Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The left heard what they wanted to hear...

Pope Francis has apparently made waves for something he didn't actually say.  The Pope said, "Who am I to judge?", and the left leaning media took that to be code words for, "Hey do whatever you want, and the Catholic Church won't say anything!"  They claim a new day is dawning!

No, no, no, no, NO!  He said the exact same thing that Pope Emeritus Joseph Ratzinger said, and Blessed Pope John Paul II before him.  Pope Francis just said it in a nicer way. Nothing has changed, people. The Church didn't say abortion, contraceptives, divorce, women priests, and a myriad of other social issues are now acceptable!  Openly gay priests will not be ushered to the lectern to give homilies saying that there is nothing wrong with homosexuality, or that the Church will start performing gay "marriages".  The Catholic Church is not known for bowing to the whims of secular society, nor should it. What good is a religion that changes its policies or doctrines based on what makes people feel good?  Since when is that a proper measurement of what is good for society?

The Pope in my humble opinion is correct when he says we must be brothers.  Just like those of us of the Catholic faith should not help someone procure an abortion, but pray for the parents and the unborn baby being aborted, we must, with love, tell the truth about the destruction of sexual deviances.

The left wants desperately for the Catholic Church to approve of their destructive ways of life.  Why? Why do they care what the Catholic Church says?  Why do so many phony politicians claim to be Catholic, but spit in the face of those of us who actually live the faith, á la Pelosi, Biden, and Sebelius? They do it because then they assume that when they stand before God, they can excuse their deceit and lies, and won't have to account for the multitude of souls they've led astray.

I will pray for our Pope, and pray that the moral decay in our society will eventually be destroyed, for the sake of our children!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Zimmerman is a marked man...

                               *This picture was taken outside of the courthouse
                                         in Sanford, Florida

Let me start by saying this:  I believe justice was served with the not guilty verdict in this case.  My husband and I have been in a heated debate over the last two weeks in regards to the Zimmerman trial. He was advocating for a conviction, I was advocating for an acquittal.  Our reasons have nothing to do with race on how we looked at this case. Death threats are already flooding the internet against Zimmerman.

I feel for the parents of Trayvon Martin. I really do. I cannot imagine the pain of burying any of my children.  But there is something that a lot of people are ignoring: Just as there are arguments that George should've stayed in his vehicle, the argument can be made that Trayvon should have kept on going home and then informed his father that he was being followed. I have two sons, and would never expect that they would assault someone instead of just continuing on to our house or the house of a neighbor.  In fact, we've taught them that if they sense something is wrong, to make their way home as fast as possible.  DO NOT confront anyone!  Let mom and dad handle it.

So why did Zimmerman follow Trayvon?  I believe he followed him because the break-ins in his neighborhood were by young black men.  He had helped the police and his neighbors many times in the past while on neighborhood watch.  Don't forget about George helping get charges brought against a Sanford police officer's son for the beating of a homeless black man:

Zimmerman helps homeless black man, homeless man's sister rally's against Zimmerman after shooting

Why did Trayvon confront Zimmerman?  He saw a "creepy ass cracker" following him, and because of his penchant for fighting, drugs, and an apparent dislike for white people (even though George is Hispanic), he confronted George Zimmerman.  The racial bias was on Trayvon's behalf.  I believe he thought he would teach George a lesson, and had the upper hand in the fight right up until George shot him. Don't forget, Trayvon was with his father because he was in trouble already and suspended from school.

There are those who said Zimmerman's wounds didn't look that bad.  Maybe not.  But as someone who has been in several fights over the course of my life, I ask you dear reader; how many times would you be able to withstand having your head rammed into the concrete before you felt your life was in danger? Just what should Zimmerman's head have looked like to declare self defense?  His brains leaking out? Blood pouring from his eyes and ears?  How about brain injuries that permanently disabled him?  Would it have been better for Trayvon to have killed George by beating his head into the sidewalk until he died, because he was only 17 and George was the one with the gun?  This was not a case of George just walking up on Trayvon and shooting him.  Eye witnesses proved that.

When the 911 dispatcher told him he did not need to follow anymore, he said OK and was on his way back to his vehicle. What George did by following Trayvon was not illegal, and he had a right to defend himself once assaulted by Trayvon.

Trayvon Martin IS NOT Medgar Evers or Emmett Till as Benjamin Crump wanted to compare him to at the press conference after the verdict was handed down!

People are already blaming the prosecutors for getting justice for young white men, and fumbling this case because Trayvon was black, and that there is no justice in the system. I would surmise that the prosecutors were forced to take this case to appease people like the woman who made the aforementioned comment outside the courthouse after the verdict was handed down.  Even the President commented on the case last year, saying if he had a son he would look like Trayvon:

Really Mr. President?  Politics was thrown in the mix, and a multitude of black democrat politicians went before cameras, and committees, screaming racism.  The police chief who said that there was not sufficient evidence to file murder charges was fired.  White republican politicians had to prove that they were not racists, and chimed in calling for charges to be brought.  Cameras and microphones were thrust in their faces so the media could verify their own righteous indignation by finding some screw up in republicans comments. Now we find out the Justice Department used taxpayer dollars to help with anti-Zimmerman protests. Tell me again how we are innocent until proven guilty?

The media wanted there to be race in this shooting, or they wouldn't have doctored the Zimmerman tapes from the 911 call. The media drummed up the race in this case, and because they jumped the gun so to speak, I would bet there will damages awarded to the Zimmerman family against NBC for their actions:

NBC doctors Zimmerman's call to 911

Many things went wrong that night.  But people should not make Trayvon out to be an angel, and George the devil stalking black people with a gun.  George was found innocent by a jury of his peers, and unfortunately Trayvon is still dead, and George will never be able to live his life without fear again.