Thursday, February 02, 2012

Thaddeus Matthews and his Black on Black hatred...

This is one of the most disgusting things I've seen in a while. This is an interview, or more like a verbal bashing, between a host named Thaddeus Matthews, and his guest Charlotte Bergmann, who is running for office in Tennessee. So much for "Southern Hospitality" and "Chivalry", because I have never seen such a disgraceful show of hatred toward another human being, let alone a "man" talking to a woman:

As much as I talk, I had to search for words as to how this makes me feel. Thaddeus Matthews should look in the mirror and ask himself what is he doing to better the mentality of those in the 9th district. If his behavior on air is any indication of the way blacks there feel about someone who is black and a republican, then God help the people of that area. How very sad that he feels so superior to that woman, that he has no problem telling her to shut up. You Thaddeus are a disgrace to men, and an impediment to improving dialogue within the political arena. You are part of the problem, not part of the solution. What a waste of what could've been a gateway to looking at both sides of what's going on in black communities across the country.


Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. Hollars,

I came upon your blog by accident but I felt compelled to respond to what you say having viewed the interview in question.

There's no doubt the added captions are silly and rude and entirely over the top, but the interview itself struck me as robust rather than hectoring or unfair. Like you, I live in a democratic society and I want my potential political leaders properly examined before they have the chance to take office.

I wonder if you understand how we in Europe tend to view American Society and politics? Please don't think I'm being in any way agressive here or even anti-American as nothing could be further from the truth. However, I would be really interested in your views and your response to my comments.

Firstly, surveys show that most people in Europe are afraid of the United States, and almost half believe it to be the most dangerous nation in terms of future world stability. We see how far behind the rest of the western world you are in terms of race relations, women's equality, respect for gay people etc., religious toleration and so on. We see you still having a debate about a woman's right to choose on the abortion issue, - an issue which has not been politically "live" in Britain for example for forty years - we see your terrifying gun laws (the right to bear arms was removed in Britain in 1487), your ignorance of other religions, your certainty that God is on your side, your lack of effective public health care free at the point of delivery, your treatment of prisoners, your attachment to the death penalty (very odd in a country so largely Christian) and most worrying of all, your incredible insularity and lack of understanding of the world around you (a hangover from isolationism I suspect). Then we see that you have an economy which will soon cease to be the largest in the world (it's not your fault, all empires decline) but a military which is by far the largest and most advanced. This has happened in the world once before, with seventeenth century Spain. That country embarked on a series of expansionist wars as its wealth declined in an attempt to keep up. It was disasterous for the entire continent, the Spanish more than anyone.

We see the new right wing strain of Republicans and their increasingly outlandish and isolationst views and the way in which President Obama has been subjected to more plain hate than one would have thought possible in a nation where respect for authority has alwasy been so strong. How much of this is down to fear of a "New Camelot" (not that that could have lasted long) and how much to good old-fashioned racism is hard to determine from a distance and you would be better placed to know the answer.

I have visited your country on a number of occasions. Its staggering variation of natural beauty and the enthusiasm and kindness of the vast majority of people is heart warming indeed. However, I implore you when next blogging to try to see beyond the world at your doorstep and to recognise the impact which your nation has on the world.

I will look out for your response with great interest.

Warmest best wishes.

Danielle Hollars said...


Since my answer will take up a quite a bit of space, I will answer you in another post.