Friday, October 28, 2011

Montford Point Marines awarded the Congressional Gold Medal

This story brought tears to my eyes. When people think of Black History when it comes to the military, the Tuskeegee Airmen, and Buffalo Soldiers, comes to mind. I have a personal connection to the Buffalo Soldiers. My paternal grandfather was one of the last Buffalo Soldiers to serve during the Korean War. He received the Purple Heart for injuries he sustained when a land mine was stepped on by a fellow soldier in front of him. I grew up listening to the hardships he had to live through as a black man in the U.S. Army. I grew up learning about the Tuskeegee Airmen from my grandparents. What I didn't know about was the story below. If you have time please read the following article:

For first black Marines, credit long overdue

This is recognition that so many of those men never got to see. May those that are still alive find some resemblance of peace, and a huge THANK YOU, from a now grateful nation.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Woman gives birth in an art display case???

OK, with baby # 6 due soon, the following story just freaked me out.

A woman in New York named Marni Kotak, decided to deliver her child in a display case, and called it art. She called it "The Birth of Baby X". Not only did she give birth in this case, it was open to the public, and 20 random strangers watched her deliver her child into this world.

This crazy chick had a baby shower, and baring her breast, pretended to nurse a fake baby in front of her guests, where they also had a drink called "Dead Baby Punch". Like I said, WEIRD!!!

Now don't get me wrong, I watch A Baby Story, and other shows along those lines (although I only seem to watch these while I'm pregnant), but there is a reason they only show certain things, and blur out others. Showing all of your stuff to a room full of strangers seems a bit much to me.

After doing a quick Google search on this woman, it revealed that she has been re-enacting parts of her life, including her own birth (weird), her losing her virginity in, "a sunny blue Plymouth" (even weirder), and her grandfather's funeral.

I can only imagine what her son will think when he's older knowing he was born in a art gallery - as a piece of art.

Saturday, October 08, 2011

"Model Daughter"? I don't think so...

Since I'm pregnant right now, I waited longer than usual to write about this type of story because it upset me too much to read about this grievous action.  This college graduate "woman", and I say that lightly, because there are some calling her "young and scared"; killed her minutes old twin boys, by smothering them and then throwing them in a clothes hamper. Her father found one their bodies days later, and when posting her bail, he said, "Lindsey is a model daughter and we love her very much. She's as good as it gets."

I'm sorry, aside from the fact that she is apparently a liar, she just killed his grandchildren, and that's his answer?  Why did she do it you may ask?  Because she didn't want her parents to know she had been pregnant!!!  How can she be pregnant with twins, and no one notice?  Not her parents, or her fiancee, or her sorority sisters.  I'm wondering what her "fiancee" has to say about the fact that if these were his children, she didn't have the decency to tell him she didn't want children. Oh, that's right, it's her body (that's an argument for another day), except once those little babies took their first breath, it was their bodies.

Once convicted I hope she spends the rest of her breathing days behind bars.  She had numerous options after they were born.  All she had to do was take them to the police, or fire departments, or the damn hospital and drop them off.  To sit there and smother not one, but two babies, is beyond reprehensible.

Rest in Peace Sweet Babies