Saturday, August 11, 2012

Romney and Ryan... can they win over America?

I will admit up front - Romney was not my favorite for President.  Not at all.  For the past year, we have been force-fed Romney by the establishment GOP, and we as conservatives pushed back by not getting out there excitedly on his behalf.  People would ask me if I was happy with the choice of Romney, and I didn't answer except to a select number of people. I thought he had too much baggage, and seemed almost desperate to want the presidency. People were not happy, and the campaign knew it. They knew that if they had any shot at holding on to conservatives, they had to bring in someone who can articulate our problems, and who didn't seem like a "old, rich, white man." Oh I can hear the left now saying, "See, all he did was pick a 'young, rich, white man'.  And he's a devout Catholic!!!!!!  Typical." Well last I checked, Joe Biden is white isn't he? Or does that not matter because Obama is black? Race should not overshadow this election cycle, but I'm sure that will be the usual tactic of the left to make themselves feel better when they lose. They will scream racism because our first black president lost!!!  The left has nothing left.  Oh wait, they'll add on the end that republicans and conservatives hate women, and the poor!!!!!  And children....  And your dog......

I have prayed that Romney would pick someone who can take it to the Democrats when it came to the budget, and our economy.  I mean I really prayed hard.  While I would've liked Marco Rubio, I am very pleased with his choice of Rep. Paul Ryan -WI.  He is a dedicated husband and father, and an honorable politician.  Even when our President belittled him in front of the whole nation, he held his head up with pride, and dignity.

I am finally excited, and actually slept well this morning!  I pray we can get our nation on the right track, and for those of us who are trying to dig us out of these doldrums, who are the tip of the spear, these two are the rod that will stay strong and lead us to victory!!!  Bring on the debates!!!!!!!!

P.S. I can't wait to see Biden trying to debate Ryan on ethics!


Ohcomeonnow said...

I admit I wasn't thrilled with Romney for the same reasons you stated, but I was getting behind him because the alternative was giving me nightmares. I have loved Paul Ryan for years, but I would have preferred he stayed right where he was. Alas, he has stepped up to the plate and he deserves our heartfelt and full support. I pray for him and his beautiful family, that they remain strong through the vicious attacks that are sure to come, and I pray for their safety. I see a light at the end of this "tunnel of hell" we've been plodding through, and he has kind blue eyes, a humble smile and a backbone made of steel.