Monday, March 11, 2013

"I just voted for him (Obama) because he's black"

*Warning: Foul language

No, I didn't, but America, we are in trouble.  Jimmy Kimmel has a segment of his show where he has his team go out on the street and ask about events that never happened, but to seem informed, people lie saying they had watched some random event.

Exhibit A:  People claiming they had watched the inauguration BEFORE it happened:

Exhibit B: Even more people claiming to have watched the Super Bowl before it happened:

Exhibit C:  Finally, the ultimate in stupidity (pay particular attention to the last answer given):

What pisses me off to no end, is the fact that the woman who gave the very last answer in the last video says how she only voted for Obama because he is black!!!

She couldn't give a damn what his policies were, but because he's a black democrat, then it's all gravy right?!?  How many times over have we heard this answer?  How many times were we called racists, and in my case, a sell-out, for mentioning this very point?  Her vote cancelled out mine, and the fact that that was her answer is a disgrace to herself, the black community, and America as a whole.  I was called ignorant, and a fucking moron, for pointing out that so many blacks only voted for Obama because he's a black democrat.  I pointed out how there are many whites who voted for him, because they had a sense of "White Guilt".  This woman in two sentences says what I've been yelling about for 4+ years now.  The people in these videos vote, and have proven that they don't pay attention.  How are you feeling knowing that they will cancel out YOUR vote next time around, because the conservative base will sulk and stay home if they are still licking their wounds from this last election???  This shouldn't be a conservative or liberal problem, or a black, white, or red problem, but the fact is, this is what the democrats have reduced us to.  Get informed!  This is an AMERICAN problem, WAKE UP AMERICA!!!


Donna Hornick said...

It's really sad how ignorant the Amaerican public has become. So many know more about the latest celebrity scandal than they know about the way our government is supposed to work. BTW, was it you I heard on Chris Plante this morning? Great comments.

Danielle Hollars said...

Yep, that was me!!!