Friday, April 12, 2013

There is a special circle in Hell waiting for Kermit Gosnell!

Warning: Graphic material

I am crying while typing this particular post.  I weep for the lives that have been lost. This post is in memory of all of the future generations that will never be...

Kermit Gosnell's name and the names of his wife and their staff should be taught to every man, woman, and child, because what they are accused of doing to these women during abortions, aside from killing their babies, is the definition of evil.

Abortionists claim that because the baby is in the womb that it is the woman's property. That those little babies have no right to ever see the light of day.  So what is so wrong with Kermit Gosnell?  What he did is legal if the baby was still partially in the womb.  And some of them were.  And the ones that would kick and cry on the tables, well... the mom wanted the baby dead right?  So why are people so disgusted and outraged now?

For years pro-lifers have talked about the slippery slope of abortion, and what would happen if you have unfettered abortions with no limits, performed by people who have no conscience.  Is it OK to kill an unborn child when the mom is 30 weeks pregnant?  Because the argument used to be that is was wrong once the baby is viable.  So that now moves it back to almost 22 weeks.  Then the argument was whether or not the baby could feel pain, and doctors have now determined that an unborn baby can feel pain as early as 20 weeks.  But let me ask a question.  If doctors determine that a baby can feel pain as early as let's say 10-14 weeks gestation, does it make it worse still?  Statistically that's when most abortions are performed.  Will you change your mind then?  Will you still support abortion knowing that the baby will be in agony?  You can look at an ultrasound and see the baby very active in utero at that gestation, so what is causing those movements?  Obviously the nervous system is working, so can the baby feel pain?  Most of those abortions are performed by aspiration extraction,  which means their little bodies are being ripped apart piece by piece.  But never mind that.

Moving back to Gosnell.  He is a murderer, and he doesn't care about the blood on his hands.  Those women were like cattle to him, and his wife and their staff reaped the rewards of murdering day in and day out.  Even on Sundays!!!  Those mom's wanted their babies dead, and he was the man to do it.  But wait, remember a great deal of those babies didn't die in utero.  When they had the misfortune of being born alive, this bastard and his associates especially Steven Massof, cut their spinal cords.

And for grins and giggles, Gosnell cut off some of their feet and kept them in jars:

Kermit Gosnell even laughed at how big some of the babies were.  He once joked that one particularly large aborted baby, "Could walk to the bus stop."

This is where "choice" has led us.  A mentality of, "Hey it's not a person!  It's my right!" Let's not forget, our dear leader President Barack Hussein Obama, supported the killing of babies that survived an abortion, because if the end result was that the mother wanted to end the pregnancy, to allow these babies to live if the mom said no, would possibly undermine Roe V .Wade.

This is pure evil.  Where the hell is the left-wing media, and the women's rights groups? Where are the democrats and even some republicans who hold positions of power?  Why hasn't the president said ONE WORD about these atrocities?

I'll tell you what most of them are doing, hiding.  They are hiding because this ass showed the ugly side of their lucrative business.  The other details are so too gruesome and numerous to put down, so you can read it here.  By the way, if you think this is the only time things like this have happened, it's not.  Just not all in the same place, and not to this extreme.  He got caught, and that is the only reason we are hearing about this.  And every damned employee at the Pennsylvania Department of Health who was responsible for over-site of these clinics needs to lose their jobs!  They hadn't stepped foot in that cesspool in a decades!  We were criticized here in Virginia for taking steps to make the abortion clinics here clean up their act, but I am proud that our state government took a stand and won! We cannot have another Kermit Gosnell!!!

This piece of crap became a millionaire off of the blood of innocent babies, and the fear of their mothers.  His lawyers are claiming racism, I am screaming for justice for his victims!!!

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Donna Hornick said...

If anyone doubts there is evil in the world, this man's actions should dispel that notion.

Anonymous said...

Besides the fact that this man disgusts me beyond words and that his actions break my heart the medias response to it is just as pathetic. The thing I don't understand is that the media will cover a white boy who kills a bunch of white kids but not a black doctor who killed a bunch of black babies. Where's the outrage at the blatant racism? Do liberals really love their pro choice so much that they will ignore this horrific man. BTW - I've read a lot but not seen pictures... so unbelievably sad. Those babies...

Noor al Haqiqa said...

I have seen a lot. For many years I have kept a visually oriented blog that showed what few others showed. Cannibalism of Chinese foetuses, burnt holocaust victims of Gaza, disfigured victims of acid attacks... you get tough over time but not insensitive. A few of those acid burn victims truly are difficult... but when I saw that photo of the child's nape with that gaping hole... I ran to retch in my sink and could not come back to my pc until my breathing resumed normalcy.

In my blogging career, I once stumbled across the confessions of a nurse who had once begun working in a clinic. She had begun work with the belief she was doing something medically right but the things she saw sickened her and after a few weeks she left but not before gathering evidence and keeping notes. Her stories were too hard for me to post ...

But this creature Gosnell. In Chile they are still throwing babies on bonfires.

These horrors of child sacrifice go back thousands of years to the days of the Old Testament and carry on to this day. The sacrifice of innocents still goes on to please the Baal or Morduk of those who follow the Talmud and Old Testament.

I watched the film on this Gosnell and his crimes and thought it interesting that the Black Civil Rights activists who were speaking were making this a Black issue when the original complainants were White. The White girls were more or less ignored in the film.

This making such an issue also distracts from the basic criminality of abortion in the first place. I get their point about locale, but these crimes are not race specific, they are carried on everywhere.

Mary Moyer said...

What EVIL this man & so many others have perpetrated. The few times I have seen the picture of the baby with the slit in its neck I cannot do anything but sob. I can't imagine what kind of cruelty lives in the souls of these people. I hope they BURN in hell.