Friday, January 28, 2011

Why do true racists and liberals get a pass?



These men I have pictured here are two of the biggest hate filled people I have ever heard. How is it that a sitting Congressman (Moran - Top), and a now deceased Senator (Byrd - Bottom), can spew so much hatred and still have a job? Byrd was a Klansman. He started the KKK in West Virginia, and used to recruit new members. And what was his reasoning for joining? He chalked it up to being young. Oh, well since that's all that needs to be done to make amends, then why didn't Christine O'Donnell get a pass about the whole witch thing when she was in high school? She was young. Why did they rake her over the coals mercilessly, until she had to come out with that commercial (albeit a silly one)? Why is it that Byrd can call someone a "white nigger", and no one barely says a word? The left wing media will continue to give him a pass, and exhalt him as a great leader.

Jim Moran (D) 8th District-VA is at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to saying hateful things. He said that the only reason Democrats lost in November 2010 is because America doesn't want to be led by an African-American, that we're racists. To an Arab t.v. station no less. Right, that's why Obama won the presidency with a win in Virginia. That's why there were a number of African-American Republicans who won in this last election. We don't hate Obama because he's Black, we don't want him telling us that we're hateful, or that we're the enemy, or how to spend our money. Moran also said that a decorated Army veteran of 24 years, COL Patrick Murray, had no public service. To possibly die for the safety of this country is the ultimate public service. Moran is a disgrace, and I'd like to ask those residents of VA- 8th district, "Are you proud of who you have representing you? Why did you vote for him?" This is just two examples of his animosity to conservatives, and the country as a whole.

Who's going to hold them accountable? Who going to tell them to their faces that they are a disgrace? I hope that one day the elitist MSM would treat this kind of hatred to the right, with the same disdain they assume the left receives. Until then, we'll continue to be sickened with the so called media corps.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Spike Lee can move abroad anytime he wants...

I wanted to wait and see if the all knowing Spike Lee would apologize for the comment above. And I'm wondering why Meredith didn't question him further about his comments...and I'm still waiting...

So Spike Lee thinks this country is the most violent in human history huh? Has he not read anything about history? If not let me give a little overview about recent human history:

WWI 1914-1918:
During World War I, there were 16 million deaths, and 21 million wounded. These deaths were soldiers and civilian alike.

Josef Stalin 1925-1953
Kill tally: Approximately 20 million, including up to 14.5 million needlessly starved to death. At least one million executed for political "offences". At least 9.5 million more deported, exiled or imprisoned in work camps, with many of the estimated five million sent to the 'Gulag Archipelago' never returning alive. Other estimates place the number of deported at 28 million, including 18 million sent to the 'Gulag'. [1]

WWII 1939-1945:
During World War II, there were an estimated 60-80 millions deaths that was military and civilian.

Holocaust 1933-1944: I'm sure there are people wondering why I separated WWII casualties and casualties from the Holocaust. The deaths from the Holocaust had nothing to do with the war. The Holocaust was the systemic killing of Jews, and the killing of P.O.W.'s, Gypsies, the disabled and mentally retarded, and those deemed inferior in any way to the Aryan Race. Approximately 11 million people were killed, with approximately 6-7 million of the deaths to be Jews.

Korean War 1950-1953:
During the Korean War, there were an estimated 5 million killed, these were civilian and military.

Vietnam War 1955-1975
During this time period an estimated 1-1.2 million people were killed, these included civilian and military.

Chairman Mao Zedong 1958-1968
Over 80 million people were killed during the reign of Chairman Mao. During the "Great Leap Forward" about 43 million people died. During Mao's "Cultural Revolution" apx. another 40 million people died.

Pol Pot 1975-1979:
Under the reign of Saloth Sar aka Pol Pot, an estimated third of the countries population (apx. 3 million) perished.

Rwanda 1994
In less than 100 days, over 800,000 people died in widespread genocide. The Hutu power group known as the Akazu directed the genocide. [2]

Darfur, Sudan 2004-Present Day
The genocide in Darfur has claimed around 400,000 lives and displaced over 2,500,000 people.

If anyone's counting, that's around 217,400,000 people in the last century. If Spike still thinks this country is the most violent in history, I'd be more than happy to help him pack and find another bright and sunny place to live. One that grants him all the freedoms he has here, so he can say all the crap that has come out of his mouth. Maybe he'll like it somewhere nice and quiet...Siberia perhaps...


Monday, January 10, 2011

Again...hypocrisy from the left

Before the bodies were even removed from the parking lot of a Safeway in Arizona, the left was already condemning the Tea Party and Conservatives for the horrific shootings at Rep. Giffords event on Saturday. And even when it was starting to be known that this guy was a raving lunatic, that had his sights on her long before the Tea Party was around, and long before anyone even knew who Sarah Palin was, they continued to ignore the obvious. There were no apologies for blaming a group of people that have nothing to do with this type of thinking. I am sick and tired of the left blaming everyone but themselves when it comes to the political rhetoric that is so heated, even some Democrats were saying that the left was jumping to conclusions on who this guy was. The left is blaming Palin, but why didn't they condemn The Daily Kos for putting up a similar photo with targets, aimed at Giffords, claiming that she wasn't liberal enough. How about the comment left by BoyBlue on the Daily Kos where he claims:

Blue Boy posts apology...

This post is now taken down from their page, but not until her life was almost taken. During the Bush and Cheney administration, there were always protests with pictures of their faces in crosshairs, and people chanting, "Death to Bush and Cheney". I don't recall the left wing media saying to tone down the rhetoric. I know many who said to me all the time they wished someone would just assassinate Bush. And don't forget about the movie depicting the killing of a sitting president. Or how about Sen. John Kerry's comment of going to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave and killing Bush...

Ironically every other instance of this video has been scrubbed from the internet. Why? Because what he said is an outrageous statement to say considering he was a sitting senator at the time...

Or how about the Democrat party using bullseye symbols to describe their efforts to go behind enemy lines:

Here's a few more for nostalgia's sake:

Obama campaign rally October 2008

Note the Lee Harvey Oswald reference

And this one tops the cake:

The sheriff of Pima County could possible taint the jury with his obvious left leanings, and if he's not careful, he will give the defense all the leeway they need to blame their clients illness on the Tea Party and Conservatives. In case people forgot, a nine year old child is dead. She was born on September 11, 2001, and wanted to learn more about how her government works. What type of world are we leaving for our children, when the only thing they hear from this event on the left is nothing but hatred for people that had nothing to do with this massacre? We need our leaders to be at the forefront keeping this country together, not being the very ones tearing us apart. President Obama did it the right way on Saturday...everyone else should follow his lead...