Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Mr. President, there is nothing affordable about Obamacare!!!

Mr. President Barack H. Obama,

Yesterday morning my husband calls me from work and informs me that our cost for our health care premiums skyrocketed from $550 a month for our family, to $1100 a month!  We cannot afford to pay that much out of pocket!  So he and our oldest will have coverage, but myself and our other 5 children do not.  I do not want to hear how great Obamacare is.  It is government bureaucracy at its worst, and my family and many others are now paying for it. Don't tell me that we should be able to keep my plan.  It's obvious that we cannot!  85% of the country was doing just fine with our personal health care plans. You and the Democrats have trashed the whole system instead of trying to find a way to insure the other 15%. I don't want any part of the Affordable Care Act. My children cannot play sports now for fear of broken bones or other injuries, and I will have to be the one to deal with their disappointment, not you!  

You claim to care about this country, but you have done nothing but make promises to give everything to almost everyone, excluding Christians and Conservatives of course!  We are hurting, and there is nothing you politicians are willing to do to make things right!  You say you are not going to negotiate, Harry Reid calls us anarchists, and Barbara Mikulski called us teabaggers. Why did you call for civility in the past, when this is how you treat us? America didn't want this law, and you rammed it down our throats anyway. We are paying a heavy price, and you all on The Hill and in the White House seem to have forgotten that you work for us, not the other way around!  If this law is so great, then why aren't you on it?

How much more must we suffer?

Danielle D. Hollars