Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tea Party Caucus's been a while since I've been on, and truth be told there was very little that I felt like talking about, I was busy mothering my children. So on July 21st, I was one of about 20 people who went to Capitol Hill to speak about the newly formed Tea Party Caucus. I was first introduced to Rep. Michele Bachmann, who breezed into her office carrying an infectious type of energy with her. She is spearheading this caucus for us to be able to truly reach our politicians. After meeting with her we went to another meeting room, where about 20 other Congressmen and Women, came to meet with us. They were all very receptive, and friendly, and a couple of them just loved playing with Damian. I'll try and get a list of attendees later...

We met with them for about 45 min, and then left for the presser that was set up near the steps of the Capitol. I was first to speak after Rep. Bachmann opened up the press conference. Let me just say: I've spoken on the radio many times, but that is nothing compared to getting up in front of the national news media, with about 30 video and still photo cameras, knowing that millions of people will see you speak. On a side note, I looked at my speech and realized that I looked angry...I was, but my facial expression was more of heat was almost 90 degrees, and there was barely a breeze. And on top of that, I was holding Damian who was very busy trying to look at everyone. So hopefully next time, I won't look like I'm ready to punch someone! After speaking, Rep. Bachmann came up beside me to let others speak, and was blowing on Damian to help keep him cool, as was Rep. Louie Gohmert, who just loved playing with Damian. I've gotten criticism already in some media saying it was a staged photo op. One, I didn't bring my baby for a photo op. He's a nine month old who is still very clingy at this age. I am a mother who takes proper care of my children, and I wasn't going to leave him with someone who may or may not have been able to calm him down. Second, as I just stated a moment ago, Rep. Bachmann was blowing on his face to keep him cool, he liked that and reached for her face to try and give her a kiss, which is how this picture happened:


I have seen numerous reports that I was paid to be there, and those of you who know me, also knows I am very passionate about our country. I was not paid, I was invited by a friend, and I will continue to fight the good fight for the future of my children. I met some wonderful people there, and will be working hard to continue to get the people's voice heard. I look forward to meeting with them again next week, and look for more updates later...I hear my children arguing, so duty calls!


Citizen Tom said...

That's quite a picture. In fact, I would not be surprise if you and your child just got your picture taken with the next president of of our country.