Friday, January 28, 2011

Why do true racists and liberals get a pass?



These men I have pictured here are two of the biggest hate filled people I have ever heard. How is it that a sitting Congressman (Moran - Top), and a now deceased Senator (Byrd - Bottom), can spew so much hatred and still have a job? Byrd was a Klansman. He started the KKK in West Virginia, and used to recruit new members. And what was his reasoning for joining? He chalked it up to being young. Oh, well since that's all that needs to be done to make amends, then why didn't Christine O'Donnell get a pass about the whole witch thing when she was in high school? She was young. Why did they rake her over the coals mercilessly, until she had to come out with that commercial (albeit a silly one)? Why is it that Byrd can call someone a "white nigger", and no one barely says a word? The left wing media will continue to give him a pass, and exhalt him as a great leader.

Jim Moran (D) 8th District-VA is at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to saying hateful things. He said that the only reason Democrats lost in November 2010 is because America doesn't want to be led by an African-American, that we're racists. To an Arab t.v. station no less. Right, that's why Obama won the presidency with a win in Virginia. That's why there were a number of African-American Republicans who won in this last election. We don't hate Obama because he's Black, we don't want him telling us that we're hateful, or that we're the enemy, or how to spend our money. Moran also said that a decorated Army veteran of 24 years, COL Patrick Murray, had no public service. To possibly die for the safety of this country is the ultimate public service. Moran is a disgrace, and I'd like to ask those residents of VA- 8th district, "Are you proud of who you have representing you? Why did you vote for him?" This is just two examples of his animosity to conservatives, and the country as a whole.

Who's going to hold them accountable? Who going to tell them to their faces that they are a disgrace? I hope that one day the elitist MSM would treat this kind of hatred to the right, with the same disdain they assume the left receives. Until then, we'll continue to be sickened with the so called media corps.


Lori said...

what an idiot.