Monday, May 13, 2013

Gosnell is guilty!!! Praise God!!!!


The butcher of women and babies in Philadelphia, was found guilty of 3 counts of first degree murder of babies A, C, and D!  I hope they put him up under the prison.  I hope those that helped him also are thrown under the prisons.  I pray now that the souls of those killed can now rest in peace, now that he has been brought to justice.  If given the death penalty, I hope justice is swift.

Former Governors Tom Ridge (R) 1995-2001, and Edward Rendell (D) 2003-2011, should hang their heads in shame.  Both of them have plenty to answer for, because most of this negligence was under their watch.

America needs to reassess what is important to us as far as the media is concerned.  We the public DESERVE to know the truth, no matter who is involved.  We should demand accountability, and hold them responsible when they knowingly mislead the public.  Lindsey Lohan is not news.  How much money some celebrity spends on a new home is not news.  Babies and women being butchered over and over again, year after year, should make this country feel ashamed that it even got to this point.  It should make the media wake up and admit its own malfeasance.  Many in this country have thrown its morals out the window for fear of offending someone.  Well, be offended.  This is a story of life and death, and those of us that fight for life MUST WIN!!!