Friday, April 15, 2011

Vicious verbal attack against me...

As many of you know, I call into talk radio a lot, and have numerous chats with my friend Chris Plante on 630 WMAL. Well after I was on air on Thursday April 14th, several liberal callers called Chris's show to complain on how much they couldn't stand me. While that part isn't new, what is new is one caller saying they wanted me to die, and another saying I was a Wanna-be-White, Oreo cookie, and that he could take me on at any time. Now I should mention several points: 1. I happen to like Oreo cookies. They're yummy and delicious. 2. I've heard this tired statement my whole life. Just because I'm black and I don't agree with you or this administration, doesn't make me any more white; or a cookie. 3. I don't take threats lightly. Saying you don't like me is one thing. Saying you hate me is another thing. Telling me I should go off and die, can very quickly morph into someone doing something stupid. Know this- I am an expert shooter, and if you come at me and try to harm me or my family, you will pay the price heavily. I'll say again: I have no problem with someone hating what I say, but don't make threats to me. I'd hate for me or my family or friends to spend time behind bars for defending me, because some idiot can't control their emotions. My children need their mother, and I happen to like the idea of freedom. And knowing my husband, my father, and my brother, they would not stop until they made whoever did it pay.


GowaySunny said...

I feel like someone just punched me in the stomach. This is horrible, Danielle. I heard Chris talk about this after your conversation the other day. I don't know what has happened to this world but it just makes me really sad to think that we cannot express our opinions without being threatened with harm. I despise the current administration/regime but I wish them no harm - I don't want any of them to be martyred, I just want them to go away. We need lots more 'conservative moms' AND dads to stand up and be counted. Thanks for all you do for all of us.

terrig said...

As I've said before-I don't agree with that man who called in, the others who called in or the one who calls in under a pseudonym claiming to be from a state and city he is not. That being said, I would never wish harm upon them, their family or their friends, yet liberals seem to have no problem wishing harm on others. Sadly, we're the ones who are deemed "intolerant". I can't figure out why though?
Know you're in our thoughts and prayers.

P.S. I am hoping that on 1/21/13, the Obama family wake up in their home in Chicago.