Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Guns, our children, and safety in schools...

First I would like to start off by wishing everyone a Happy and blessed New Year!  The flu has now passed through my house, and my bronchitis is gone, so I can now get back to work!  So, where were we? 

Ah yes, "gun control."  There has been a lot of heated debates about allowing guns to be carried in schools by someone other than the police. I for one am OK with that. No one can protect my children like I can, however, I would hope a properly trained school staff member could do the job if need be.  I am perfectly fine with a teacher who is trained with pistols and revolvers, be allowed to carry them on their bodies while in the classroom. There are a good deal of teachers who are former military, police, or security. I honestly believe that if the principal of Sandy Hook had been armed, that that morning might have went very differently. If she could have met the attacker with equal force instead of trying to lunge at him with only her body, she might've very well shot him dead right there, or at the very least wounded him enough to disable him. The only thing a "Gun Free Zone" does is tell the bad guys where they can go to kill a large amount of people in a short amount of time.

As a military vet, and an expert shooter, I refuse to feel like fish in a barrel, just sitting and hoping and praying that some fool isn't having a bad day and decides to shoot up a place where we can't defend ourselves.  As an aside, it only takes a few seconds for the enemy to eject a magazine, and slap another in its place, so to say, "Well we'll just limit the legal gun holders capacity to seven rounds," is dangerous and foolhardy.  Tell the mother who was recently defending herself and her children, that seven rounds is enough.  She had a six shooter. She missed him once, then proceeded to pump 5 rounds into the intruder of her home, and he still walked away.  If she would've needed a seventh round... well, I don't need to say what could've happened.

I have also heard the arguments for and against having only armed guards on campuses. I've actually heard people say that an armed guard or teacher may go crazy, and start shooting up the school.  Guess what folks, if they wanted to do that, there is nothing that can stop them.  However, I don't hear of stories of teachers or security guards walking into their classrooms and shooting up their students.  So let's set that argument aside shall we?  By the way, Columbine did have an armed guard, and unfortunately he wasn't able to hit either student that was firing on their fellow classmates.  To me the answer is for the bad guys not to know which classroom might have an armed teacher on the other side of the door willing to blow the head off of said attacker to protect the lives of their students.

The president using children in the background during the signing of his executive orders made me sick to my stomach today.  I can't take a man serious who let his Attorney General run the Justice Department into the ground with the scandal of Fast and Furious, try and tell us the importance of proper gun guidelines.  And enough with this "military style assault weapons" crap.  I could use a baseball bat and assault someone.  Are we going to rename bats, assault bats?  Of course not.  He has also accused republicans of politicizing the shooting, then he turns right around and politicizes it himself.  Keep children out of your photo op Mr. President.  I also don't agree with the NRA coming out with the ad that they did.  The Obama children are not pawns either.  Let them be children!!!

Personally, if I were someone wanting to kill people on a school campus, I might take a pause knowing that anyone in the building could be armed, and that I may not ever make it to my target.  Trying to limit law abiding gun owners, and trying to limit someone's ability to defend themselves and others just to make up for the atrocity committed by a mentally ill person, won't save anyone.  The only thing it will lead to is more bloodshed...


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I could not agree more Danielle!!!!
Kick their butts!!!!