Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Jim Moran, you ignorant fool, retire...

For those Virginians that live in the 8th district, please for the love of all that is good, do NOT vote Jim Moran back into office EVER AGAIN! This man is an arrogant piece of filth, who does not deserve to have a position of power.

Apparently he is now an expert on race, and the ancestors of black people. Rep. Allen West made a comment that he didn't like, and his response was this:

Where's the leadership of the House telling him that what he said is offensive? They will say nothing! Why because as long as the MSM is in their pockets, the MSM doesn't give a damn. I'm sick of liberals screaming foul every time a conservative says something they don't like, like we're supposed to just sit on our hands and play nice.

Screw you MSM, Jim Moran, and anyone who thinks that what Moran said was OK. I'm done playing nice, and tomorrow his office will hear from me...