Friday, July 20, 2012

Screw you ABC News!!!

Once again, the dead are still being counted before the left wing media, namely ABC Mews, starts slobbering over the fact that the Aurora, Colorado shooter James Holmes, was possibly, maybe, they hoped beyond all hope, was affiliated with the Tea Party. Which he isn't by the way. They apparently have not learned that EVERY DAMNED SHOOTING that has occurred in the last two years, was done by a leftist or Jihadist. I have family and friends who want to lump all Tea Partiers as a bunch of evil, racist, gun toting, violent extremists, and this mess that ABC tried this morning just feeds into that crap! Now they'll be calling for stricter gun laws as usual.

Do the right thing ABC News: FIRE Brian Ross for being so damned arrogant and smug, just knowing they got the leg up on everyone else. I don't care that they called for "caution". If they needed to call for caution, maybe they should have waited to verify their own story. What a crock!