Saturday, July 23, 2011

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz got what she deserved!

OK, before I even get into what happened with Rep. Allen West the other day, and whether or not he owes her an apology, I'd like to refresh everyone's memory of just a few things this nasty woman has said:

*On April 22, 2009, The House Judiciary Committee wanted to add an amendment to include attacks against military veterans to hate crimes legislation, Wasserman Schultz said that would be belittling to gays, blacks and Jews:

Uh, Debbie since this statement, have you not seen the targeted attacks of our troops here at home? How about an apology to them?

*She accuses Republican of wanting to take us back to the days of Jim Crow laws, when discussing Voter ID Laws:

Debbie, for elections to be validated by some sort of I.D. is not racist, it's common sense. Illegals can't vote, so as long as you're here LEGALLY, having an I.D. shouldn't be a problem. Still waiting for an apology...

*And last but not least, she admits that she is a bomb thrower:

Now with these few incidents pointed out, she made it a point to lead a protest in front of Rep. West's office before the last elections, and as usual accused republicans and tea party members of hating women, and being extremists:

If anyone being told about themselves had it coming it was her. Now there are Jewish, Democratic, and Women's groups, all screaming for an apology, with Rep. Mike Honda (D-CA) leading the way by saying the following:

"First, let me first say how honored I am to serve with Debbie Wasserman Schultz, easily one of the most courageous colleagues in Congress. Anyone who calls her less hasn't been paying attention to anything that's been happening in the halls of Congress recently. Debbie and I serve together on the House Budget Committee and it is clear that this woman - or may I say lady - shows unparalleled commitment to the concerns of this country, something not all Members have exhibited in recent days. Secondly, I have serious concerns about the context in which these salacious slurs are allowed to happen and are even encouraged. Public opinion of policymakers is already quite low, why in the world would Rep West want to undermine it further by stooping to such undiplomatic demagoguery? Not unlike the pastor in Florida who burned the Koran, knowing all too well the forthcoming media frenzy, this action by West is hardly different. Extremism in all forms must be chastised immediately - by policymakers and by the press."

These people have no shame, and I for one, am proud of LTC.(R) Allen West for sticking to his guns, and not backing down from the hatred on the left. I only wish that more conservative politicians will support Rep. West in this brutal fight. As someone who has met him personally, he is every bit as awesome up close, as his is on T.V.  Don't apologize Allen, we have your back!!!