Friday, October 12, 2012

Veeps debate debacle

                                          ~Photo courtesy of AP

This will be very short - Vice President Joe Biden is a condescending ass.  He laughed when the debate focused on our dead Americans in Bhengazi, even while the families still wait to find out how their loved ones died, he laughed when speaking about Iran and Israel and nukes, and he laughed when Rep. Paul Ryan spoke of being truly pro-life.  He lied about them not knowing about the request for more security, and threw the intel community under the bus.

Biden once again insulted those of us who actually follow the Catholic Church when it comes to abortion, and with a straight face, said he doesn't want to impose his views on anyone else.  Obamacare anyone?  HHS mandate?  Mexico City policy?  Why is it that abortion is the only topic where this mentality applies when it comes to those on the left?  I will resort to my answer that I know will tick off liberals, but right now I could care less.  Substitute abortion with slavery :

"I'm personally opposed to slavery, but I don't want to impose my views on another person..."

Good thing that people of faith didn't live by that motto, or I may still be on someone's plantation.  

Biden was trying to be more of a jerk than the president was who couldn't be bothered to look at Romney during the Obama/Romney debate #1.  Well guess what?  It worked!  Unfortunately for them, it worked on behalf of Romney/Ryan.  Ryan came off as the cool collected soon-to-be vice president, while Biden came off as smug and arrogant, and generally being a jerk to Ryan.

This administration has shown its complete disdain for Congressman Ryan, from the President dressing him down in front of the nation, to Biden's treatment of Ryan tonight.

Stats from tonight:

Biden interrupted Ryan 82 times in 90 minutes
CNN Debate Clock: Biden spoke for 41:32 minutes; Ryan clocked in at 40:12
CNN Poll: Ryan 48%, Biden44%

For those of you who didn't watch the debate, here's a small sample of the Vice-President coming unhinged:

And here's Obama and Romney: Can't wait until the next debate!!!


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