Monday, November 26, 2012

“First of all, give an honor to God and our Lord and Savior Mitt Romney, Mitt Romney.”

My goodness, could you imagine the uproar, and cries of blasphemy from the left if someone said this of Mitt Romney after he was just elected president? Can't you just hear the liberal outrage if some famous conservative uttered these words:

So why are we not supposed to be angry about Jamie Foxx saying this asinine comment? We're supposed to be good little Christians, and sit in the corner and keep quiet? Nope, not happening. Now I've heard people say today that he was just kidding. Yeah, uh huh, that's why he said it twice, and asked the crowd to stand up in support of Obama. On the happen chance he was kidding, here's the thing Jamie, you don't kid about something like that. To those of us of Christian faith, to say anyone is our Lord and Savior other than Jesus Christ is blasphemy! What really floored me was the crowd's reaction...people clapped when Jamie mentioned God, and screamed and cheered for Obama...something is terribly backwards here. Oh, that's right, we're old-fashioned, bigoted, racist, homophobes, who apparently bludgeon people over the head with our faith, and can't criticize anyone who openly mocks our faith!

Let me give you all a few more examples of why this is such a big deal:
The painting below of Obama being crucified will be shown at Bunker Hill Community College in Boston, by "artist" Michael D'Antuono, who claims his intent is to not compare Obama to Jesus. Really? Sure looks that way to me.

Not to mention this little beauty which was sold outside of the 2012 Democratic National Convention:

Then again maybe that is why Obama didn't mention God in his Thanksgiving Day comments, because some already think of him as a type of god, and he is starting to believe it. Here is a great website that shows a great deal of examples of people deifying Obama; so when Jamie Foxx says Obama's our Lord and Savior, we're going to get angry. There is only ONE Messiah, only ONE Lord and Savior, and he IS NOT OBAMA!!!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Post election analysis...

Well here we are... I literally needed a few days to gather myself from the disaster that was our latest presidential election. I've had to put on a smile for the sake of my innocent children, who are now going to be burdened with such financial debt, they might never climb out from under it. I was angry and frustrated that so many people ignored the truth about who Obama is. Even after four years of him running roughshod over the American people, it wasn't enough to change people's minds. The horrific negligence of Benghazi wasn't enough to wake up America. Never mind the fact the he took major kudos on the killing of Bin Laden, but barely a word on Benghazi. Where's the photo from the situation room on the night of those murders?

What will it take next time around? Will we then be at 9 or 10% or higher unemployment, gas prices through the roof, and a stagnant economy? Probably. Will people then decide that maybe voting for the president's agenda was a bad idea? Probably not. Why? Because Obama gave them free stuff! The map below represents the map of the country by counties after the latest election. It looks like a freaking crime scene, and Romney lost!

But wait! Maybe Chris Matthews figured it out with this little gem...

Chris Christie shot us in the foot, by implying what a great leader Obama was because he gave him his private number, and came to NJ for a photo-op. All he wanted was to do to boost his image. And "Khris Krispy", played right into his hands.

The president played a dirty game of Chicago-style politics, of demonizing your enemy and rewarding your friends. He once again promised everything to everyone, (except to people of faith), and the left basically said to rest of America, "It's over for you, you'll never win against us again!" His plan was the following: To give in-state tuition to illegal immigrant children, tell gays anything they want to hear, and the black vote he knew was in his pocket. Simple right? He never really stopped campaigning after the first election, only long enough to actually run the country, and now wanted to blame republicans like he didn't have a mandate for the first TWO YEARS!!!! The left started the war on women crap, and people believed it! NO republican has ever suggested taking away women's birth control. It was a hypothetical question by George Stephanopoulos during a debate, and the left went guano crazy and took to the airwaves claiming that's what we wanted. It didn't matter what we said to the contrary, plenty of women en masse followed the lie like lemmings. The left-wing media was in his pocket, and Hollywood came out with their usual ass-kissing to Obama and gave millions to him, even though they are the ones he calls greedy, and fat-cats.

Much to my chagrin and horror, while in the D.C. metro system, I found out that Obama won reelection. I was completely dumbstruck. When I arrived home, I tucked my older children into bed, fed my baby, then held her and wept bitterly.  How could so many Americans be OK with the state of our union? How could so many Americans look at the largess of how much this current administration is costing us and be OK with it?  How could so many Americans be OK with the destruction of the first amendment, and just turn their backs?  Republicans don't need to change our faith or values.  We will need to be that light in the dark that will most surely be needed in the coming days of darkness.  We are headlong into the days where good is called evil, and evil is called good.  Why did America vote for Obama and his destructive policies again?  Because Obama GAVE THEM FREE STUFF!!!!!!!!!! God help us...