He took the time to speak with me for about 25 minutes for a phone interview recently.  This is his story:

Mr. Wickert was born on September 24, 1923, in West Point, Nebraska. There were 9 children born to Penrose Wickert, and Clara Moody, Mr. Wickert's parents. Six boys and three girls. One child, Marvin, died at the young age of 1 1/2.  Howard and the rest of his siblings grew up during a time when the balance of the world teetered on the head of a pin.  Hitler was rising to power, and the world would soon know the atrocities of the death camps in Europe.  Howard and his brothers Lloyd, Irvin and Arnold, all left for the military to serve during World War II. Their brother Richard tried to join, but was not medically cleared because of a leg injury.  

While neither their father, mother, nor sisters served in the military, an uncle, Sam served during WWI. So with the horrible attack of Pearl Harbor not far from their memory, on October 9, 1942 Howard and his brother Lloyd both enlisted.  Irvin enlisted in November 1942, and Arnold enlisted January 1943.  All brothers served during WWII, and all returned home.    

Mr. Wickert continued his service, and was eventually assigned to the USS Bataan (CVL-29) in the Yellow Sea during the Korean War (June 1953). While there, the carrier would carry out missions and drop napalm on the North Korean soldiers, and in one particular incident, were helping a company that was surrounded by NK soldiers.  They were out for 15 days at a time, at the 38th parallel, and would be relieved by part of the Royal Australian Navy to refuel and resupply so there was always someone there for cover support.

Howard returned home shortly after the Armistice was signed that effectively ended the fighting in North Korea and South Korea. He stayed in the Marines, and retired a Master Sergeant in 1969 after 26 years of service.  Lloyd Wickert went on to continue service as well, going on to serve during the Korean War, where he was awarded the Bronze Star, and then served in Vietnam.  Lloyd recently passed away at the age of 92.  Arnold, Richard, Evaline, and Grace are all deceased.  Mr. Wickert's siblings Irvin who is now 91, and Dorothy Fenske (née) Wickert, 80, are still alive as well.

Mr. Wickert met a lady named Margaret Wickert (née) Peters while he was stationed at the Naval Air Station in Oakland, California. Margaret happened to also have an uncle that served during WWI in Germany. Soon after meeting they were married on April 4, 1948.  This year they celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary!  They were blessed with two sons, Howard (64), and Michael (58).

I have always made it a point to reach out and personally thank a veteran or service member, especially the older generations, by shaking their hands. Their honor and sacrifice is something that can rarely be matched. The men and women that lived and served between The Great Depression and the Korean War were called "The Greatest Generation", not because of fortune or fame, but because they sacrificed everything to fight evil, to keep this world safe. Mr.Wickert and those of his generation, have a caliber that I think we as a nation have lost for the most part. Young men who were 16 and 17 years old were lying about their age to enlist back then. There was a sense of shame and failure if you did not at least try to go and fight.  Today many in that same young age group are too busy playing Grand Theft Auto and not caring about history, past or present.  

I asked Mr. Wickert what drove him and his brothers to enlist.  This was his answer.  "We were at war.  We had been attacked at Pearl Harbor, and we wanted to help. We all enlisted. One brother, Richard, could not serve because of a leg injury." 

"We were at war" still rings in my head today.  We now face a new type of enemy where there are no front lines, and the cost is more than we could have imagined.  I pray for Mr. Wickert and his family, and those of his generation.  We can only hope to measure up to what they laid down for us, and we must be willing to give our all if it means freedom for the next generations.  

So next time you see a veteran, esp. one that is of that great generation, please go and shake their hands and tell them two simple words: Thank You!

                                                  Great history of the USS Bataan

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Statement to the POTUS and 9/11/01, 9/11/12 Remembrances

Today marks 12 years since 9/11/01, and one year since 9/11/12.  I will try to put into words how angry I feel when thinking about these two days, but for very different reasons.

9/11/01:  I was working at the C.I.D. (Criminal Investigative Division, Fort Belvoir, VA) when the first plane hit the first tower.  My coworkers and myself all looked at each other and wondered how a plane could hit that big towering building.  We thought maybe someone had a medical emergency, and we said a quick prayer that since it was still early in the morning that maybe there wouldn't be too much death or damage.  As we heard screams from the adjoining office when the second plane hit the second tower, I looked at my boss who was a 23 year Army vet, and told him we were under attack.  Except for three of us who were veterans, everyone else in our offices were civilians and thought we were overreacting. I told them they were fools if they thought that it was an accident, and started getting my things together to head home. As I was calling my daycare provider, the third plane hit the Pentagon.  I turned to my boss, told him I was leaving before the highways were shut down, and ran as fast as I could to my car.  As I thought of how many people that I possibly knew who might be at the Pentagon, a horrifying realization hit me. I was supposed to be in the Pentagon working on Donald Rumsfeld's staff.  The contract that I was trying to be added to fell through, and I was assigned to C.I.D. instead.

As I raced up Route 1 and crossed the Woodrow Wilson Bridge, I looked to my left across the Potomac River, and could see the Pentagon on fire.  Tall billowing columns of smoke rose above the horizon, and I felt sheer terror as I passed Andrews Air Force Base, and saw the jets and helicopters overhead.  The signs northbound on I-95 read: "Stay out of New York" "Imminent Danger!"  I don't know what the southbound signs read, but I can guess they were saying to stay out of D.C.  The rest of my drive was a blur until I pulled into my daycare provider's driveway where she met me with my baby girl, who was only 4 at the time.  I stayed at the daycare for a couple of hours, just holding my child, and leaning on my daycare provider and crying.  I then went to my dad's house, where I anxiously awaited to hear from anyone.  Since my dad is a 21 years Army vet, he had many friends that work within the government esp. in D.C., and I knew many of my Army pals were in the area, so later that night I tried finding where everyone was.  It was an agonizing week while waiting for identification of the bodies that were being taken from the buildings that were attacked that horrible morning.

I felt a sense of rage that I found difficult to get rid of, especially when driving past the Pentagon.  I know that if I hadn't been medically discharged, I would've went right back to active duty.  President Bush was strong in the face of our enemies.  He and our troops kicked ass and took names.

Since that history altering day, I have made a point to have my children watch the documentaries each year, so they will never forget how we got to where we are today.  I know my painful memories don't come close to what those that lost loved ones feel every year, every month, every day.

9/11/12:  I went to bed that night hearing about an attack on our embassy in Libya, and prayed as I went to sleep that everyone would be ok.  When I awoke the next morning, I was mortified to find out that our Ambassador and some of his staff had be killed.  Our Ambassador!  I thought, "How did that happen?!?"  As the days went on I began to feel like Alice falling down the rabbit hole, as it seemed more and more people within the administration were hiding what happened that night, leading all the way up to the President.  The people in charge all claimed that they needed time to figure out what happened, when anyone with a basic knowledge of how the military works knows that their initial statements saying that they didn't have the knowledge on the ground to scramble jets was a bunch of B.S. Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty died on a rooftop lazing a target, fighting for their lives.  Why would they do that if they didn't think that someone was nearby?  We know that Charlene Lamb and others were watching real time. We know that there were drones in the area.

We train our SEALS to think independently, and to imply that they wouldn't be able to relay what was going on down below, to guide where to bring forces in to help defend the annex, makes my blood pressure rise to dangerous levels.  If these idiots in D.C. are saying that they can't rely on information on the ground, then they need to bring all of our troops home until this inept administration is out of office!  They are a deadly threat to our troops, our civilians, and our government employees and their families, and they have no business being in charge.  They don't give a damn about us, and I am ticked that so many people ignored Benghazi, or didn't even know what it was even after the elections.

Where was former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who admitted she didn't talk to anyone from the DoD that night?  Where was Vice President Biden, who was supposed to be this international genius, after having the initial meeting with the President?  Where was the President of the United States, as our men died waiting for help that never came?!?  WHO GAVE THE STAND DOWN ORDER??? THEY HAD A CHANCE TO LIVE!!! Was Obama even in the White House? Or was he too busy getting ready to go to Las Vegas, because you know, campaigning must be more important than our Ambassador being under attack?

I am furious that this administration just wants to sweep Benghazi under the rug, and then hope that we will forget what happened over there.  Or at least don't make such a big deal about it.  WELL TOO DAMN BAD!!!  We will never forget the betrayal of them not helping them after three requests were sent to the State Department.  Hillary Clinton sucks as a friend to Christopher Stevens, if that is how she treats her "friends".  She can scream her perceived righteous indignation about "What difference does it make?!?", all she wants.  She has blood on her hands, and she is finding it quite hard to wash it off.

And now we are looking down the rabbit hole once again, but this time into Syria.  The Nobel Peace Prize recipient of 2009 is about to inflict a "pinprick" to the Assad regime using rockets. Really.  A pinprick?  The President talks of the deaths of all of those children when he addressed the nation tonight, while thousands are ripped from their mother's wombs every day here in this country.  So apparently I am only supposed to be outraged over Syria, but ignore the government sanctioned death of millions here on our shores?  No thank you.  Both make me outraged.  Only one is celebrated and touted by our own government, abortion.  Sorry Mr. President, but good luck trying to convince people to be moved by images of children killed in a civil war, when those same people aren't moved by images of unborn babies that were ripped from their mother's womb.

We cannot afford to go into Syria, just to hand over more weapons to the terrorists. I don't trust who is the the White House, or any of the higher ups in government today. They have been shown to be incompetent, so while our enemies laugh at us, our allies cringe at our weakness. You cannot appeal to a society to feel mercy towards children killed by chemical weapons or any weapons for that matter, and then turn around and show no regard for the weakest among us.

Mr. President, you cannot appease evil.  You cannot possibly think that if you're nice that everyone will all of a sudden get along, and the terrorists won't want to kill us.  To think that is dangerous and deadly; just ask those that survived the 9/11/01 attack, and the Benghazi attack...

R.I.P. to all of those that lost their lives at the hands of terrorism...

Friday, August 30, 2013

Open letter about the responsibility of today's men...

Open letter to "Bacon", a Return of Kings contributor:

I had the horrible misfortune of coming across the website called Return of Kings, and your post in particular titled, "How to convince a girl to get an abortion".  I'm guessing your name is in relation to implying that you are a pig. That would most definitely be appropriate.  I can only say that there is a special circle of hell for males like you, and those like you who write on this page. I will not give you the courtesy of calling you men. Women are referred to as cunts, hoes, sluts, and bitches. You all are a danger to other men who may follow you and your ilk, and a definite danger to women and their unborn children.

In one of your articles you talk about what alcoholic drink to ply a woman with to get her into bed. Do you not think of the legal ramifications of what could happen if that goes too far, and leads to pregnancy, or worse yet rape?  Oh that's right, that lovely article above will take care of that, right?   How about if the woman dies during the abortion, or if the baby survives the abortion?  Is their any responsibility then?

Great way to turn males into nothing more than serial sexual deviants, led by you!  Have you thought about a quirky article on how to talk their way out of a rape charge?  And how about those lovely STD's out there?  Do you give advice on what to do then? Should they just lop it off, and tell you thanks, because hey, it was fun at the time?

How many unborn babies will lose their lives because of what you posted?  How many women will be scarred for life, because she trusted that the person she was with would be a "MAN" and take care of his responsibilities?

Bacon, you have admitted to paying for the murder of two of your own children.  I pray that none of you others who write on this site have any children, and not because you paid to have it killed. However if you do have alive children, would you be ok with your sons treating a woman like what you so proudly push? Treating women like pieces of filth that are only good for your physical pleasure? Or how about your daughters?  How would you feel about some jerk treating your daughter like crap from the bottom of his shoe, then paying to kill your grandchild?  Would that make you feel like a good father?  Would that make you feel like a protector to your children? What good are you if the only way to feel better about yourselves is to condone this type of treatment to someone who has done nothing wrong, just had the misfortune of coming across your paths?  You are setting young men (especially college age) up for failure, not sexual heroes, known for their sexual prowess.

The only hope that I have is that it seems some of those that follow your page actually have morals and disagree with you.

You all are not men.  A real man will protect those whom he is putting into a vulnerable situation.  A real man will protect his unborn child, and the woman whom he impregnates, not drive her to the abortionist to pay to have his child murdered.  A real man will treat a woman the way they would want a young man to treat his own daughter.  A real man will teach his son to cherish her, and protect her, and not pit her against her child.

You are the nightmares that responsible parents should be warning their sons not to turn into, and make sure their daughters know how to avoid.

Danielle Hollars

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Moral Decay of America's Youth...

"I hear no sirens. I see no lights.  Oh my gosh, how long is it going to be?"  Those were the words of a desperate Joyce Smith on a call with 911, who was waiting for an ambulance to arrive to help 23 year old college student Chris Lane.  Chris, an Australian student attending college at East Central University in Oklahoma, was a stellar athlete, who had just left the house of his girlfriend of four years, Sarah Harper.  He was jogging down a rural road in Duncan, OK, when three gang bangin' punks, James Edward Jr., 15, Chancey Luna, 16, and Michael Jones, 17, thought they would go out and shoot someone, "Just for the fun of it."  Below is a video of 15 year old James, who is disgracing the Army by the shirt he is wearing:

Then there's this little gem, also from darling James:

So this shooting will be classified as a hate crime right?  By the way, I don't want to hear that it's because they live in the inner city that they did this.  They don't.  They live in rural Oklahoma. They killed because they wanted to.  They killed because they are evil. Their parents can claim that their children are good kids. They are not!

Mr. President, where is your outrage?!? Your principal deputy White House Spokesman Josh Earnest wasn't even aware of the incident!   


Why haven't you come out and said how young Black men are just misunderstood, or have it rough, or how there is racism that still exists in this country?  You spoke up about the Camden police before you knew what the circumstances were, and with the Trayvon Martin case.  So where is your speech on how we need to come together as a country? How about you Attorney General Eric Holder? Or you, Congressional Black Caucus, National Urban League, and Al Sharpton?  Where's the rally lead by Jay-Z and Beyoncé? Anything?!?  Of course not. Although I guess we should be grateful that Jesse Jackson at least sent a tweet.

I guess when the only thing that the youth of America hear from their idols today in the media and Hollywood is how irrelevant the unborn, elderly, or disabled are, they will have no care or concern for the rest of society!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The left heard what they wanted to hear...

Pope Francis has apparently made waves for something he didn't actually say.  The Pope said, "Who am I to judge?", and the left leaning media took that to be code words for, "Hey do whatever you want, and the Catholic Church won't say anything!"  They claim a new day is dawning!

No, no, no, no, NO!  He said the exact same thing that Pope Emeritus Joseph Ratzinger said, and Blessed Pope John Paul II before him.  Pope Francis just said it in a nicer way. Nothing has changed, people. The Church didn't say abortion, contraceptives, divorce, women priests, and a myriad of other social issues are now acceptable!  Openly gay priests will not be ushered to the lectern to give homilies saying that there is nothing wrong with homosexuality, or that the Church will start performing gay "marriages".  The Catholic Church is not known for bowing to the whims of secular society, nor should it. What good is a religion that changes its policies or doctrines based on what makes people feel good?  Since when is that a proper measurement of what is good for society?

The Pope in my humble opinion is correct when he says we must be brothers.  Just like those of us of the Catholic faith should not help someone procure an abortion, but pray for the parents and the unborn baby being aborted, we must, with love, tell the truth about the destruction of sexual deviances.

The left wants desperately for the Catholic Church to approve of their destructive ways of life.  Why? Why do they care what the Catholic Church says?  Why do so many phony politicians claim to be Catholic, but spit in the face of those of us who actually live the faith, á la Pelosi, Biden, and Sebelius? They do it because then they assume that when they stand before God, they can excuse their deceit and lies, and won't have to account for the multitude of souls they've led astray.

I will pray for our Pope, and pray that the moral decay in our society will eventually be destroyed, for the sake of our children!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Zimmerman is a marked man...

                               *This picture was taken outside of the courthouse
                                         in Sanford, Florida

Let me start by saying this:  I believe justice was served with the not guilty verdict in this case.  My husband and I have been in a heated debate over the last two weeks in regards to the Zimmerman trial. He was advocating for a conviction, I was advocating for an acquittal.  Our reasons have nothing to do with race on how we looked at this case. Death threats are already flooding the internet against Zimmerman.

I feel for the parents of Trayvon Martin. I really do. I cannot imagine the pain of burying any of my children.  But there is something that a lot of people are ignoring: Just as there are arguments that George should've stayed in his vehicle, the argument can be made that Trayvon should have kept on going home and then informed his father that he was being followed. I have two sons, and would never expect that they would assault someone instead of just continuing on to our house or the house of a neighbor.  In fact, we've taught them that if they sense something is wrong, to make their way home as fast as possible.  DO NOT confront anyone!  Let mom and dad handle it.

So why did Zimmerman follow Trayvon?  I believe he followed him because the break-ins in his neighborhood were by young black men.  He had helped the police and his neighbors many times in the past while on neighborhood watch.  Don't forget about George helping get charges brought against a Sanford police officer's son for the beating of a homeless black man:

Zimmerman helps homeless black man, homeless man's sister rally's against Zimmerman after shooting

Why did Trayvon confront Zimmerman?  He saw a "creepy ass cracker" following him, and because of his penchant for fighting, drugs, and an apparent dislike for white people (even though George is Hispanic), he confronted George Zimmerman.  The racial bias was on Trayvon's behalf.  I believe he thought he would teach George a lesson, and had the upper hand in the fight right up until George shot him. Don't forget, Trayvon was with his father because he was in trouble already and suspended from school.

There are those who said Zimmerman's wounds didn't look that bad.  Maybe not.  But as someone who has been in several fights over the course of my life, I ask you dear reader; how many times would you be able to withstand having your head rammed into the concrete before you felt your life was in danger? Just what should Zimmerman's head have looked like to declare self defense?  His brains leaking out? Blood pouring from his eyes and ears?  How about brain injuries that permanently disabled him?  Would it have been better for Trayvon to have killed George by beating his head into the sidewalk until he died, because he was only 17 and George was the one with the gun?  This was not a case of George just walking up on Trayvon and shooting him.  Eye witnesses proved that.

When the 911 dispatcher told him he did not need to follow anymore, he said OK and was on his way back to his vehicle. What George did by following Trayvon was not illegal, and he had a right to defend himself once assaulted by Trayvon.

Trayvon Martin IS NOT Medgar Evers or Emmett Till as Benjamin Crump wanted to compare him to at the press conference after the verdict was handed down!

People are already blaming the prosecutors for getting justice for young white men, and fumbling this case because Trayvon was black, and that there is no justice in the system. I would surmise that the prosecutors were forced to take this case to appease people like the woman who made the aforementioned comment outside the courthouse after the verdict was handed down.  Even the President commented on the case last year, saying if he had a son he would look like Trayvon:

Really Mr. President?  Politics was thrown in the mix, and a multitude of black democrat politicians went before cameras, and committees, screaming racism.  The police chief who said that there was not sufficient evidence to file murder charges was fired.  White republican politicians had to prove that they were not racists, and chimed in calling for charges to be brought.  Cameras and microphones were thrust in their faces so the media could verify their own righteous indignation by finding some screw up in republicans comments. Now we find out the Justice Department used taxpayer dollars to help with anti-Zimmerman protests. Tell me again how we are innocent until proven guilty?

The media wanted there to be race in this shooting, or they wouldn't have doctored the Zimmerman tapes from the 911 call. The media drummed up the race in this case, and because they jumped the gun so to speak, I would bet there will damages awarded to the Zimmerman family against NBC for their actions:

NBC doctors Zimmerman's call to 911

Many things went wrong that night.  But people should not make Trayvon out to be an angel, and George the devil stalking black people with a gun.  George was found innocent by a jury of his peers, and unfortunately Trayvon is still dead, and George will never be able to live his life without fear again.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Mr. Castillo is a disgrace to the sacrifice of the veterans of this nation...


Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill) and I have very little in common when it comes to politics, but her ass chewing of Mr. Braulio Castillo during a IRS Scandal hearing was epic.  For those of you that don't know, Mr. Castillo, CEO of Strong Castle Inc., has received over $500 million worth of contracts with the IRS by claiming disabled veteran status.  Why is this such a controversy?  This piece of work, sprained his ankle while playing football in military prep school.  He then went on to attend University of San Diego to play football, and 20 years later applied for disabled veterans status.

This fool didn't serve ONE DAMNED DAY on Active Duty, Reserve, or National Guard.  His answer to the SBA stating, "These are crosses that I bear due to my service to our great country, and I would do it again to protect this great country," makes me want to pound the crap out of something, and makes my blood pressure rise to an unhealthy level!

Hey jerk, here's my message to you:  You didn't sacrifice a damned thing.  I sacrificed my body to the service of this great country.  While serving in the Army in Korea in 1999, I found out that because of all of the physical demands put on my body, I lost the head of my left femur, had bone loss in my spine, and to this day still suffer from debilitating spasms through my back and neck.  I have had my left hip replaced, and will have to have my right one replaced as well.  I have permanent nerve damage in my spine, and will eventually have to have surgery on my back as well.  Can you guess what my disability rating was when the Army medically discharged me?  20 percent.  Ten for my back, and ten for my left hip.  After having my hip replaced guess how much I receive now?  40 percent!  That is it.  You get 30 percent for doing nothing!

Tammy Duckworth sacrificed her body, even more than I, and you had the gall to sit before her like you have some sort of kinship with her.  You are not even worthy enough to spit shine her combat boots!  You should go and find a deep hole, climb in, and cover yourself up to your neck.  After being exposed to the elements for several days with no water, you might have a slight understanding of the suffering that TRUE disabled vets feel.  Or maybe begin to have the littlest of respect and understanding of the conditions that our uniformed men and women are suffering through right now to protect your sorry ass!!!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Terms and Conditions For Future Participation

My name is Anthony Hollars, or Tony as my family and friends call me. I am the father of all of these children seen on this blog, and the ugly man sitting next to Danielle is me. (Introduction complete.)

Due to the gross misconduct of certain individuals who will not be named, I have taken the liberty of implementing some new rules for interaction with us.

Anonymous posting is no longer accepted. All future posts will be tied to a verified, active internet account. Our personal information is available for everyone to see. Anyone who wishes to interact on this public forum must have the courage of conviction to do the same. We (Danielle and I) are not responsible for securing identifying information about any individual who posts, nor are we responsible for any third-party who obtains any information from this website. 

Because our personal information is publicly available, we reserve the right to protect ourselves from harassment or threats. Any individual or organization who contacts us via phone is hereby notified that the call will be recorded and kept as our property.

Our only responsibility will be limited to the information that we post as both author and administrator of this page. By posting replies and comments, all participants agree that all material published on this page becomes the intellectual property of the administrators. We guarantee that no material will be used for commercial purposes. However, we reserve the right to redistribute or republish any submitted material according to our own prerogative.

All postings are now subject to review and approval before release. We reserve the right to edit or censor any post which we deem to be unacceptable in this forum, for any reason that we see fit. This will include posts that appear to come from accounts that are created for the purpose of masking personal identity. 

Any post that includes anything that could be interpreted as a threat will be forwarded to law enforcement authorities.

All posts dated prior to today (May 29, 2013) are not subject to these terms and will remain unchanged. Some material may be removed after further review, but this material will be discarded with no future use.

Word to the wise, I am in the IT security business. Attacking my wife is one thing. Attacking our children is a zero-tolerance policy violation for which there will be a severe response. Any person who resorts to such behavior will face any and all consequences that are legally available as we see fit.

If you do not agree to these terms, then do not post on this blog or use any information here to contact us.

Have a great and blessed day!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

How I deal with being Black with mixed children...

As you can see from my family's photo, that light skinned man (his mother is Hispanic, his father is white), is my husband, and all of those light-skinned little ones (or high-yellow as my sister jokes) are all of my children.  My husband came across a story yesterday morning that made my blood boil, and I came straight to the computer, without eating breakfast, or drinking my morning coffee, so bear with me.

Virginia father says he was suspected of kidnapping his kids by Walmart security -- due to his children being mixed

Now, as a background side story, my stepmother is white, my father is black, hence my youngest sister's high-yellow joke.  She is a mixed child as well.  When I was in the 1st grade (1985), my baby sister was born.  Back then parents could bring baby siblings to school for their classmates to see.  So, my mom brought my baby sister into my class, and I was so proud to show her off.  For the most part my classmates were very happy to meet her.  However, there was one boy who hated the racial makeup of my family.  He came up to me in recess, told me I can't have a black dad, a white mom, and a mixed sister that he called a freak.  Then this boy, who outweighed me and was about two inches taller, shoved me to the ground.  Well, my father didn't raise no wusses, so I got up off the ground and punched the crap out of that kid, breaking his nose.  I was marched off to the office, and waited for my father to arrive.  He was still active duty Army, so he showed up in uniform, and I just knew he was going to beat the living daylights out of me.  However, his first question to the principal was, "Did he touch my daughter first?"  Her answer was, "Yes." He responded by saying, "Then my daughter did exactly what I taught her to do."  My father then took me for Baskin Robbins Ice Cream.  Now, I will add that for all of kindergarten and all of first grade, I was the only black kid in my classes.  I moved to Maryland from living in Georgia, so I had a heavy southern accent, and big lips, and was teased mercilessly about how dark my skin was.  I hated school, and it took me a year to be able to hold my head high.  One day I eventually promised myself that I would never be a victim, or use race as a crutch in anything.

Now back to future times... This story hits close to home for two reasons:  One, my husband and I shop at that Wal-Mart all the time, and two, we've been looked down on because of our races.  I have had women ask me in the store, even in this particular Wal Mart, if I enjoyed babysitting all of these children.  To which my response is, "These are all my children."  I most times get looks of surprise, some of disgust, a few of joy.  I always wonder what is going through their heads, that their first assumption was that I was their babysitter, and then realize the arrogance of their comments.  Was it because I am black, and they are lighter, and black women don't have that many children anymore?  Probably.  I really want to answer someone in my heavy southern accent, "I'm their mammy, I birthed all of these babies!" ala Gone With The Wind.  But I don't think that would go over very well.

My husband has had people look sideways at him when he walks with my oldest, and she has had to tell people that he is her dad, not some sick boyfriend.  Our older children have cried when they were younger when we told them, "No, you cannot have a toy or candy."  Would security think they were not our children because someone thought that we "don't fit"?  I've had people try and cut in between my husband and I because they assumed we weren't together.  I've gotten nasty looks from other black women.  I'm guessing because I married outside of my race.  I just keep on moving and smile!

My husband and I are raising our children to be God-fearing outstanding citizens, who judges someone on the content of their character, not the color of someone's skin.  They were much older before they started asking why mommy and daddy's skin was different.  We told them that God loves a multitude of colors, and we love each other for who we are, not what we look like.  We just keep on moving!

How do I deal with this?  I pray that God gives me the strength to deal with ignorance and stupidity, and pray my children aren't too affected by it all.  I stand by my husband, and we raise our children with pride.

I am disgusted that this was Wal Mart's and the Prince William County Police Department's response.  That family deserves an apology from both parties, and this makes me wonder if my family will be next...

Monday, May 13, 2013

Gosnell is guilty!!! Praise God!!!!


The butcher of women and babies in Philadelphia, was found guilty of 3 counts of first degree murder of babies A, C, and D!  I hope they put him up under the prison.  I hope those that helped him also are thrown under the prisons.  I pray now that the souls of those killed can now rest in peace, now that he has been brought to justice.  If given the death penalty, I hope justice is swift.

Former Governors Tom Ridge (R) 1995-2001, and Edward Rendell (D) 2003-2011, should hang their heads in shame.  Both of them have plenty to answer for, because most of this negligence was under their watch.

America needs to reassess what is important to us as far as the media is concerned.  We the public DESERVE to know the truth, no matter who is involved.  We should demand accountability, and hold them responsible when they knowingly mislead the public.  Lindsey Lohan is not news.  How much money some celebrity spends on a new home is not news.  Babies and women being butchered over and over again, year after year, should make this country feel ashamed that it even got to this point.  It should make the media wake up and admit its own malfeasance.  Many in this country have thrown its morals out the window for fear of offending someone.  Well, be offended.  This is a story of life and death, and those of us that fight for life MUST WIN!!!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Open letter to the President of the United States

Mr. President Barack Obama,

As the leader of the free world I'm sure you are a very busy man, so I will try and make this brief.

I am a young mother of six beautiful children.  I am a Pro-Life wife, a devout Catholic, and an Army veteran.  I know you have very little respect for the opinions or values of pro-lifers like myself, and I'm sure that what I have to say will not move you in any way whatsoever towards the plight of the unborn.  However, since we still have free speech in America, I cannot stand by and say nothing.

For the first time in our history, a sitting president addressed Planned Parenthood.  I understand why you support an organization that makes its profit off of the murder of innocent babies.  They send you great sums of money for campaigns.  I am very disturbed by your "God Bless You" statement to them however.  God would never bless an organization that has been responsible for millions of deaths since Roe V. Wade.  You call yourself a Christian man, but support the wholesale slaughter of the weakest among us. I was dismayed by your statement to Planned Parenthood in 2008 stating that if your daughters became pregnant before they were ready, that you would view your grandchild as "punishment".  I became pregnant at 18 years old.  I was a scared Private still in Advanced Individual Training.  I was 19 when my daughter was born, and not once has my father called her punishment.  I have had 5 more children since then, and again no one in my family has called them punishment.

I noticed that you did not mention Kermit Gosnell in your speech, but he has carried out the very thing you supported while a Senator.  The Born Alive Infant Protection Act that would have protected the baby born alive from an abortion, you voted down, because it was the will of the mother that she wanted her baby dead.  I did not hear you give accolades to him, or others like him.  The horror of the Gosnell trial is happening many times over in this country, and yet you support an organization that recently admitted that it does not normally take measures to help a baby who survived an abortion attempt.

You have demonized those of us that believe a little baby has the RIGHT to see the light of day, the right to life, that punishing the baby is not the answer, and then tell us that we need to find common ground when it comes to abortion.  Mr. President, there is NO COMMON GROUND!!!  Your healthcare law will impugn the rights of the religious all over this country, and you have given us no respect to our faiths and beliefs.  Abortion is not healthcare!

You have supported an organization whose founder, Margaret Sanger, was an avowed racist and eugenicist.  An organization whose very focus was the depopulation of Black, Hispanic, poor, or disabled communities.  As the leader of our great nation you should want to help those mothers who feel driven to have an abortion, by telling them that they have help.  That there should be hope for their little baby, not death and destruction.

"If there is even one life we can save, we've got an obligation to try!"  Those were your words Mr. President when addressing gun violence.  Why do you berate and belittle those that feel the same way about the unborn?

You say God Bless You to them, but I hate to believe you mean that.  Jesus said, "Suffer the little children, and forbid them not to come to me: for the kingdom of heaven is for such." (Matthew 19:14).  That should be our guidance, not the blood money from abortions!  I will pray for you Mr. President, that your heart will be softened to the cries of the unborn, and that you will have compassion for the torn lives of their parents.

Mrs. Danielle Denise Hollars

Friday, April 12, 2013

There is a special circle in Hell waiting for Kermit Gosnell!

Warning: Graphic material

I am crying while typing this particular post.  I weep for the lives that have been lost. This post is in memory of all of the future generations that will never be...

Kermit Gosnell's name and the names of his wife and their staff should be taught to every man, woman, and child, because what they are accused of doing to these women during abortions, aside from killing their babies, is the definition of evil.

Abortionists claim that because the baby is in the womb that it is the woman's property. That those little babies have no right to ever see the light of day.  So what is so wrong with Kermit Gosnell?  What he did is legal if the baby was still partially in the womb.  And some of them were.  And the ones that would kick and cry on the tables, well... the mom wanted the baby dead right?  So why are people so disgusted and outraged now?

For years pro-lifers have talked about the slippery slope of abortion, and what would happen if you have unfettered abortions with no limits, performed by people who have no conscience.  Is it OK to kill an unborn child when the mom is 30 weeks pregnant?  Because the argument used to be that is was wrong once the baby is viable.  So that now moves it back to almost 22 weeks.  Then the argument was whether or not the baby could feel pain, and doctors have now determined that an unborn baby can feel pain as early as 20 weeks.  But let me ask a question.  If doctors determine that a baby can feel pain as early as let's say 10-14 weeks gestation, does it make it worse still?  Statistically that's when most abortions are performed.  Will you change your mind then?  Will you still support abortion knowing that the baby will be in agony?  You can look at an ultrasound and see the baby very active in utero at that gestation, so what is causing those movements?  Obviously the nervous system is working, so can the baby feel pain?  Most of those abortions are performed by aspiration extraction,  which means their little bodies are being ripped apart piece by piece.  But never mind that.

Moving back to Gosnell.  He is a murderer, and he doesn't care about the blood on his hands.  Those women were like cattle to him, and his wife and their staff reaped the rewards of murdering day in and day out.  Even on Sundays!!!  Those mom's wanted their babies dead, and he was the man to do it.  But wait, remember a great deal of those babies didn't die in utero.  When they had the misfortune of being born alive, this bastard and his associates especially Steven Massof, cut their spinal cords.

And for grins and giggles, Gosnell cut off some of their feet and kept them in jars:

Kermit Gosnell even laughed at how big some of the babies were.  He once joked that one particularly large aborted baby, "Could walk to the bus stop."

This is where "choice" has led us.  A mentality of, "Hey it's not a person!  It's my right!" Let's not forget, our dear leader President Barack Hussein Obama, supported the killing of babies that survived an abortion, because if the end result was that the mother wanted to end the pregnancy, to allow these babies to live if the mom said no, would possibly undermine Roe V .Wade.

This is pure evil.  Where the hell is the left-wing media, and the women's rights groups? Where are the democrats and even some republicans who hold positions of power?  Why hasn't the president said ONE WORD about these atrocities?

I'll tell you what most of them are doing, hiding.  They are hiding because this ass showed the ugly side of their lucrative business.  The other details are so too gruesome and numerous to put down, so you can read it here.  By the way, if you think this is the only time things like this have happened, it's not.  Just not all in the same place, and not to this extreme.  He got caught, and that is the only reason we are hearing about this.  And every damned employee at the Pennsylvania Department of Health who was responsible for over-site of these clinics needs to lose their jobs!  They hadn't stepped foot in that cesspool in a decades!  We were criticized here in Virginia for taking steps to make the abortion clinics here clean up their act, but I am proud that our state government took a stand and won! We cannot have another Kermit Gosnell!!!

This piece of crap became a millionaire off of the blood of innocent babies, and the fear of their mothers.  His lawyers are claiming racism, I am screaming for justice for his victims!!!

Please take the time to stop by: 3801Lancaster.com

Monday, April 01, 2013

Reverend Luis León, a wolf in sheep's clothing...

                                            Photo courtesy of Reuters/ Yuri Gripas

"It drives me crazy when the captains of the religious right are always calling us back ... for blacks to be back in the back of the bus ... for women to be back in the kitchen ... for immigrants to be back on their side of the border,"
Read more at http://www.christianpost.com/news/obama-attends-easter-service-pastor-accuses-conservative-christians-of-racism-in-sermon-92986/#GB1Jicd8Zf25Ecqb.99 

These caustic words were spoken by Reverend Luis León (I cringe to even repeat that title for him), of St. John's Episcopal Church, Washington D.C., and he is nothing short of a disgrace to the men of the cloth.  This church which is known as the 'church of the presidents', was apparently turned into a one man pep rally for the president and the first family.  He took the holiest day of the Christian calendar,  Easter Sunday, the day of Jesus' resurrection, to condemn republicans and the "religious right".  He pandered to Obama once again, and of course Obama sat there and listened to it.  Why?  Because that's what he and his wife believe, so of course they didn't get up and leave.  Then again, to show their respect for the Easter season, the White House did release a statement celebrating Cesar Chavez before sending out an Easter proclamation.

By the way, where is the left's outrage?  I'm sure if that same man said something along the lines of, "Christians should come back to where God wants us, and decry the horrors of abortion, and defend life" there would be mass hysteria on the left.  Oh that's right, because it was against Christians and the "right", there will be once again, crickets chirping...

Mr. León, Easter Sunday is NOT the day of partisan politics.  It is NOT the day to get up on a high horse and spout your bitter rancor all over the place.  It is NOT the day for kissing the president's behind.  You have the duty to lead your flock, and you have led them astray, including the Obama children.  Easter Sunday is the day to give glory to God, and you sir, failed miserably in that mission.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Iran needs to free American Pastor Saeed Abedini!!!


I just listened online to the heart wrenching testimony of Naghmeh Abedini.  I am outraged that our President and our State Department have ignored this families pleas for help to release American Pastor Saeed Abedini. Congressman Frank Wolf R-VA, chairman of the commission that held this morning's hearing, is a stand-up man, who promised Naghmeh, Abedini's wife, that they would do anything they could to get her husband's release.  I suggest they start by standing in front of President Obama in the Oval Office, and demand something be done before this man dies in a Iranian prison! They detest what he stands for, and there are many like him, including two nursing mothers, being held in the hellholes that are Iranian prisons, because of their faith.  He is being persecuted as a religious dissident, and an Iranian judge claimed he was "endangering national security", and sentenced him to eight years in a Tehran prison.  He now has internal bleeding, and they will continue to torture him until he denounces his Christian faith, which he WILL NOT DO!!!

The State Department claimed they did not help, because Naghmeh didn't ask for help directly.  REALLY?!?!?  Never mind the fact that she has proof of calls made by her with her attorney's present.  The State Department obviously knew they were in deep s***, because the day she was boarding her flight to testify before Congressman Wolf's committee, she got another phone call from the State Dept., claiming AGAIN, they the only reason they weren't helping her is because she didn't ask for it.

This man became an American citizen, and this is how he is treated?

Where the hell was Hillary Clinton, and where is John Kerry???  You know since Hillary was the BEST Secretary of State we ever had (yeah right), why wasn't she able to procure his release?  Oh, that's right, she was too busy covering up her role in the Benghazi scandal.   I sure hope that if I am ever overseas, and have the unfortunate fate of being taken prisoner for my spiritual beliefs, that this administration is no longer in office!

Naghmeh needs her husband, and their children need their father!


Monday, March 11, 2013

"I just voted for him (Obama) because he's black"

*Warning: Foul language

No, I didn't, but America, we are in trouble.  Jimmy Kimmel has a segment of his show where he has his team go out on the street and ask about events that never happened, but to seem informed, people lie saying they had watched some random event.

Exhibit A:  People claiming they had watched the inauguration BEFORE it happened:

Exhibit B: Even more people claiming to have watched the Super Bowl before it happened:

Exhibit C:  Finally, the ultimate in stupidity (pay particular attention to the last answer given):

What pisses me off to no end, is the fact that the woman who gave the very last answer in the last video says how she only voted for Obama because he is black!!!

She couldn't give a damn what his policies were, but because he's a black democrat, then it's all gravy right?!?  How many times over have we heard this answer?  How many times were we called racists, and in my case, a sell-out, for mentioning this very point?  Her vote cancelled out mine, and the fact that that was her answer is a disgrace to herself, the black community, and America as a whole.  I was called ignorant, and a fucking moron, for pointing out that so many blacks only voted for Obama because he's a black democrat.  I pointed out how there are many whites who voted for him, because they had a sense of "White Guilt".  This woman in two sentences says what I've been yelling about for 4+ years now.  The people in these videos vote, and have proven that they don't pay attention.  How are you feeling knowing that they will cancel out YOUR vote next time around, because the conservative base will sulk and stay home if they are still licking their wounds from this last election???  This shouldn't be a conservative or liberal problem, or a black, white, or red problem, but the fact is, this is what the democrats have reduced us to.  Get informed!  This is an AMERICAN problem, WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

Friday, March 01, 2013

Chris Plante Show parodies!

These are a couple of wonderful parodies of the debacle that is our government. In honor of "Our Dear Leader"!!! Featuring Skyfall with democrat sequester audio, put together by Rob Carson and Michael Piercey from WMAL in D.C. Enjoy!!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The disgrace that was the 2013 Oscars...

I don't normally watch awards shows. I think it gives an already self obsessed Hollywood another reason to say, "Look at me! Adore me! Give me another little statue for playing make believe!" So except for Adele's performance last night, they could've kept this years awards ceremony. From Dustin Hoffman kissing Pierce Morgan's behind about gun control (while on the red carpet surrounded by armed guards), to the jokes about slavery, mocking the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, the constant jabs at conservatives, to the vulgar comments about 9 year old Quvenzhané Wallis. Not to mention the crude jokes about domestic assault and battery, and the sexual jokes using "Ted the bear", all courtesy of the host Seth MacFarlane. And for the love of God, could someone please explain to me what the First Lady had to do with last night's ceremony, and using our troops as her background props? And that God awful "speech" of hers was very much condescending, and very much like Eva Péron (as my friend Chris Plante said this morning on his show.) Oh wait, that's right, almost all of them in Hollywood worship at the feet of our dear leader! Nothing to see here moving on...

I feel sorry for parents who would love nothing more than to sit with their children, and watch what for the most part used to be a "family friendly" show. Last night's ceremony is everything that is wrong with Hollywood, and the degradation of society. I am glad I did not watch it with my children around. Today's actors have turned a once noble group of professionals into a cesspool of drugs, sex, infidelity, hypocrisy, and elitism that we continue to feed, by going to their movies, and buying the checkout lane magazines, and watching their crap on T.V. They show what happens when you live by the motto of, "Do whatever makes you feel good, without consequences!" Now don't get me wrong, I love a good movie, but it gets harder and harder to want to support that hellhole of a place.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

54 Million deaths, and counting...

Together, we resolved that a great nation must care for the vulnerable, and protect its people from life’s worst hazards and misfortune.
~ President Barack Obama during his 2nd inaugural address January 21, 2013.

Too bad these words don't apply to the unborn. The number above is how many lives have been snuffed out because of legalized abortion through Roe v. Wade. This does not include the hundreds of mothers that have perished from said abortion. Click here to visit The Blackmun Wall. How can we as a "civilized society", turn a blind eye to the atrocities of this cruel procedure? Yesterday marked the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Society has placed the value of the unborn to be less than nothing. Not human. A clump of cells. Not alive until birth. We have not made enough progress to be one step closer to saying, "We are better than this!"

So how does Center for Reproductive Rights celebrate 40 years of death? With this garbage below:

How can a black man, whose own race is being wiped out at a faster rate than slavery even thought of, support a procedure who's founding principles within Planned Parenthood was the extinction of the "undesirables"?

We want to say how it is so horrible how many people died through communism in the last century. Hitler, Stalin, Mao Zedong. But point out how many have died through abortion in the last 40 years, and you're evil incarnate. Why? If abortion is such a benefit, such a "moral obligation", then why doesn't the left want to talk about that number? At their next rally, maybe they should have a banner made to hang above the stage that reads, "50+ million and counting!!!" Because nothing screams, "strong woman" like having the power to kill your unborn. Some women are proud of their abortion, or have had multiple abortions like it is birth control.

The woman below was there for her FIFTH ABORTION!!!
~It was taken at Orlando Women's Center on June 20, 2012. The girl in the pink dress happily posed at the killing place & said she hoped her picture would be put on Facebook. This young mom was there to get rid of her baby late in pregnancy, by labor & delivery (Partial Birth) abortion. She casually told John that this was her 5th abortion.~
We have put mother against her own flesh and blood for supposed convenience. Other women are at their weakest, because they feel hopeless, lost, scared. The man in her life is supposed to be there to protect and take care of her and their child, and instead, he's probably the main reason she feels the need to have an abortion. And as far as the argument of health of the mother in late term abortions... please tell me how having an abortion at 30 weeks is more beneficial than just delivering the baby by cesarean section. We know the baby can survive at that gestation. They can survive at 28, 26, 24, and 22 weeks gestation. I was a preemie. I weighed less than two pounds when I was born, and fought for my life for three months in the NICU at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. I was the first to survive at that gestation there. But according to pro-abortionists, I was not a human at that gestation, not alive, not a person. Aborting me at that gestation would have been perfectly fine by them because I was just a clump of cells.  That industry has since  perfected killing babies at that gestation, over the last 20 years. Partial birth abortion is the most barbaric atrocity committed against the most defenseless among us.

This story yesterday made me sick to my stomach. Cuomo is a typical liberal "Catholic". Hello Cardinal Dolan?!? Why hasn't he been excommunicated yet?!?

NY Dem Gov. Andrew Cuomo Pushing Bill Allowing Third-Trimester Abortions…

I am so disgusted by the attacks against those of us that fight for life. Like we are uncaring, and hateful. We are the ones who run Crisis Pregnancy Centers, Rachael's Vineyard, and Gabriel's Project. We are the ones who donate our time and treasure, to these centers, and shed many tears for the constant loss of life day after day, week after week, year after year, decade after decade. The evil of abortion is now good, and those of us that fight for life are bad. I have always said it was the people of faith that ended slavery, and it will be people of faith that end legalized abortion!

I am my parents miracle, and am very grateful that they saw me as such, and not as a burden to them. We need to change hearts and minds to show the mother, that there is hope, there is help, and that they CAN MAKE IT!