Tuesday, January 24, 2012

This is a straight rant...

As rays of light shine down like manna from heaven, President Barack Obama began his third State of the Union address. Some of the politicians in the room tried that phony crap of sitting by each other so it doesn't look quite as bad when only half of the room stands up, something they never did for Bush. I love how he started out with the one thing he did right during this doomed administration. Our troops victory in Iraq. Made possible by what his predecessor did before him.

Then he brings up his racist white grandmother.

Waiting for him to blame Bush. Yep, only took him 7 min.

Fair share of taxes...More jobs for everyone who wants one... More money for everyone... Just one question, where the hell does he think all of this money is going to come from? And if I just heard him correctly, I think he just hinted at having a one stop shop for everything educational at the college level. Well who is going run that program? Some government bureaucracy? He just came up with a brilliant idea though... let's help students stay in school until they graduate, or until they turn 18. Wait a minute, aren't we supposed to be doing that anyway? Nothing new here, moving on...

Now he's bringing up illegal immigration to pander to the Hispanic community. How the hell is he going to bring up comprehensive immigration reform, when he had almost two years to accomplish that before he lost the House.

And I can't believe he just brought up energy policy, when they just pissed away billions of dollars of our money with their failed policy. You can keep on trying to push that government money Mr. President, but sorry, you've worn out your leeway, when it comes to the people's money. Speaking of people's money, how are you going to talk about using the money that we will now save from not fighting in Iraq, that's supposed to help rebuild our country, when millions were lost from the first TARP? Who's going to watch that money? At this point, I wouldn't trust your Tres. Sec. to watch my children's piggy bank.

Maybe someone can tell me why he's telling Eric Holder to look for more scapegoats to take the attention off Fast and Furious, Solyndra, and the New Black Panther Party's voter intimidation case, by finding someone to punish in the housing market?

Now he'e circling back to dictators who we killed or were killed overseas.

He just flat out lied about our close relationship with Israel... I'm sure they're those who live there that beg to differ! He's done nothing for Israel, and I pray that he hasn't done irreparable damage.

He just finished by talking about the greatness of America. Mr. President, you don't have to remind us of how great we are. I just wish you really believed the words that were coming out of your mouth, because I sure don't.

Blah, blah, blah... we've heard this all before... moving on, nothing to see here...

Thank God this judge resigned!!!

People scoff when conservatives complain of "progressive" activist judges. We're told it's all in our heads, or we are overreacting when those same radical judges pass down a ruling that seems to go against everything that conservatives and even some non-conservatives stand for. The religious are being hit particularly hard.

The following story is a perfect example of why these judges are dangerous and must be removed from our judicial system:

Court ordered abortion & sterilization of catholic woman in Mass. overturned

I am praying for this young woman, and for the judge as well. That type of mentality is dangerous and detrimental to what our country should be about.

Welcome to the world Naomi Ruth!!!

I want to introduce Naomi Ruth, who was born on 12/31/11 @ 14:47. She was 8lbs 3ozs, and 19in. long. She is born into a very large and loving family, and I can't wait to watch her grow, and teach her about the world!

Now that she's here it's time to get back to work on my blog...