Monday, November 26, 2012

“First of all, give an honor to God and our Lord and Savior Mitt Romney, Mitt Romney.”

My goodness, could you imagine the uproar, and cries of blasphemy from the left if someone said this of Mitt Romney after he was just elected president? Can't you just hear the liberal outrage if some famous conservative uttered these words:

So why are we not supposed to be angry about Jamie Foxx saying this asinine comment? We're supposed to be good little Christians, and sit in the corner and keep quiet? Nope, not happening. Now I've heard people say today that he was just kidding. Yeah, uh huh, that's why he said it twice, and asked the crowd to stand up in support of Obama. On the happen chance he was kidding, here's the thing Jamie, you don't kid about something like that. To those of us of Christian faith, to say anyone is our Lord and Savior other than Jesus Christ is blasphemy! What really floored me was the crowd's reaction...people clapped when Jamie mentioned God, and screamed and cheered for Obama...something is terribly backwards here. Oh, that's right, we're old-fashioned, bigoted, racist, homophobes, who apparently bludgeon people over the head with our faith, and can't criticize anyone who openly mocks our faith!

Let me give you all a few more examples of why this is such a big deal:
The painting below of Obama being crucified will be shown at Bunker Hill Community College in Boston, by "artist" Michael D'Antuono, who claims his intent is to not compare Obama to Jesus. Really? Sure looks that way to me.

Not to mention this little beauty which was sold outside of the 2012 Democratic National Convention:

Then again maybe that is why Obama didn't mention God in his Thanksgiving Day comments, because some already think of him as a type of god, and he is starting to believe it. Here is a great website that shows a great deal of examples of people deifying Obama; so when Jamie Foxx says Obama's our Lord and Savior, we're going to get angry. There is only ONE Messiah, only ONE Lord and Savior, and he IS NOT OBAMA!!!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Post election analysis...

Well here we are... I literally needed a few days to gather myself from the disaster that was our latest presidential election. I've had to put on a smile for the sake of my innocent children, who are now going to be burdened with such financial debt, they might never climb out from under it. I was angry and frustrated that so many people ignored the truth about who Obama is. Even after four years of him running roughshod over the American people, it wasn't enough to change people's minds. The horrific negligence of Benghazi wasn't enough to wake up America. Never mind the fact the he took major kudos on the killing of Bin Laden, but barely a word on Benghazi. Where's the photo from the situation room on the night of those murders?

What will it take next time around? Will we then be at 9 or 10% or higher unemployment, gas prices through the roof, and a stagnant economy? Probably. Will people then decide that maybe voting for the president's agenda was a bad idea? Probably not. Why? Because Obama gave them free stuff! The map below represents the map of the country by counties after the latest election. It looks like a freaking crime scene, and Romney lost!

But wait! Maybe Chris Matthews figured it out with this little gem...

Chris Christie shot us in the foot, by implying what a great leader Obama was because he gave him his private number, and came to NJ for a photo-op. All he wanted was to do to boost his image. And "Khris Krispy", played right into his hands.

The president played a dirty game of Chicago-style politics, of demonizing your enemy and rewarding your friends. He once again promised everything to everyone, (except to people of faith), and the left basically said to rest of America, "It's over for you, you'll never win against us again!" His plan was the following: To give in-state tuition to illegal immigrant children, tell gays anything they want to hear, and the black vote he knew was in his pocket. Simple right? He never really stopped campaigning after the first election, only long enough to actually run the country, and now wanted to blame republicans like he didn't have a mandate for the first TWO YEARS!!!! The left started the war on women crap, and people believed it! NO republican has ever suggested taking away women's birth control. It was a hypothetical question by George Stephanopoulos during a debate, and the left went guano crazy and took to the airwaves claiming that's what we wanted. It didn't matter what we said to the contrary, plenty of women en masse followed the lie like lemmings. The left-wing media was in his pocket, and Hollywood came out with their usual ass-kissing to Obama and gave millions to him, even though they are the ones he calls greedy, and fat-cats.

Much to my chagrin and horror, while in the D.C. metro system, I found out that Obama won reelection. I was completely dumbstruck. When I arrived home, I tucked my older children into bed, fed my baby, then held her and wept bitterly.  How could so many Americans be OK with the state of our union? How could so many Americans look at the largess of how much this current administration is costing us and be OK with it?  How could so many Americans be OK with the destruction of the first amendment, and just turn their backs?  Republicans don't need to change our faith or values.  We will need to be that light in the dark that will most surely be needed in the coming days of darkness.  We are headlong into the days where good is called evil, and evil is called good.  Why did America vote for Obama and his destructive policies again?  Because Obama GAVE THEM FREE STUFF!!!!!!!!!! God help us...

Friday, October 26, 2012

Big Bird, Birth Control, Bullsh***er, and Benghazi

Warning: Foul language Well now that the debates are over, my children can rest easy knowing that mommy and daddy are done yelling at our T.V. for 3 hours a stretch during each debate like we are complete maniacs! Oh, and I can put my blood pressure medication away, at least until election day!

So the president has been so desperate lately, that he needed to keep Big Bird, and birth control at the forefront of his campaign. So much so that his campaign had been asked by PBS to stop running their ad featuring Big Bird.  The Obama campaign then went on and has paid for this disgusting ad by Lena Dunham, who's parents must be so proud:


My first thought after hearing this was, "I can't believe Obama would be OK with his daughters hearing this."  Then my very next thought was, "Never mind.  This is the same man who would look at his very own grandchild as punishment that should be aborted if his daughters were to become pregnant before they were ready."  Guess what Mr. President - women are more than just our reproductive organs.  The fact that this is the only way you can think of to reach out to us is utterly shameful!

On October 11th while interviewing with the Rolling Stone's editor Eric Bates, Obama responded to a statement made by Bates.   Bates informed him that his 6 year old daughter wanted the president to know that he could do it.  Obama's response went like this, "You know, kids have good instincts,' Obama offered. 'They look at the other guy and say, 'Well, that's a bullshitter, I can tell.'"

Really Mr. President?!?  What class!  Oh yeah that's right, you're from Chicago...

Moving on to Benghazi, and speaking of bullsh***ers...
For some reason hearing this account of Benghazi, reminds me of the movie Rules of Engagement.

CIA operatives who were in their annex of the Benghazi consulate were told to stand down when shots rang out at the consulate. Hillary Clinton requested more help, Obama said no!  After a THIRD request to their higher ups was denied, they ignored the order to stand down, and Tyrone Woods and at least two others ran towards the consulate to help, and Glen Doherty came from Tripoli as part of the Global Response Staff. That was at 9:40pm in Benghazi on September 11, 2012.  They proceeded to fight for their very lives until 4am the next morning, when they were killed by a mortar round.  Before their deaths, they had retrieved the body of Sean Smith, but could not find Ambassador Stevens.  After retreating back to their CIA annex around midnight, one operative Tyrone Woods was manning a heavy machine gun, while a security officer also on the roof lazed the target where the bad guys were, and were requesting help from our AC-130 Spectre Gunship.  The operators were calling out coordinates of the enemy's position, and were still not getting any help.  Woods was found dead next to that machine gun.  They did what they were trained to do, and people are alive today because of their actions!!!

So Panetta's answer that they couldn't tell friendly fire from foe is complete and utter BS!!!  Obama and Hillary Clinton saying that is had anything to do with a video was complete and utter BS!!!  Jay Carney going before the White House Press core two days later and saying that they were still waiting to find out what really happened, was complete and utter BS!!!  Ambassador Susan Rice going on the news circuit 5 times and saying it was because of a video, was complete and utter BS!!!  And since the president said he doesn't do anything without Valerie Jarrett's input, I'll blame her too!!!  They are the masters at BS'ing the American people!  It's amazing how Obama takes the credit for getting Bin Laden, but runs away from Benghazi!!!  What happened to him being a great military leader?  Where is he now?!?

All of the Obama sycophants, including Gen. Colin Powell, who praises Obama's handling of foreign affairs, you are all to blame for his arrogance towards those of us who don't agree with him and want to hold him accountable, while you sit on your laurels and saying nothing about the horrors of what happened that night, and continue to give this administration a pass!!!  Men have died, and their families deserve the truth.  AMERICA WANTS THE TRUTH OBAMA!!!!!!

Below is the heart-wrenching interview with the father of Tyrone Woods, Charlie Woods, on Megyn Kelly's show America Live:

Friday, October 12, 2012

Veeps debate debacle

                                          ~Photo courtesy of AP

This will be very short - Vice President Joe Biden is a condescending ass.  He laughed when the debate focused on our dead Americans in Bhengazi, even while the families still wait to find out how their loved ones died, he laughed when speaking about Iran and Israel and nukes, and he laughed when Rep. Paul Ryan spoke of being truly pro-life.  He lied about them not knowing about the request for more security, and threw the intel community under the bus.

Biden once again insulted those of us who actually follow the Catholic Church when it comes to abortion, and with a straight face, said he doesn't want to impose his views on anyone else.  Obamacare anyone?  HHS mandate?  Mexico City policy?  Why is it that abortion is the only topic where this mentality applies when it comes to those on the left?  I will resort to my answer that I know will tick off liberals, but right now I could care less.  Substitute abortion with slavery :

"I'm personally opposed to slavery, but I don't want to impose my views on another person..."

Good thing that people of faith didn't live by that motto, or I may still be on someone's plantation.  

Biden was trying to be more of a jerk than the president was who couldn't be bothered to look at Romney during the Obama/Romney debate #1.  Well guess what?  It worked!  Unfortunately for them, it worked on behalf of Romney/Ryan.  Ryan came off as the cool collected soon-to-be vice president, while Biden came off as smug and arrogant, and generally being a jerk to Ryan.

This administration has shown its complete disdain for Congressman Ryan, from the President dressing him down in front of the nation, to Biden's treatment of Ryan tonight.

Stats from tonight:

Biden interrupted Ryan 82 times in 90 minutes
CNN Debate Clock: Biden spoke for 41:32 minutes; Ryan clocked in at 40:12
CNN Poll: Ryan 48%, Biden44%

For those of you who didn't watch the debate, here's a small sample of the Vice-President coming unhinged:

And here's Obama and Romney: Can't wait until the next debate!!!

Friday, September 14, 2012

EXODUS NOW Conference at the National Press Club...

On Monday September 10, 2012, I went to an event hosted by Bishop E.W. Jackson at the National Press Club.  Bishop Jackson ran for the U.S. Senate here in Virginia, and while he didn't win the primaries, he gained a great deal of support and traction around our great state.  I look forward to supporting any endeavor he is working on.

So with Damian and Naomi in tow, I rode to D.C. with some friends and got ready to meet some wonderful people.  At the beginning of the conference you can hear my little Naomi voicing her displeasure, and you'll see Damian's little head bobbing around a couple of times until he finally fell asleep!

There were great speakers there such as Rabbi Carlos Parker, Lt. General Larry Boykin, and Activist Sonnie Johnson, just to name a few.  The event was put together to talk about the degradation of our society, and the plight that people of faith are enduring right now around the world.  Below is my portion of the conference:

Bishop Jackson has an awesome presence about him, and I was honored to meet him, and was triply honored to be able to speak from my heart, about something that affects us as a human race every day. Thank you so very much Bishop Jackson!!!

The full video is here:

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

9/11/01 Part Deux

*Caution!  Graphic picture below

So I woke up the morning of 9/12/2012, to the sad news that one of our ambassadors to the Middle East, Christopher Stevens and his staff had been killed, and our embassy in Cairo had been breached. My first thought was, "What is the administration going to do about this?"  My second thought was, "This should be an act of war (in Libya)!"  I was sadly disappointed with their tepid response.  Secretary of State Clinton had somewhat of an emotional response, but the President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, had the most weak-kneed, please forgive us, don't kill anymore of our people, reply to the terrorists.  He strongly condemned their actions, and said we will bring them to justice.  Really?  Does he really think that they give a rat's ass about his scolding them?  This administration learned nothing from George W. Bush.  What we need to do is find them and kill them, and let their god sort them out.  We don't have time to play nice, and try to appease them.  We need to immediately pull all aid out of those two countries, and tell them good luck.  We are not going to support you while you kill our citizens, and overrun our embassies.

There is a reason that these attacks happened on 9/11/12... the terrorists will find smaller avenues to hit us from now on, and I see them doing it every year from now on, on 9/11 because they believe we have fallen asleep again.  They believe our leadership is a bunch of pushovers.  How is it that the president has only attended an  anemic 38% of recent presidential daily briefings (in the last 18 months), and during the beginning of his administration only attended 43.8% of these meetings?  Maybe we should blame Obama for not paying attention to security, and being too busy getting back to his next game of golf.  And since he never left the campaign trail, we all know where his priorities lie.  You know, since everything was Bush's fault, can we now lay blame at the feet of Obama for the mess that Romney is going to have to deal with come November?

By the way, the Libyan Deputy Interior Minister Wanis al-Sharif said, "They are to blame simply for not withdrawing their personnel from the premises, despite the fact that there was a similar incident when Abu Yahya al-Libi was killed," he said, referring to the death of the deputy chief of al-Qaeda in a U.S. drone strike in June. "It was necessary that they take precautions. It was their fault that they did not take the necessary precautions."  

Unbelievable!!!  This was the real reason for those attacks, not that stupid video by Sam Bacile.

We don't need to be, "Clear-eyed and even in our grief" per Hillary Clinton.  We need to be like a bull enraged, lace up our combat boots, and go kick some ass!!!  And for those of you that continue to believe that if we are nice to them, they will respect us, here's your proof that they don't give a damn about you...

May Chris Stevens and his embassy staff rest in peace...

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Grown man tweets about wanting to punch Paul Ryan's daughter...

Warning:  Vulgar language...
And not just the Ryan's little girl.  He said he would punch any republican's little girl.  Now does anyone remember how the right responded when some republican said they wanted to punch the Obama's daughters?  Wait, NO person in their right mind had ever said that about their daughters, or anyone else's children.  This guy talks real hard about what he would do to a little kid, but does he have the stones to say it, or actually try to assault Rep. Paul Ryan's daughter in front of him? Of course not, because Paul Ryan would stomp him into the ground.  Here's the screenshot:

Hey twitter, why aren't you blocking this fool?  Should every republican assume if they ever come across this guy that he will assault their child.  Hey JaccTrippa, you are a punk, and a coward who hides behind your computer, and gets off on threatening children.  Remind me again how the Tea Party and republicans are the violent ones. Maybe the Secret Service can pay you a little visit N-Word George...

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Negrospotting: The true race baiters and racists are who again?

So apparently the left has a funny little game going on during the Republican National Convention called #NegroSpotting on twitter. Hahahahahahaha, so very funny (*wipes tears from eyes*)! So classy! And the left says republicans are racists? I have never walked into a room of republicans and felt out of place. My 6 children are welcomed, and there is usually a fight over who gets to hold the baby. Versus if I were to walk into a room of democrats, I would most likely hear, "Oh my gosh, you've got so many children! Don't you know what birth control is?" By the way, I've had that question asked to me in the Narthax at my church one Sunday morning, but I digress.

The left is so unhinged and worried about the failure that is the Obama administration, that they are willing to denigrate anyone of color, who does not agree with them, even if they are family or friends. I have recently been called an "embarrassment" by a family member, all because I am part of a group of people who look at me for who I am, not by the color of my skin.

Here is a screenshot of Mia Love's hacked wikipedia page after her speech yesterday at the RNC, who by the way is a black woman and current Mayor in Saratoga Springs, Utah:

Again, classy.

Or how about this little tidbit of a fact that MSNBC, did not show any speech by the myriad of minorities that spoke at the RNC yesterday? Apparently showing them eats away at their argument that there are barely any minorities in the republican party, and those of us that are there are sellouts.

So here is what I am going to do during the Democratic National Convention. I am going to sit and look for black men and assume that most of them that I see are deadbeat dads who have abandoned their children. You know, since they are so many black babies out there with out their fathers. I will also assume that those same black men are unemployed since the unemployment rate is a staggering 48% for young black men 18-32. I will look for black women, and assume that they are on welfare and support the genocide of the black community, since apparently welfare is only a problem in the black community (per Chris Matthews). And  democrats have reduced her to nothing more than someone so poor that of course she has to have/support having an abortion, because she is absolutely incapable of caring for a baby.  Since one of the tenets of the foundation of Planned Parenthood, who the left adores, was the extermination of poor blacks, she fits right in.

I will treat them the way democrat leaders actually look at them and treat them, not how they think republicans look at them. And since I myself am black, they can't call me a racist can they?

Come this November, many liberals heads will explode, when Obama and his ilk are thrown out of our White House, and we as Americans can begin to rebuild broken relationships and friendships because of this administrations divisiveness, and condescension towards those they don't agree with.

UPDATE:  Yahoo News! has fired their Washington Bureau Chief David Chalian after he said this: “They aren’t concerned at all,” Chalian says on tape. “They are happy to have a party when black people drown.”

Good for them!!!

Read more:

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Open letter to Vice-President Joe Biden

Open letter to the Vice President of the United States Joe Biden
Dear Mr. Vice President,

Aside from the fact that you have some issues with cursing, and committing gaffes of huge significance, you have went to a whole new level this morning in Danville, Virginia. When you said this little gem of, "They're going to put you all back in chains", my mouth dropped open! Although I am pretty sure you were referring to that metaphor as meaning Romney and Ryan's budget plans, you maybe should have remembered the importance of "putting someone in chains", and what it may have inferred upon people living in the state of Virginia. Maybe you should also read again about the recent fact that President Obama is now linked to the first case of slavery here in America. As a resident here, and a black woman who has ancestors who were slaves, I know the history of my wonderful state, but I do not ignore what happened here. There are some who do not take phrases like that lightly, and quite frankly, I feel you were very insensitive to the history here. I'm sure you know how a republican would be treated if they said the same thing.

Shame on you sir!

Also, as a Catholic I am appalled that as the most prominent Catholic in politics, you have shown a complete disregard of the Catholic Church. I would also request that you start living by the Catechism, or please stop saying how your life is guided by your faith. You are distorting the words of the Church, and as a person of influence, may lead others to put their spiritual well-being in jeopardy.

By the way Mr. Vice President, you were in Virginia, NOT North Carolina!!!

Mrs. Danielle D. Hollars
An Angry Citizen

Monday, August 13, 2012

The Sympathizer-In-Chief is at it again...

~Getty Images

I was not initially going to comment about Huma Abedin, the wife of the disgraced Rep. Anthony Weiner, but this crap about her probable family ties with the Muslim Brotherhood is really ticking me off! Why she is in a position of influence to the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and there are possible ties to the MB is beyond me, considering that when I applied for my first security clearance (Top Secret - SSBI) at 18, the government not only looked all the way back into my childhood (my family was stationed in Turkey for two years from my ages 7-9), they also looked 5 layers deep into my dad, stepmother, grandparents, friends, and neighbors lives. Why? To see if there is any chance of me being bribed, blackmailed, or abducted for national security reasons. They look at EVERYTHING!!! Anyone who went through this process knows what I'm talking about. So why pray tell is our illustrious Commander-In-Chief, once again bowing down to Muslim insecurities, and snubbing his nose at other people of faith? And don't give me any crap about how Islam is a religion of peace. I lived in a Muslim country for two years, right across the street from a Turkish school. I know what they taught there, and trust me when I say, we are the infidels, and they want to dominant by submission or by the sword. He is a sympathizer to their cause, and God forbid he offend them in any way. I'm completely ticked at his hosting yet another Ramadan dinner and this year praising Huma as an "American Patriot", while telling those of Christian faith to shove it. If he wonders why people don't believe he is the Christian he claims to be, it's because he doesn't carry himself as a Christian does.

Rep. Michele Bachmann is doing her job in looking into this, and this nation should be thanking her, not ignoring the warning signs again!!! Will someone please remind me again why the president needed to fundamentally transform America, if he was supposed to take the utmost pride in our nation? Why did he spend his first six months telling the world what a mean country we are, and that we are no longer a super power? Why is it his wife can say that this is a downright mean country, and that the only reason she is proud of America now, is because her husband is President of the United States, and we're just supposed to be in awe of her and deal with it? If we're so horrible and mean, and intolerant, then please President Obama and First Lady, pack your bags and get ready to vacate 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. While you're at it, read Vince Flynn's first book, Transfer of Power. It is a perfect example of what happens when you let the wrong people get too close. Huma and her family are the wrong people, and you are too blind to see it. You Mr. President and your policies are putting us in danger, and because you can't stand us stuffy, hateful, bigoted, homophobic Americans, who cling to our bibles and our guns, please leave and don't let the doors of the White House hit you on your way out...

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Romney and Ryan... can they win over America?

I will admit up front - Romney was not my favorite for President.  Not at all.  For the past year, we have been force-fed Romney by the establishment GOP, and we as conservatives pushed back by not getting out there excitedly on his behalf.  People would ask me if I was happy with the choice of Romney, and I didn't answer except to a select number of people. I thought he had too much baggage, and seemed almost desperate to want the presidency. People were not happy, and the campaign knew it. They knew that if they had any shot at holding on to conservatives, they had to bring in someone who can articulate our problems, and who didn't seem like a "old, rich, white man." Oh I can hear the left now saying, "See, all he did was pick a 'young, rich, white man'.  And he's a devout Catholic!!!!!!  Typical." Well last I checked, Joe Biden is white isn't he? Or does that not matter because Obama is black? Race should not overshadow this election cycle, but I'm sure that will be the usual tactic of the left to make themselves feel better when they lose. They will scream racism because our first black president lost!!!  The left has nothing left.  Oh wait, they'll add on the end that republicans and conservatives hate women, and the poor!!!!!  And children....  And your dog......

I have prayed that Romney would pick someone who can take it to the Democrats when it came to the budget, and our economy.  I mean I really prayed hard.  While I would've liked Marco Rubio, I am very pleased with his choice of Rep. Paul Ryan -WI.  He is a dedicated husband and father, and an honorable politician.  Even when our President belittled him in front of the whole nation, he held his head up with pride, and dignity.

I am finally excited, and actually slept well this morning!  I pray we can get our nation on the right track, and for those of us who are trying to dig us out of these doldrums, who are the tip of the spear, these two are the rod that will stay strong and lead us to victory!!!  Bring on the debates!!!!!!!!

P.S. I can't wait to see Biden trying to debate Ryan on ethics!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Oh my God, what is wrong with people?

Warning: This video is very disturbing!!!

My blood pressure rose, and then my heart broke for these little ones, when I saw this video.

There is nothing normal about this boy, and I can't imagine what my reaction would have been if it happened to my children. He needs to face charges, and so should his mother. I will bet this is not the first time he has done something like this. And because his family thinks, "He don't fight no babies", they turned a blind eye. They are only embarrassed because he got caught. His aunt is delusional, and maybe she needs to be slapped around and treated like her nephew treated those kids, and then ask her if the person hitting her is a good person. Stupidity knows no bounds!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Screw you ABC News!!!

Once again, the dead are still being counted before the left wing media, namely ABC Mews, starts slobbering over the fact that the Aurora, Colorado shooter James Holmes, was possibly, maybe, they hoped beyond all hope, was affiliated with the Tea Party. Which he isn't by the way. They apparently have not learned that EVERY DAMNED SHOOTING that has occurred in the last two years, was done by a leftist or Jihadist. I have family and friends who want to lump all Tea Partiers as a bunch of evil, racist, gun toting, violent extremists, and this mess that ABC tried this morning just feeds into that crap! Now they'll be calling for stricter gun laws as usual.

Do the right thing ABC News: FIRE Brian Ross for being so damned arrogant and smug, just knowing they got the leg up on everyone else. I don't care that they called for "caution". If they needed to call for caution, maybe they should have waited to verify their own story. What a crock!

Monday, July 09, 2012

Pain, pain, and more pain!!!

Haven't forgotten about my blog... but messed up my ankle a week ago, and can't sit for more than a few minutes at a time at my desk.  Will be back when I can sit here without wanting to come out of my skin from pain!

I'd say it looks worse than it actually is, but I'd be lying!!!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Open letter to Mrs. Pelosi

Open Letter to House Minority Leader and Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi,

Mrs. Pelosi,
Besides the fact that you grossly and intentionally mislead some Catholics here in America with your lies and heresy, you, of all people, have no right to talk about decency or questioning someone's motivation.  You have bludgeoned to death respect when it comes to conduct on the floor of the House of Representatives.  You, other Democrats, and your friends in the Congressional Black Caucus, the Hispanic Caucus, the Asian-Pacific American Caucus, and the Progressive Caucuses can walk out of those doors that lead down to the floor and keep on walking until your feet bleed.  You all have tried to make this an issue of race.  You have denigrated our political process, and for you to imply that the Republicans reasoning for bringing contempt charges against Eric Holder has anything to do with the fact that he has disregarded laws that he doesn't like smacks of hypocrisy and deceit!  He is in contempt because he is a liar and is hiding the truth from the American people by hiding behind the President.  So please, Mrs. Pelosi, please leave and never come back!!!

Danielle Hollars 
Tea-Party Activist, Veteran, and Devout Catholic

Liars!!! All of them are liars!!!

*This is a little long, but listen to minutes 2:00-6:30 for the B.S. coming out of his mouth...

This administration is nothing but a bunch of liars, crooks, and cheats!  From the President and First Lady, to the Vice-President, on down to the Attorney General, HHS Secretary, Homeland Security Secretary, and on and on and on.  They all need to be tarred and feathered and shipped off to an island where they can spend the rest of their days blathering on about a eutopian society.  Most of the Supreme Court can join them!  I sincerely thought that the Obamacare decision would be 5-4, but not with Chief Justice Roberts voting the way he did.  Now we have a fight on our hands, and November can not get here fast enough!!!  For the sake of our nation, we need to get these smug, arrogant, leftists, out of OUR White House!!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hey, Al Sharpton you race baiting pig...

You, Marc H. Morial, and Ben Jealous can shove it!!! The current congressional hearing against Eric Holder has nothing to do with race. You guys are irrelevant, and need to go and find a nice quiet place to retire. You all are the reason that the race issue is even being talked about today. Are you so afraid of being obscure, that you will throw the word racism about to see where it sticks? The obvious answer is yes. If this exact same incident happened under Bush, and he enacted Executive Privilege to cover for John Ashcroft, you'd be screaming for his head. We are better than this America!  So Al, you and your buddies need to get you heads out of your dark and remote places, and find some actual work to do!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

This is absolutely pathethic!

~Photo courtesy of CBS News

How much more pathetic can the Obama administration get, by asking people to give to the Obama 2012 campaign in lieu of gifts for a wedding, birthday, or anniversary? Like he doesn't have enough damn money already.

You know Mr. President, us average people may want those gifts to help out in our lives, you know since we're not millionaires. You know those evil rich people you demonize one second, then have your hand out for their money the next? Yeah, we're not them.

What a disgrace! Maybe I should donate my children's birthday gifts to Romney, then he can use the proceeds from those items for his campaign! What a great idea!!! *I'm being sarcastic of course!*

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It's not YOUR White House Mr. President!!!

The fact that the President is now willing to circumvent Congress by declaring executive privilege on these documents on Fast and Furious, has just admitted that the White House knew about this operation. How else would El Presidente know what was being hidden from Congress. A man is dead because of Eric Holder, and the President is now covering it up! Impeachment anyone? We as the American people have a right to know what happened, and they don't have the right to keep it from us!!! President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder are crooks, and so is anyone else who thinks that what these two and the rest of this current administration is doing is OK. How many more times will they try to pull the wool over our eyes and want us to ignore who the President and Holder really are? Americans should be outraged!!! Get rid of them both for the sake of our country!!!

That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the *Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shown, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.
~Declaration of Independence
*emphasis mine*

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

In response to Anonymous on 4/25/12

Dear Anonymous,

Since having my baby, it takes me a bit longer to get on here to tend to my blog, so I apologize for taking so long to respond. I also realized that my bio page needed to be updated, and on that page it points out that I am an Army brat, and veteran of the U.S. Army. That being said, I am very well aware of the world outside of my doorstep, having lived in Turkey for two years as a child, and also spending time in South Korea as a soldier.

The main purpose for this particular post (Thaddeus-Matthews-and-his-black-on-black-hatred), was the fact that because she didn't think like him, meant that she wasn't "black enough" to represent that district. The hate that you point out that is directed at President Obama in most cases is not hate, but disdain for someone who has utter hostility for those of us with faith, and those that don't agree with him. Besides, what our President is going through is nothing compared to what President Bush went through. Do you remember the film "Death of a President"? That movie was made while President Bush was still in office. Do you see a movie depicting the assassination of President Obama? I didn't think so.

So you say you don't want to seem anti-American, then proceed to attack my country for our "race relations, women's equality, respect for gay people etc., religious toleration". You then say, "we see your terrifying gun laws (the right to bear arms was removed in Britain in 1487), your ignorance of other religions, your certainty that God is on your side, your lack of effective public health care free at the point of delivery, your treatment of prisoners, your attachment to the death penalty (very odd in a country so largely Christian) and most worrying of all, your incredible insularity and lack of understanding of the world around you (a hangover from isolationism I suspect)."
OK, let me address these one at a time:

Race relations right now are set back because of the rancor and wedge put there by our President and the Attorney General. Anyone who criticizes the President is deemed racist or sellouts by the left, and the media doesn't bat an eye, because they are following their "beloved savior".

Women's Equality:
Plain and simple women are not men. I am the mother of six children, and would not expect to be treated the same in a workplace where I spend more time home than my husband. Our military is the best example of what I mean. When I met my husband we were both in the Army, and I outranked him. Pay is equal across the board based on rank, and time in service. But if I take more time off to tend to children, I can't expect that after I have run out of leave, that the military would want me to stay in. That is why they have an option to discharge a service member for family hardship. More times than not, it applies to the female service member. I am not equal to a man physically, and whether we want to admit it or not, women are not equal to men physiologically. We are equal in dignity and equality, but there are innate, inherent differences, and those differences have a purpose. We are not the same. Period.

Respect for gays is not the problem. What we don't like is being told we need to accept what they do, and if we don't we are hateful. Telling gays that marriage is between a man and a woman is not hate. It's the truth. We don't walk around beheading gays like they do in some countries.

Religious tolerance and our "ignorance":
The trampling of religious rights is not coming from the people, but from our government. We are not intolerant or ignorant of other religions. What we won't tolerate is one religion telling the rest of us that we must submit. At least we still have the spine to stand up to them. We are very mindful of how we come across to other nations when it comes to religion. We don't know that God is on our side. Maybe He is, maybe He isn't. We have a great deal of people in this country who are not religious, but still served this country in our armed services. So what is their reason? Simple. They would rather take it to the bad guys, than to let them on our shores. Maybe you should do a little research on the pulse of America, and our knowledge of religions.

Health Care:
Simply put; Nothing is free. We cannot afford to pay for everything for everyone. We cannot afford cradle to grave everything: Food, housing, clothes, work, health-care, and overall I-do-whatever-I-want-and-you-pay-for-it happiness. If you choose to live a risky life, I should not have to be burdened with the costs of your decisions. There is a reason that people come here for their medical care from other countries. We have the best health care system in the world, and it's because of competition within their ranks, not because the government controls everything. All we need to do now is watch Europe go bankrupt and know that we cannot allow that to happen here.

Take out the word "abortion" and use the word "slavery" instead. That's how evil the arguments for abortions have become. A woman has the right to do what she wants with her body, but the baby is not her body. That child is an innocent person who did not ask for anything. Our laws on abortion are flawed. Yes we still have that debate here, and will continue to have it, because if we were to treat slavery the same way a lot of people want us to treat the wholesale murder of the unborn, by being silent, I could very well still be a slave today. I am a descendant of slaves, and I am always mindful of how far we have come as a nation. We have a duty to protect the least among us. Pro-Lifers will never give up this fight.

Gun laws:
I have a right to own a gun, and will use that right freely if someone comes to my home to harm me, my husband, or my children, and woe be unto those who come to do ill will here. I will not sit and wait for the police to show up, and pray that I survive long enough, or that the bad guy will just go away. The government will never tell the American people that we can't own guns, not without a fight on their hands. Our right to own firearms is why we have a nation, and even the Japanese military knew during WWII that a land invasion of America was impossible for that very reason.

Treatment of prisoners and the death penalty:
Not sure who you are referring to here. If it is the terrorists, then I don't give a damn how uncomfortable our guys make them feel. I want our Special Forces, and C.I.A. to keep us safe, and if you are unwilling to accept the fact that there are people out there that want to kill you just because you exist, then I feel sorry for you. If you are referring to our prison population, then I say you have not done your homework again. Our Department of Corrections are so hoping that the prisoners will be rehabilitated, that they give them the opportunity to earn a G.E.D. or a college degree. As far as the death penalty, I wholly welcome it! My husband's ex-best friend killed five women in Arizona. Three of the women he killed by strangling them with their own hair. Two of them were mothers. After killing all of these women, he kept the bodies, and continued to have sex with the bodies, until he dumped them like trash. He is on death row, and I will pray for his soul, but he does not deserve to spend another day of his life on this earth. Yes, we are a Christian nation (regardless of what our President said), and as such, we pray for their souls, but God Himself instituted the death penalty for murderers (Genesis 9:6).

Insularity and lack of worldly knowledge:
As I said before, we have plenty of worldly knowledge, and no we are not isolationists. We welcome people legally, and we encourage it. The numbers do not lie. Immigrants choose our country more than all other nations combined. After 9/11/01, we had every right to impose measures that would protect us. Some worked, some didn't. But make no mistake, we are a very welcoming nation, and I would think you would've picked up on that on your travels here.

Since you didn't leave your name, I don't how to address you, but I hope that I have answered these inquiries. I have lived outside the borders of this country, and was glad beyond measure to reach her shores again. So please, in the future, don't assume that I live in a bubble. I have seen the world, and while I can see the pride you have for your homeland, I have the same pride in mine.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

What is wrong with the black community in Baltimore City???

In one word: Apathetic.


These people are barbaric, and I hope the police don't try to sugarcoat this situation. If the tables were turned, and it was a black man being attacked, beaten, robbed, and then stripped naked, while a bunch of white people stood around and laughed and videotaped it, I'm sure Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, would be all over this story. They would scream about racism, and demand someone be held accountable. So are these attackers racists? Is this a hate crime? Do they have the right to beat someone down like this, just because the victim is white (*honky)? Did this white man (*cracker) deserve this because of what happened to Trayvon Martin? Is this supposed to be retaliation (*eye for an eye)? You know since the New Black Panther Party called for George Zimmerman dead or alive, there have been multiple attacks on whites because of the NBPP's call for revenge. Or how about the 78 year old man who was beat down while the black kids shouted "this is for Trayvon... Trayvon lives"

The asterisked words are just a couple of things said by the NBPP, and other blacks, when referring to Zimmerman.

Here is the response from the Baltimore Police Commissioner via Council of Concervative Citizens:
~Baltimore police commissioner Commissioner Frederick H. Bealefeld III lashed out saying anyone who wants hate crime charges is “race-baiting” and “fear-mongering.”~

Where is the AG Eric Holder, saying that they are going investigate and get to the bottom of this incident? Once again: nothing but silence...

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Alteration of the U.S. flag... we're told it's not a big deal from the left!

Listening to many on the left, they would have us believe that it is not a big deal that this flag had flown for TWO MONTHS outside Lake County's Democrat Headquarters in Florida with Obama's face switched out with the stars. Let me say this as civilly as I can: This is not China, North Korea, or Cambodia. Those of us who have raised our hand to defend this country, will never say it is O.K. for the American flag to be altered with anyone's face on it. My grandfather didn't receive the Purple Heart honoring the President of the United States. He risked his life for his fellow soldiers, and the honor and love of his country.

The chairwoman of Lake County's Democrat Committee Nancy Hulbert, should step down immediately, if she will not make a commitment to never fly that flag again. When I returned to the States from Turkey after being stationed there with my parents for two years as a child, I kneeled down and kissed the ground when I saw the American flag. I yelled at my classmates who were disrespectful and spoke during the Pledge of Allegiance. If you've never been off these beautiful shores, you will not understand the outrage that veteran's feel at seeing this. Go live in a hostile environment, and you'll have a new appreciation for the American flag.

My children know the history of our flag, and that whenever the Pledge is said, or the National Anthem is played, they all know what they need to do. For anyone to think this flag is O.K., needs to pack their bags and go anywhere but here. Soldiers who will die, and honorable veterans who die having served under the American flag, will have their casket draped with the American flag. Not a flag with someone's face plastered on there. We raise our hand to serve this nation, not a person. My blood boiled when I saw this, and I hope every true American felt the same way!!!

Friday, March 02, 2012

Sandra Fluke is a "Flake"

Now that poor little Sandra Fluke has gotten a call from President Obama, I guess Georgetown should now cave to her demands and not hold back her and her fellow classmates their right to have sex, and pay for their contraception for free. Then again, Georgetown did cover up their cross to accommodate the President. Never mind that this is another Catholic University under attack. I've already written my thoughts about the attacks against schools that are religion based, so I won't go into it again here, but part of this stems from the lack of strict adherence to the Magesterium in all aspects of the school's mission. She wouldn't have had the unmitigated gall to go before Congress and demand they bend to her will.

This woman needs to grow up. You chose to go to an institution with the hopes of them changing their minds. This was never about your "rights" to have sex. No one denied you sex or whatever method of contraception you want to use. They're just not going to pay for it! This was about the government's overreach into these said religious institutions and demanding they pay for contraceptive devices. You're a tool for an argument that your side of the political arena brought up.

Instead of trying to figure out the best way to get your birth control paid for, why don't you just ask you parents to cover it? Sandra, since you're on a public scholarship, maybe you can ask the sponsor of your scholarship to pay for it. I'm sure some of your classmates will be on their parents' health insurance soon if they're under 27, so make them pay for it. Better yet, why don't you just pay for it yourself, since you're the one having sex? Quite frankly, if the two people having sex can't afford the cost of condoms, or birth control pills, maybe they shouldn't be having sex. The true cost of those items failing, more times than not, will result with a life ending in an abortion. For those women that need it for medical reasons, I don't know of any insurance that doesn't cover that as long as there is documentation from their doctor.

Calls for the Speaker of the House to denounce Rush Limbaugh after his comments on air are ridiculous. What in the hell does the Speaker have to do with this? Rush is an entertainer. Period. Where were their calls of condemnation by Nancy Pelosi or even Obama, of Maxine Waters when she was spewing her venom all over the damn place telling fellow Americans to go to hell? And she is a sitting member of Congress!!! You know what I heard? Crickets chirping. People are being willfully ignorant about what the original problem was. Rush is going to do what Rush wants to do. If you actually listened to his show, you'd realize he's speaking to the ridiculousness of this whole situation, and it was said with satire. Did any of you on the left complain when Bill Maher (an entertainer) called Sarah Palin a c*nt? No. No, you didn't. So get over it, and remember that a government big enough to give you everything, can take everything away.

By the way Mr. President, have you called the families of those troops killed after you said your apology "calmed things down"? I surely hope so...

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Open Letter to Rep. Maxine Waters

Rep. Maxine Waters,

Last summer you told the Tea Party to go to Hell. I and many others wrote letters to you asking that you step down. Then last week you said the Speaker of the House John Boehner, and the House Majority Leader Eric Cantor are demons. Where is your civility? You ma'am are a hate filled, spiteful woman, who no longer deserves your position of authority. You want to know where the jobs went in your community? Maybe you should look in the mirror. You spent time getting more money for you husband, and scholarships for your other family members, but couldn't be bothered to get help for those that need it in your district. And I'm not talking about public assistance. I'm talking about job training to help those get a better job and make a better living for themselves. No, you'd rather blame the Republicans. You'd rather promise your constituents everything they want for "free", and when they don't get, you imply that it's always someone else's fault.

People like you are the reason Americans are calling for term limits. You seem to think that you are above your fellow Americans if they don't kiss your behind and bow down to the whims and will of the Congressional Black Caucus, or you'll run around calling them racists. You are a disgrace, and I cannot fathom why your constituents continue to vote you back into office. I pity you, who lives with so much hatred towards your fellow man that doesn't agree with you, that you have no problem spreading your venom no matter what the cost. I hope the people in your district soon get tired of dealing with what you stand for, and toss you out of office. Maybe then they will prosper and have some self reliance.


Mrs. Danielle D. Hollars
Tea Party Member

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Thaddeus Matthews and his Black on Black hatred...

This is one of the most disgusting things I've seen in a while. This is an interview, or more like a verbal bashing, between a host named Thaddeus Matthews, and his guest Charlotte Bergmann, who is running for office in Tennessee. So much for "Southern Hospitality" and "Chivalry", because I have never seen such a disgraceful show of hatred toward another human being, let alone a "man" talking to a woman:

As much as I talk, I had to search for words as to how this makes me feel. Thaddeus Matthews should look in the mirror and ask himself what is he doing to better the mentality of those in the 9th district. If his behavior on air is any indication of the way blacks there feel about someone who is black and a republican, then God help the people of that area. How very sad that he feels so superior to that woman, that he has no problem telling her to shut up. You Thaddeus are a disgrace to men, and an impediment to improving dialogue within the political arena. You are part of the problem, not part of the solution. What a waste of what could've been a gateway to looking at both sides of what's going on in black communities across the country.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Jim Moran, you ignorant fool, retire...

For those Virginians that live in the 8th district, please for the love of all that is good, do NOT vote Jim Moran back into office EVER AGAIN! This man is an arrogant piece of filth, who does not deserve to have a position of power.

Apparently he is now an expert on race, and the ancestors of black people. Rep. Allen West made a comment that he didn't like, and his response was this:

Where's the leadership of the House telling him that what he said is offensive? They will say nothing! Why because as long as the MSM is in their pockets, the MSM doesn't give a damn. I'm sick of liberals screaming foul every time a conservative says something they don't like, like we're supposed to just sit on our hands and play nice.

Screw you MSM, Jim Moran, and anyone who thinks that what Moran said was OK. I'm done playing nice, and tomorrow his office will hear from me...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

This is a straight rant...

As rays of light shine down like manna from heaven, President Barack Obama began his third State of the Union address. Some of the politicians in the room tried that phony crap of sitting by each other so it doesn't look quite as bad when only half of the room stands up, something they never did for Bush. I love how he started out with the one thing he did right during this doomed administration. Our troops victory in Iraq. Made possible by what his predecessor did before him.

Then he brings up his racist white grandmother.

Waiting for him to blame Bush. Yep, only took him 7 min.

Fair share of taxes...More jobs for everyone who wants one... More money for everyone... Just one question, where the hell does he think all of this money is going to come from? And if I just heard him correctly, I think he just hinted at having a one stop shop for everything educational at the college level. Well who is going run that program? Some government bureaucracy? He just came up with a brilliant idea though... let's help students stay in school until they graduate, or until they turn 18. Wait a minute, aren't we supposed to be doing that anyway? Nothing new here, moving on...

Now he's bringing up illegal immigration to pander to the Hispanic community. How the hell is he going to bring up comprehensive immigration reform, when he had almost two years to accomplish that before he lost the House.

And I can't believe he just brought up energy policy, when they just pissed away billions of dollars of our money with their failed policy. You can keep on trying to push that government money Mr. President, but sorry, you've worn out your leeway, when it comes to the people's money. Speaking of people's money, how are you going to talk about using the money that we will now save from not fighting in Iraq, that's supposed to help rebuild our country, when millions were lost from the first TARP? Who's going to watch that money? At this point, I wouldn't trust your Tres. Sec. to watch my children's piggy bank.

Maybe someone can tell me why he's telling Eric Holder to look for more scapegoats to take the attention off Fast and Furious, Solyndra, and the New Black Panther Party's voter intimidation case, by finding someone to punish in the housing market?

Now he'e circling back to dictators who we killed or were killed overseas.

He just flat out lied about our close relationship with Israel... I'm sure they're those who live there that beg to differ! He's done nothing for Israel, and I pray that he hasn't done irreparable damage.

He just finished by talking about the greatness of America. Mr. President, you don't have to remind us of how great we are. I just wish you really believed the words that were coming out of your mouth, because I sure don't.

Blah, blah, blah... we've heard this all before... moving on, nothing to see here...

Thank God this judge resigned!!!

People scoff when conservatives complain of "progressive" activist judges. We're told it's all in our heads, or we are overreacting when those same radical judges pass down a ruling that seems to go against everything that conservatives and even some non-conservatives stand for. The religious are being hit particularly hard.

The following story is a perfect example of why these judges are dangerous and must be removed from our judicial system:

Court ordered abortion & sterilization of catholic woman in Mass. overturned

I am praying for this young woman, and for the judge as well. That type of mentality is dangerous and detrimental to what our country should be about.

Welcome to the world Naomi Ruth!!!

I want to introduce Naomi Ruth, who was born on 12/31/11 @ 14:47. She was 8lbs 3ozs, and 19in. long. She is born into a very large and loving family, and I can't wait to watch her grow, and teach her about the world!

Now that she's here it's time to get back to work on my blog...