Friday, August 30, 2013

Open letter about the responsibility of today's men...

Open letter to "Bacon", a Return of Kings contributor:

I had the horrible misfortune of coming across the website called Return of Kings, and your post in particular titled, "How to convince a girl to get an abortion".  I'm guessing your name is in relation to implying that you are a pig. That would most definitely be appropriate.  I can only say that there is a special circle of hell for males like you, and those like you who write on this page. I will not give you the courtesy of calling you men. Women are referred to as cunts, hoes, sluts, and bitches. You all are a danger to other men who may follow you and your ilk, and a definite danger to women and their unborn children.

In one of your articles you talk about what alcoholic drink to ply a woman with to get her into bed. Do you not think of the legal ramifications of what could happen if that goes too far, and leads to pregnancy, or worse yet rape?  Oh that's right, that lovely article above will take care of that, right?   How about if the woman dies during the abortion, or if the baby survives the abortion?  Is their any responsibility then?

Great way to turn males into nothing more than serial sexual deviants, led by you!  Have you thought about a quirky article on how to talk their way out of a rape charge?  And how about those lovely STD's out there?  Do you give advice on what to do then? Should they just lop it off, and tell you thanks, because hey, it was fun at the time?

How many unborn babies will lose their lives because of what you posted?  How many women will be scarred for life, because she trusted that the person she was with would be a "MAN" and take care of his responsibilities?

Bacon, you have admitted to paying for the murder of two of your own children.  I pray that none of you others who write on this site have any children, and not because you paid to have it killed. However if you do have alive children, would you be ok with your sons treating a woman like what you so proudly push? Treating women like pieces of filth that are only good for your physical pleasure? Or how about your daughters?  How would you feel about some jerk treating your daughter like crap from the bottom of his shoe, then paying to kill your grandchild?  Would that make you feel like a good father?  Would that make you feel like a protector to your children? What good are you if the only way to feel better about yourselves is to condone this type of treatment to someone who has done nothing wrong, just had the misfortune of coming across your paths?  You are setting young men (especially college age) up for failure, not sexual heroes, known for their sexual prowess.

The only hope that I have is that it seems some of those that follow your page actually have morals and disagree with you.

You all are not men.  A real man will protect those whom he is putting into a vulnerable situation.  A real man will protect his unborn child, and the woman whom he impregnates, not drive her to the abortionist to pay to have his child murdered.  A real man will treat a woman the way they would want a young man to treat his own daughter.  A real man will teach his son to cherish her, and protect her, and not pit her against her child.

You are the nightmares that responsible parents should be warning their sons not to turn into, and make sure their daughters know how to avoid.

Danielle Hollars

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Moral Decay of America's Youth...

"I hear no sirens. I see no lights.  Oh my gosh, how long is it going to be?"  Those were the words of a desperate Joyce Smith on a call with 911, who was waiting for an ambulance to arrive to help 23 year old college student Chris Lane.  Chris, an Australian student attending college at East Central University in Oklahoma, was a stellar athlete, who had just left the house of his girlfriend of four years, Sarah Harper.  He was jogging down a rural road in Duncan, OK, when three gang bangin' punks, James Edward Jr., 15, Chancey Luna, 16, and Michael Jones, 17, thought they would go out and shoot someone, "Just for the fun of it."  Below is a video of 15 year old James, who is disgracing the Army by the shirt he is wearing:

Then there's this little gem, also from darling James:

So this shooting will be classified as a hate crime right?  By the way, I don't want to hear that it's because they live in the inner city that they did this.  They don't.  They live in rural Oklahoma. They killed because they wanted to.  They killed because they are evil. Their parents can claim that their children are good kids. They are not!

Mr. President, where is your outrage?!? Your principal deputy White House Spokesman Josh Earnest wasn't even aware of the incident!   


Why haven't you come out and said how young Black men are just misunderstood, or have it rough, or how there is racism that still exists in this country?  You spoke up about the Camden police before you knew what the circumstances were, and with the Trayvon Martin case.  So where is your speech on how we need to come together as a country? How about you Attorney General Eric Holder? Or you, Congressional Black Caucus, National Urban League, and Al Sharpton?  Where's the rally lead by Jay-Z and Beyoncé? Anything?!?  Of course not. Although I guess we should be grateful that Jesse Jackson at least sent a tweet.

I guess when the only thing that the youth of America hear from their idols today in the media and Hollywood is how irrelevant the unborn, elderly, or disabled are, they will have no care or concern for the rest of society!