Friday, March 15, 2013

Iran needs to free American Pastor Saeed Abedini!!!


I just listened online to the heart wrenching testimony of Naghmeh Abedini.  I am outraged that our President and our State Department have ignored this families pleas for help to release American Pastor Saeed Abedini. Congressman Frank Wolf R-VA, chairman of the commission that held this morning's hearing, is a stand-up man, who promised Naghmeh, Abedini's wife, that they would do anything they could to get her husband's release.  I suggest they start by standing in front of President Obama in the Oval Office, and demand something be done before this man dies in a Iranian prison! They detest what he stands for, and there are many like him, including two nursing mothers, being held in the hellholes that are Iranian prisons, because of their faith.  He is being persecuted as a religious dissident, and an Iranian judge claimed he was "endangering national security", and sentenced him to eight years in a Tehran prison.  He now has internal bleeding, and they will continue to torture him until he denounces his Christian faith, which he WILL NOT DO!!!

The State Department claimed they did not help, because Naghmeh didn't ask for help directly.  REALLY?!?!?  Never mind the fact that she has proof of calls made by her with her attorney's present.  The State Department obviously knew they were in deep s***, because the day she was boarding her flight to testify before Congressman Wolf's committee, she got another phone call from the State Dept., claiming AGAIN, they the only reason they weren't helping her is because she didn't ask for it.

This man became an American citizen, and this is how he is treated?

Where the hell was Hillary Clinton, and where is John Kerry???  You know since Hillary was the BEST Secretary of State we ever had (yeah right), why wasn't she able to procure his release?  Oh, that's right, she was too busy covering up her role in the Benghazi scandal.   I sure hope that if I am ever overseas, and have the unfortunate fate of being taken prisoner for my spiritual beliefs, that this administration is no longer in office!

Naghmeh needs her husband, and their children need their father!


Monday, March 11, 2013

"I just voted for him (Obama) because he's black"

*Warning: Foul language

No, I didn't, but America, we are in trouble.  Jimmy Kimmel has a segment of his show where he has his team go out on the street and ask about events that never happened, but to seem informed, people lie saying they had watched some random event.

Exhibit A:  People claiming they had watched the inauguration BEFORE it happened:

Exhibit B: Even more people claiming to have watched the Super Bowl before it happened:

Exhibit C:  Finally, the ultimate in stupidity (pay particular attention to the last answer given):

What pisses me off to no end, is the fact that the woman who gave the very last answer in the last video says how she only voted for Obama because he is black!!!

She couldn't give a damn what his policies were, but because he's a black democrat, then it's all gravy right?!?  How many times over have we heard this answer?  How many times were we called racists, and in my case, a sell-out, for mentioning this very point?  Her vote cancelled out mine, and the fact that that was her answer is a disgrace to herself, the black community, and America as a whole.  I was called ignorant, and a fucking moron, for pointing out that so many blacks only voted for Obama because he's a black democrat.  I pointed out how there are many whites who voted for him, because they had a sense of "White Guilt".  This woman in two sentences says what I've been yelling about for 4+ years now.  The people in these videos vote, and have proven that they don't pay attention.  How are you feeling knowing that they will cancel out YOUR vote next time around, because the conservative base will sulk and stay home if they are still licking their wounds from this last election???  This shouldn't be a conservative or liberal problem, or a black, white, or red problem, but the fact is, this is what the democrats have reduced us to.  Get informed!  This is an AMERICAN problem, WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

Friday, March 01, 2013

Chris Plante Show parodies!

These are a couple of wonderful parodies of the debacle that is our government. In honor of "Our Dear Leader"!!! Featuring Skyfall with democrat sequester audio, put together by Rob Carson and Michael Piercey from WMAL in D.C. Enjoy!!!