Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Government run health care at its best...

For those of you who want to emulate the health care systems of Europe and Canada as the example we should follow, please read the following article:

The original article can be found here.

I just got finished listening to the heart-wrenching testimony of this little baby's father, who was told that his son will not be given a tracheotomy, because his son will feel too much discomfort at home. But at the capacity board, this same doctor told the board that since the baby felt NO PAIN, that the breathing tube should be removed to let him die. Well which one is it? Either he feels pain or he doesn't. The family will try to move their son here to America for continued care. I pray for their success. Right now when the father wants to visit with his son, there is security in the room with him. He can't even pray in private with his little boy.

This is what our health care system will look like if we allow this new health care law to proceed. We will be putting our care in the hands of some medical board, to determine who will live and who will be too expensive to keep alive. Are you willing to take that risk? I know I'm not.