Thursday, April 12, 2012

What is wrong with the black community in Baltimore City???

In one word: Apathetic.


These people are barbaric, and I hope the police don't try to sugarcoat this situation. If the tables were turned, and it was a black man being attacked, beaten, robbed, and then stripped naked, while a bunch of white people stood around and laughed and videotaped it, I'm sure Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, would be all over this story. They would scream about racism, and demand someone be held accountable. So are these attackers racists? Is this a hate crime? Do they have the right to beat someone down like this, just because the victim is white (*honky)? Did this white man (*cracker) deserve this because of what happened to Trayvon Martin? Is this supposed to be retaliation (*eye for an eye)? You know since the New Black Panther Party called for George Zimmerman dead or alive, there have been multiple attacks on whites because of the NBPP's call for revenge. Or how about the 78 year old man who was beat down while the black kids shouted "this is for Trayvon... Trayvon lives"

The asterisked words are just a couple of things said by the NBPP, and other blacks, when referring to Zimmerman.

Here is the response from the Baltimore Police Commissioner via Council of Concervative Citizens:
~Baltimore police commissioner Commissioner Frederick H. Bealefeld III lashed out saying anyone who wants hate crime charges is “race-baiting” and “fear-mongering.”~

Where is the AG Eric Holder, saying that they are going investigate and get to the bottom of this incident? Once again: nothing but silence...