Monday, September 19, 2011

Where is the outrage from "Feminist" groups?

Warning:  The following audio clip is extremely vulgar:

This is the most disgusting, vile attack against Sarah Palin I have ever heard.  Where in the Hell is the media pointing out the sexual violence involved that these conversationalists are laughing about?  "Womb-Shifting" is so violent a connotation, that I cannot fathom why the interview was allowed to continue.  Of course we can't forget the wonderful, "pushing her guts up in the back of her head" comment.  This coming from a guy who raped a woman.  The men sitting around guffawing like a bunch of damn donkeys, should be ashamed of themselves.  Would they be laughing if someone was talking about their daughters that way?  Or how about their wife, sister, or mother.

Better yet, put any Liberal or Democrat woman's name in this conversation in place of Sarah Palin, and see if these guys would have a job by day's end. I'm absolutely fed up with the apathy of the left, and their unwillingness to apply their journalistic integrity like they are supposed to. This should be a wake up call to ALL women, no matter the party affiliation, but it doesn't matter because they're only talking about Palin.

Where are the supposed "women's" groups? Except for one or two instances in the past that I can remember, they are silent as usual when it comes to attacks on Conservative or Republican women. Shame on them, the media, and KWWN for letting this continue, and I hope his wife gave him Hell when he got home!!!