Friday, September 14, 2012

EXODUS NOW Conference at the National Press Club...

On Monday September 10, 2012, I went to an event hosted by Bishop E.W. Jackson at the National Press Club.  Bishop Jackson ran for the U.S. Senate here in Virginia, and while he didn't win the primaries, he gained a great deal of support and traction around our great state.  I look forward to supporting any endeavor he is working on.

So with Damian and Naomi in tow, I rode to D.C. with some friends and got ready to meet some wonderful people.  At the beginning of the conference you can hear my little Naomi voicing her displeasure, and you'll see Damian's little head bobbing around a couple of times until he finally fell asleep!

There were great speakers there such as Rabbi Carlos Parker, Lt. General Larry Boykin, and Activist Sonnie Johnson, just to name a few.  The event was put together to talk about the degradation of our society, and the plight that people of faith are enduring right now around the world.  Below is my portion of the conference:

Bishop Jackson has an awesome presence about him, and I was honored to meet him, and was triply honored to be able to speak from my heart, about something that affects us as a human race every day. Thank you so very much Bishop Jackson!!!

The full video is here:

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

9/11/01 Part Deux

*Caution!  Graphic picture below

So I woke up the morning of 9/12/2012, to the sad news that one of our ambassadors to the Middle East, Christopher Stevens and his staff had been killed, and our embassy in Cairo had been breached. My first thought was, "What is the administration going to do about this?"  My second thought was, "This should be an act of war (in Libya)!"  I was sadly disappointed with their tepid response.  Secretary of State Clinton had somewhat of an emotional response, but the President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, had the most weak-kneed, please forgive us, don't kill anymore of our people, reply to the terrorists.  He strongly condemned their actions, and said we will bring them to justice.  Really?  Does he really think that they give a rat's ass about his scolding them?  This administration learned nothing from George W. Bush.  What we need to do is find them and kill them, and let their god sort them out.  We don't have time to play nice, and try to appease them.  We need to immediately pull all aid out of those two countries, and tell them good luck.  We are not going to support you while you kill our citizens, and overrun our embassies.

There is a reason that these attacks happened on 9/11/12... the terrorists will find smaller avenues to hit us from now on, and I see them doing it every year from now on, on 9/11 because they believe we have fallen asleep again.  They believe our leadership is a bunch of pushovers.  How is it that the president has only attended an  anemic 38% of recent presidential daily briefings (in the last 18 months), and during the beginning of his administration only attended 43.8% of these meetings?  Maybe we should blame Obama for not paying attention to security, and being too busy getting back to his next game of golf.  And since he never left the campaign trail, we all know where his priorities lie.  You know, since everything was Bush's fault, can we now lay blame at the feet of Obama for the mess that Romney is going to have to deal with come November?

By the way, the Libyan Deputy Interior Minister Wanis al-Sharif said, "They are to blame simply for not withdrawing their personnel from the premises, despite the fact that there was a similar incident when Abu Yahya al-Libi was killed," he said, referring to the death of the deputy chief of al-Qaeda in a U.S. drone strike in June. "It was necessary that they take precautions. It was their fault that they did not take the necessary precautions."  

Unbelievable!!!  This was the real reason for those attacks, not that stupid video by Sam Bacile.

We don't need to be, "Clear-eyed and even in our grief" per Hillary Clinton.  We need to be like a bull enraged, lace up our combat boots, and go kick some ass!!!  And for those of you that continue to believe that if we are nice to them, they will respect us, here's your proof that they don't give a damn about you...

May Chris Stevens and his embassy staff rest in peace...