Monday, December 07, 2009

Denying the Health Care Plan = Defending Slavery?!

Harry Reid is a disgrace. He is a disgrace to his position in the Senate, his party, and this country. How dare Harry Reid say that opposing this disaterous health care plan is the same as defending slavery? My ancestors were slaves, and guess who were the ones who were saying we need to end slavery? Republicans. I don't expect my government to give me anything except a safe country to live in. I don't need to them to take care of my health care, my food, my bills, or tell me how to raise my children. The Republicans need to stand up and say we will not stand for this anymore. The Democrats need to be lined up at a microphone saying that Harry Reid does not speak for them in this regard. But will they do that, no. They might as well have been standing beside him as he made his comment. I'm sick of this, "let's play nice with them and maybe they'll let us play" mentality of the Republicans. If they don't strongly dispute this, then they need to step down from their position.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What is the President waiting for...

Why must the bravest of us suffer for the lack of urgency or confidence from their Commander-in-Chief? These men and women have volunteered to give their lives if need be to continue to protect us, and it takes the president months to make up his mind on whether to send them help or not?!

I don't want to hear about an exit strategy, our end goal should be no less than victory. I want those brave souls to have every ounce of resources they need while on the ground now. If it takes 5 more years before Al-Qaeda is done fighting us then that's what we need to do. Stop golfing, and having summit meetings, and lavish dinner parties, and send the troops that Gen. McChrystal needed months ago. It kills me to think about our troops waiting, and waiting for an answer from the man that is supposed to have their best interest, and those of their families at heart.

Let the full might of our military, the baddest one on the face of the earth, loose, let them do their job, so they can come home. I pray that our president will guide our troops with wisdom, and not act like this is a board game. Our guys and gals over there deserve nothing less.

Monday, November 23, 2009

The New China...

That's what America is going to be by the time President Obama is done dealing with China. Face it Mr. President, China owns us. If they ever decide to call in our debts, we're screwed. We've spent ourselves into a black hole, and there is no light at the other end.

Stop spending money we don't have President Obama. I know you and Congress don't abuse your own finances this way. You pay the bills you have with the money you make. Not constantly on a credit card, and then refuse to make a payment. If you spent your own money the way Congress is raiding our treasury, you'd be homeless, and jobless.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

We're a nation of cowards...Congrats America!!!

Once again our esteemed Attorney General Eric Holder (the first Black Attorney General I might add), has said we are a nation of cowards. Eric Holder, the same guy who couldn't be bothered to follow through on voter intimidation charges against the NEW BLACK PANTHER PARTY, has said that we need to spend more time talking about race. OK Eric, let's talk about race involving this last presidential election cycle. I'll get to his other comment about us being cowards in a moment. By the way, it does no good to be the first anything if you are an utter failure at it.

When Barack Obama was nominated for president, all everyone talked about was how we could have the first Black president!!! All I could think of was if he failed, everyone suffered, no matter what the race. And here we are 10 months later, and on the brink of ruin. Anyone who harshly questioned Obama during the campaign was either a racist, or an Uncle Tom. A whole lot of white people were more worried about not offending a Black person. Never mind if their complaint was legit, they made themselves feel better by saying, "Maybe it is time for a Black president. We are a nation of change". Black people flooded the airwaves and streets saying that it was about time, all the while ignoring the obvious pandering nature of this candidate. We weren't allowed to say his middle name, it was racist; we couldn't ask about his college papers, and transcripts, if we did it was racist; we couldn't question Michelle Obama, we couldn't question his affiliations, we couldn't question his non existent voting record...I think you get the point. Then we come to election day, and what happens? The New Black Panther Party intimidates voters by standing in front of the buildings with large pieces of wood. Message received - if you come here you'd better tow the line. So what did our justice department do? Absolutely nothing. Then we have the lovely Professor Gates. What did the President say...oh that's right, that the police acted stupidly. Don Imus said something stupid and was crucified. The President says something almost as dumb, and we are supposed to ignore it. How are we supposed to talk about race when the conversation is so lopsided? Whites will continue to be portrayed as the enemy, and blacks will be treated with kids gloves, as long as those in the spotlight continue to say that race is a major factor. It's only a major factor when they want it to be.
Now on to the second comment of us being a nation a cowards...we are not afraid of what KSM might say in court. We are afraid of some judge or jury feeling sorry for him, and releasing him back into society, and there won't be a damn thing we can do about it, because he will be tried as a American citizen. Because Holder guaranteed that Muhammad would be found guilty, he is tainting the jury pool, and possibly giving his lawyers (lawyers from the firm you came from), a way to ask for a dismissal of charges because of comments made by the President and Holder. For goodness sakes, you are both lawyers!! HOW could you be so arrogant? Please for all our sake, stop talking, and tell those on the left to pipe down. Or are you the ones that are truly cowards by not standing up to your base?'s that "Hope" and "Change" thing working out for you?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Please Stop Embarrassing Us Mr. President...

Once again I felt like throwing my remote through my very nice TV yesterday morning when I saw Obama bowing yet again:

How many times in one year can this embarassment of a president send us backwards in the eyes of the world? He bent over so far he might as well have kissed the emperor's shoes!

I told my family when he was voted president, he would spend his first year going around the world trying to "undue" all the "damage" the Bush administration has done in the eyes of any Muslim that would listen, that we will bend over backwards to appease their fragile egos. Telling students in France that America was ignorant of Europe's leading role in the world. France!!! Of all the places to accuse someone of being arrogant, the French are the last people in the world to nod their heads like they have a leg to stand on. If it weren't for us they would be speaking German right now. You're very welcome Europe, for us bailing you out, and continuing to prop up your sorry economies by the goods that we buy, and the goods and money that our service members provide to the surrounding areas where we are stationed. Every time there is a disaster over there whether it be Europe, Africa, or Asia, we send money, food, civilian and military personnel, and other resources to help. But we're arrogant?!

Bowing to leaders of another nation is a move of submission, telling them, "We are beneath you". We are not beneath anyone!!! We are their equal. But by the time Obama's done, we'll be the whipping child of the whole friggin' world. How can people be ok with this...or just blow this off as no big deal? This is a disgrace!

Mr. President since you insist on bowing to other leaders, may I suggest you just go ahead and get on your knees, and ask if you can shine their shoes as well...

Friday, November 13, 2009

I am furious...

(Damian's Baptism)

Hello all!!!
I am furious at lot of things that I will get to in a moment, but first let me say a few things about myself.

I am a devout Catholic, which I'm sure will tick off a lot of people to begin with, but that's ok I don't mind a friendly debate
Happy .

I am a pro-life homeschooling mom of 5 beautiful children (another sticky topic for some). I am an army brat who's father, grandfather, and great-grandfather, mother, step-mother, and various other family members served before me (of course we're all brain-washed). Patriotism flows through every fiber of my being. I have raised my own hand to defend this country against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. I will speak on my military background in more depth another time. I have a wonderful husband whom I love dearly -we met while we were stationed in Korea - and has been by my side since 1999 (married in 2002), and oh! I'm also a Republican. Let's see, I also am an expert marksman (shooting firearms), and in case anyone missed it, I am Black.

With that being said, I do not apologize for who I am. I'm usually a happy go lucky person, and it takes a lot to anger me. The goings on over the last year has me peeved like I havn't been been since 9/11/01. I worked at Ft. Belvoir that fateful day, and remember vividly looking at my boss and saying we were under attack when the first plane hit, and was out the door shortly after the Pentagon was hit (I could see the smoke billowing off of the Pentagon while crossing the Woodrow Wilson bridge). I knew that day was a long time coming and that we would make them pay. As the months passed I was in full support of our government going into Afganistan, and hesitant about Iraq. I have always felt we should have tried Hussein as a war criminal with crimes against humanity, like we did Slobadan Milosevic. Waging everything on chemicals that could and were easily moved, was a mistake to me. However, now that we're there, we need to completely finish the job. People in Iraq should be able to walk the streets without fear, just as they can in Germany, or Italy.

OK, so to more recent events...when the Democratic Party put Pres. Obama's name in for president, my first reaction was, Who? I had never heard of him, so I started doing research, and what I started to hear frightened me. One, he was barely a senator for a year. Two, he mostly voted present when he was there. Three, he had some of the most liberal views I had ever seen. Four, he made some very derogatory comments about our armed services, and he clearly was not a champion for the unborn.

I loudly voiced my concern to my family, who's immediate response was, "but he'd be the first Black president". To which my response was "So what, if he sends our country down the toilet, I won't care that he's Black, I will care that he's incompetent". I told another family member that we would be the laughing stock of the world, if the only reason we voted for him is the color of his skin. That the Muslim terrorists would look at him as a traitor to their faith, and that Iran, Russia, and North Korea would look at him as a softie. I saw him repealing every prolife measure that president Bush enacted. I saw all of these things coming, and I was laughed at, or worse yet ignored. People said he was diffent, and all I saw was a person coming out of the Chicago political machine. I know there were some that thought of me as an Uncle Tom, or a sellout, but I could've cared less, I was going to vote with my conscience.

Now about his abortion view; I couldn't stand the fact that a man of the Black community, who's mother raised him by herself, would support an organization that would've told his mother while she was pregnant with him, that she would be better off without him. The ad below says it clearly:

The fact that he can kiss the behind of organizations that are destroying the littlest of lives, and the Black community en masse, while proclaiming to fight for the weakest among us would be laughable if it weren't so deadly. The first thing he did was repeal the Mexico City Policy. During the first week, he also vowed to repeal the Hyde Amendment if brought before him. The baby in the womb is not just a clump of cells, or another species of being. It is a human being, that if left alone will live to see the light of day, and take it's first breath. As I type this my 1 month old son is using his lungs to their full potential and letting me know that he is unhappy. He was born at 37 weeks. According to our president it would have been ok for me to have killed my baby for any reason at all, and if he survived the attempted abortion, to let him die. That he had no rights. Where do any of our "rights" come from if there is no right to even live? How can we as a country look at an unborn baby, an elderly person, or someone who cannot take care of themselves anymore, and the only thing they can think of is how much that person is a burden to them or society? You see I'm a true feminist. The first feminists were prolife by the way. I believe that women are the strongest beings on earth. To tell a woman you're not strong enough to deal with hardship or difficulties, is an insult. To tell a woman that killing your own flesh is empowering is demeaning. Pro abortion advocates are all for the killing of unborn babies. But those very same people want to cry foul about the death penalty, and how we treat terrorists and criminals, or little animals, (I love animals by the way). Imagine that; a mass murderer has more rights than my little baby.

Which brings me to my next point. How the hell can Khalid Sheikh Muhammad be brought here to our court system, and given rights he does not deserve? This is the same monster who beheaded Daniel Pearl, and people are outraged that he had water poured on his nose?! What rights did he give Mr. Pearl who was only there to cover a story? This monster (I will not give him the decency of the title of man), who cares so little for human life, is afforded more compassion than unborn babies, Terri Schiavo, those who are permenantly incapacitated. How can that be! Our country was founded on blood, but it was the blood of men who sacrificed all so that we can be free of tyranny. Not have our government rule us with an iron fist. To tell us that Blacks were 3/5 of a human was egregious. That they were property, no more than cattle, to be branded. And guess what happened: people got fed up, and did something about it. The sooner we look at abortion, and euthanasia the same way we looked at slavery, that these are people that need our love and compassion, not scorn , our country will start to get back on the right track.

Now on the issue of our economy...our president promised the world to everyone about everything. So much so that people were feeling like this:

How anyone can look at this clip without an ounce of embarassment is beyond me. This is what Americans thought a million times over; Obama will give me what I need, Obama is going to take care of everything. The oceans will recede, the smoke stacks of our industrial sector would cease to exist, the money would flow like water, and everyone would be rich. Never mind if some of these now rich people didn't work for it. Quite frankly if I owned a million dollar business, I'd be quite worried right about now. The fact that you might have worked your entire adult life to build that business doesn't matter. Obama says you owe your hard earned money to someone waiting for a handout. America voted him into office because he read a teleprompter well, and sounded eloquent. Whites voted for him because they might have felt guilty about not voting for the first Black president, and most blacks voted for him just because he's Black, which brings me to my last point...race.

As a Black woman, I am appalled that society wants to lump me in with every other Black person, and say we cannot think for ourselves. That we are like sheep following one train of thought, and if we stray from that we are a sellout. That if you are poor you will never be successful, and to blame your situation on White people, or Blacks that are successful, that we don't care about them. Does the content of one's character not matter anymore? Just because I am Black doesn't mean I automatically votes for Blacks, anymore than because I'm a woman means I should automatically vote for a woman. I was raised to be independant, and think for myself, not conform to what someone else says I should be. We as Blacks have overcome the worst kind of evil, and some Blacks have replaced one type of slavery with another: the physical bonds of slavery with the slavery of the mind. Well I have broken free from those chains and will not raise my children to depend on the government for anything. I pray for those who hate me because I don't think the same way they do, and hope my children will not have to defend their ethnicity like most feel they have to do. To not use their race as a crutch, that if they don't succeed to work harder for what they want, don't automatically think someone is a racist. I worked hard all my life, and any successes I haven't accomplished are of my own accord, no one else's. My children will be proud of their heritage, they are a mix of Black, White, Native American and Hispanic. They will look at the world through eyes that have not been blinded by hatred or malice, but love and the possibility of things to come.