Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Terms and Conditions For Future Participation

My name is Anthony Hollars, or Tony as my family and friends call me. I am the father of all of these children seen on this blog, and the ugly man sitting next to Danielle is me. (Introduction complete.)

Due to the gross misconduct of certain individuals who will not be named, I have taken the liberty of implementing some new rules for interaction with us.

Anonymous posting is no longer accepted. All future posts will be tied to a verified, active internet account. Our personal information is available for everyone to see. Anyone who wishes to interact on this public forum must have the courage of conviction to do the same. We (Danielle and I) are not responsible for securing identifying information about any individual who posts, nor are we responsible for any third-party who obtains any information from this website. 

Because our personal information is publicly available, we reserve the right to protect ourselves from harassment or threats. Any individual or organization who contacts us via phone is hereby notified that the call will be recorded and kept as our property.

Our only responsibility will be limited to the information that we post as both author and administrator of this page. By posting replies and comments, all participants agree that all material published on this page becomes the intellectual property of the administrators. We guarantee that no material will be used for commercial purposes. However, we reserve the right to redistribute or republish any submitted material according to our own prerogative.

All postings are now subject to review and approval before release. We reserve the right to edit or censor any post which we deem to be unacceptable in this forum, for any reason that we see fit. This will include posts that appear to come from accounts that are created for the purpose of masking personal identity. 

Any post that includes anything that could be interpreted as a threat will be forwarded to law enforcement authorities.

All posts dated prior to today (May 29, 2013) are not subject to these terms and will remain unchanged. Some material may be removed after further review, but this material will be discarded with no future use.

Word to the wise, I am in the IT security business. Attacking my wife is one thing. Attacking our children is a zero-tolerance policy violation for which there will be a severe response. Any person who resorts to such behavior will face any and all consequences that are legally available as we see fit.

If you do not agree to these terms, then do not post on this blog or use any information here to contact us.

Have a great and blessed day!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

How I deal with being Black with mixed children...

As you can see from my family's photo, that light skinned man (his mother is Hispanic, his father is white), is my husband, and all of those light-skinned little ones (or high-yellow as my sister jokes) are all of my children.  My husband came across a story yesterday morning that made my blood boil, and I came straight to the computer, without eating breakfast, or drinking my morning coffee, so bear with me.

Virginia father says he was suspected of kidnapping his kids by Walmart security -- due to his children being mixed

Now, as a background side story, my stepmother is white, my father is black, hence my youngest sister's high-yellow joke.  She is a mixed child as well.  When I was in the 1st grade (1985), my baby sister was born.  Back then parents could bring baby siblings to school for their classmates to see.  So, my mom brought my baby sister into my class, and I was so proud to show her off.  For the most part my classmates were very happy to meet her.  However, there was one boy who hated the racial makeup of my family.  He came up to me in recess, told me I can't have a black dad, a white mom, and a mixed sister that he called a freak.  Then this boy, who outweighed me and was about two inches taller, shoved me to the ground.  Well, my father didn't raise no wusses, so I got up off the ground and punched the crap out of that kid, breaking his nose.  I was marched off to the office, and waited for my father to arrive.  He was still active duty Army, so he showed up in uniform, and I just knew he was going to beat the living daylights out of me.  However, his first question to the principal was, "Did he touch my daughter first?"  Her answer was, "Yes." He responded by saying, "Then my daughter did exactly what I taught her to do."  My father then took me for Baskin Robbins Ice Cream.  Now, I will add that for all of kindergarten and all of first grade, I was the only black kid in my classes.  I moved to Maryland from living in Georgia, so I had a heavy southern accent, and big lips, and was teased mercilessly about how dark my skin was.  I hated school, and it took me a year to be able to hold my head high.  One day I eventually promised myself that I would never be a victim, or use race as a crutch in anything.

Now back to future times... This story hits close to home for two reasons:  One, my husband and I shop at that Wal-Mart all the time, and two, we've been looked down on because of our races.  I have had women ask me in the store, even in this particular Wal Mart, if I enjoyed babysitting all of these children.  To which my response is, "These are all my children."  I most times get looks of surprise, some of disgust, a few of joy.  I always wonder what is going through their heads, that their first assumption was that I was their babysitter, and then realize the arrogance of their comments.  Was it because I am black, and they are lighter, and black women don't have that many children anymore?  Probably.  I really want to answer someone in my heavy southern accent, "I'm their mammy, I birthed all of these babies!" ala Gone With The Wind.  But I don't think that would go over very well.

My husband has had people look sideways at him when he walks with my oldest, and she has had to tell people that he is her dad, not some sick boyfriend.  Our older children have cried when they were younger when we told them, "No, you cannot have a toy or candy."  Would security think they were not our children because someone thought that we "don't fit"?  I've had people try and cut in between my husband and I because they assumed we weren't together.  I've gotten nasty looks from other black women.  I'm guessing because I married outside of my race.  I just keep on moving and smile!

My husband and I are raising our children to be God-fearing outstanding citizens, who judges someone on the content of their character, not the color of someone's skin.  They were much older before they started asking why mommy and daddy's skin was different.  We told them that God loves a multitude of colors, and we love each other for who we are, not what we look like.  We just keep on moving!

How do I deal with this?  I pray that God gives me the strength to deal with ignorance and stupidity, and pray my children aren't too affected by it all.  I stand by my husband, and we raise our children with pride.

I am disgusted that this was Wal Mart's and the Prince William County Police Department's response.  That family deserves an apology from both parties, and this makes me wonder if my family will be next...

Monday, May 13, 2013

Gosnell is guilty!!! Praise God!!!!


The butcher of women and babies in Philadelphia, was found guilty of 3 counts of first degree murder of babies A, C, and D!  I hope they put him up under the prison.  I hope those that helped him also are thrown under the prisons.  I pray now that the souls of those killed can now rest in peace, now that he has been brought to justice.  If given the death penalty, I hope justice is swift.

Former Governors Tom Ridge (R) 1995-2001, and Edward Rendell (D) 2003-2011, should hang their heads in shame.  Both of them have plenty to answer for, because most of this negligence was under their watch.

America needs to reassess what is important to us as far as the media is concerned.  We the public DESERVE to know the truth, no matter who is involved.  We should demand accountability, and hold them responsible when they knowingly mislead the public.  Lindsey Lohan is not news.  How much money some celebrity spends on a new home is not news.  Babies and women being butchered over and over again, year after year, should make this country feel ashamed that it even got to this point.  It should make the media wake up and admit its own malfeasance.  Many in this country have thrown its morals out the window for fear of offending someone.  Well, be offended.  This is a story of life and death, and those of us that fight for life MUST WIN!!!