Tuesday, December 07, 2010

The Pill and Breast Cancer...

So for years some doctors have been trying to get the word out that the birth control pill can cause cancer. And for years groups like Planned Parenthood, have tried to sweep it under the rug, because a great deal of their profits comes from the pushing of contraceptives. However, after it was discovered that smoking causes lung cancer, and that the HRT shots were causing breast cancer, why is it so hard to believe that taking a group one carcinogen every day for years on end probably starting as a teenager, has no likelihood of causing breast or cervical cancer? That is like saying smoking can't cause lung cancer because people like smoking. Or being an alcoholic can't cause liver damage. The fact of the matter is to keep this information from women is an egregious error that should be resolved. And before people assume I got this information from some pro-life website...I actually got this information from the American Cancer Society's website: http://www.cancer.org/Cancer/CervicalCancer/OverviewGuide/cervical-cancer-overview-what-causes

If more women knew that one of the causes of breast cancer is the pill, would they stop taking it, like women who got cancer after taking HRT did? Would the Susan G. Komen Foundation come out and suggest that women not rely on the pill, but rather their own bodies during fertility? Would they be open to that road knowing that it might save women from getting breast cancer? Who knows...they have a long history with Planned Parenthood, and PP will fight this discovery tooth and nail.

If there is such an obvious connection between hormonal contraceptives and cancer, how many more women and organizations will continue to deny the link? Tobacco companies are paying an enormous amount of money to families who family member died from lung cancer when the facts were hidden about the effects of the addictive nature of cigarettes. And many women have been payed for the damages caused by Hormone Replacement Therapy. Women deserve to know the truth about hormonal contraceptives, and I pray that they will heed the warning.