Friday, March 02, 2012

Sandra Fluke is a "Flake"

Now that poor little Sandra Fluke has gotten a call from President Obama, I guess Georgetown should now cave to her demands and not hold back her and her fellow classmates their right to have sex, and pay for their contraception for free. Then again, Georgetown did cover up their cross to accommodate the President. Never mind that this is another Catholic University under attack. I've already written my thoughts about the attacks against schools that are religion based, so I won't go into it again here, but part of this stems from the lack of strict adherence to the Magesterium in all aspects of the school's mission. She wouldn't have had the unmitigated gall to go before Congress and demand they bend to her will.

This woman needs to grow up. You chose to go to an institution with the hopes of them changing their minds. This was never about your "rights" to have sex. No one denied you sex or whatever method of contraception you want to use. They're just not going to pay for it! This was about the government's overreach into these said religious institutions and demanding they pay for contraceptive devices. You're a tool for an argument that your side of the political arena brought up.

Instead of trying to figure out the best way to get your birth control paid for, why don't you just ask you parents to cover it? Sandra, since you're on a public scholarship, maybe you can ask the sponsor of your scholarship to pay for it. I'm sure some of your classmates will be on their parents' health insurance soon if they're under 27, so make them pay for it. Better yet, why don't you just pay for it yourself, since you're the one having sex? Quite frankly, if the two people having sex can't afford the cost of condoms, or birth control pills, maybe they shouldn't be having sex. The true cost of those items failing, more times than not, will result with a life ending in an abortion. For those women that need it for medical reasons, I don't know of any insurance that doesn't cover that as long as there is documentation from their doctor.

Calls for the Speaker of the House to denounce Rush Limbaugh after his comments on air are ridiculous. What in the hell does the Speaker have to do with this? Rush is an entertainer. Period. Where were their calls of condemnation by Nancy Pelosi or even Obama, of Maxine Waters when she was spewing her venom all over the damn place telling fellow Americans to go to hell? And she is a sitting member of Congress!!! You know what I heard? Crickets chirping. People are being willfully ignorant about what the original problem was. Rush is going to do what Rush wants to do. If you actually listened to his show, you'd realize he's speaking to the ridiculousness of this whole situation, and it was said with satire. Did any of you on the left complain when Bill Maher (an entertainer) called Sarah Palin a c*nt? No. No, you didn't. So get over it, and remember that a government big enough to give you everything, can take everything away.

By the way Mr. President, have you called the families of those troops killed after you said your apology "calmed things down"? I surely hope so...


Lefty Begone said...

Nice and angry, I like it. I so wish I could explain to Sandra Fluke in person how selfish she is. I'm so pissed at this whole thing.

DLBowers said...

Hey "mom"!! GREAT article!

Keep on keeping on, give them what for!

She is a very a very selfish individual!

ALL about the "give me" state!

RAnn said...

Before the law changed in LA mandating coverage for contraception, my health insurance--mainstream coverage provided by a law firm, specifically excluded contraception other than sterilization and specifically excluded birth control pills, no matter the reason they were prescribed. The reality is that they are so frequently prescribed for such a variety of ills that any woman who couldn't get her doctor to prescribe them for some non-birth control use didn't want to be on them very badly.

Anonymous said...

Outstanding article. You really cut to the core of this entire issue. The whole "debate" is a facade for putting more people on the government dole via Obama-care and re-electing Obama. Ms Fluke is talking out of both sides of her mouth. First she says that this was really about her; but now when anyone with a real brain can see through that, she changes her story to say that it is about "poor" women. Most of us with half a brain know better. She is simply a stooge for the Obama Administration who is desperate to get women onboard their campaign bandwagon by using this facade of a trumped-up argument as a so-called wedge issue. She is actually studying to be a lawyer. As a legal argument she gets an F- on this one.