Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The left heard what they wanted to hear...

Pope Francis has apparently made waves for something he didn't actually say.  The Pope said, "Who am I to judge?", and the left leaning media took that to be code words for, "Hey do whatever you want, and the Catholic Church won't say anything!"  They claim a new day is dawning!

No, no, no, no, NO!  He said the exact same thing that Pope Emeritus Joseph Ratzinger said, and Blessed Pope John Paul II before him.  Pope Francis just said it in a nicer way. Nothing has changed, people. The Church didn't say abortion, contraceptives, divorce, women priests, and a myriad of other social issues are now acceptable!  Openly gay priests will not be ushered to the lectern to give homilies saying that there is nothing wrong with homosexuality, or that the Church will start performing gay "marriages".  The Catholic Church is not known for bowing to the whims of secular society, nor should it. What good is a religion that changes its policies or doctrines based on what makes people feel good?  Since when is that a proper measurement of what is good for society?

The Pope in my humble opinion is correct when he says we must be brothers.  Just like those of us of the Catholic faith should not help someone procure an abortion, but pray for the parents and the unborn baby being aborted, we must, with love, tell the truth about the destruction of sexual deviances.

The left wants desperately for the Catholic Church to approve of their destructive ways of life.  Why? Why do they care what the Catholic Church says?  Why do so many phony politicians claim to be Catholic, but spit in the face of those of us who actually live the faith, á la Pelosi, Biden, and Sebelius? They do it because then they assume that when they stand before God, they can excuse their deceit and lies, and won't have to account for the multitude of souls they've led astray.

I will pray for our Pope, and pray that the moral decay in our society will eventually be destroyed, for the sake of our children!


Crystal Foose said...

I hope a lot of what the pope says is lost in translation and cherry-picked by the media to sound the way they want. I read something recently that he supposedly said about encouraging collectivism and basically said individualism is bad. It is very disheartening to me as a Catholic if he really meant that.