Friday, March 04, 2016

Open letter to Mr. Donald Trump in regards to issuing unlawful military orders

Mr. Donald Trump,

I write to you tonight with extreme concern about a statement made by you during the Fox News debate on March 3, 2016:

"They won't refuse. They are not going to refuse me."

Really Mr. Trump?!?  Someone in your campaign needs to help you brush you up on some military protocol. You see, I am an Army veteran, and I come from a long line of family members who were also service members. If you were to give me an order to target civilians, I would disobey that order! You sir, are wrong when you imply that just because you give an order, means that it will automatically be followed.

When a person enlists in the military, they are given a book from the training command of their particular branch, and since you say you want to be Commander-In-Chief, you should probably read up on what makes a service member tick. Read Army TRADOC P600-4 Chapter 2-6. Army Values. Read subsections E and F in regards to how service members are to conduct themselves:

It speaks of honor and integrity. Honor, and integrity!!!

Audie Murphy, Gary Gordon, Randall Shughart, Florent Groberg, and Edward Byers Jr. all received the Medal of Honor. Have you ever heard of a Medal of Honor recipient receiving their award because they kill a house full of unarmed civilians, or because they targeted the family of a terrorist? No? That's because they would be behind bars instead!

The targeting of civilians is a no-no Mr. Trump. Your blustering about what you would command our military to do, will not translate into actionable orders. You cannot walk around and command Soldiers, Marines, Sailors, Airmen, and our Coast Guard, to willfully kill the family members of terrorists. You may think it sounds good with your followers, but IT IS NOT! You would be putting the morals of our military in jeopardy with this type of showing off for the cameras.

Our military members are a proud and honorable group of men and women! Men and women who are willing to give their all! We are not a bunch of mindless drones, that cannot think for ourselves! If you are elected to the presidency, you will have a moral obligation to protect their integrity, the code of conduct, and their moral compass!

They deserve nothing less!!!

Sincerely from a very angry,
Mrs. Danielle D. Hollars
U.S. Army veteran


djaz said...


Thank you for your service from another Vet and for this letter.

When I heard this sad excuse of a human being say those words last night, My Lai came to mind (I'm from that era) and I thought he couldn't surprise me any more with his thoughtless blather, but he did. We don't need him as CiC.

May God bless and keep you.

Mark Jewell said...

I may not have served, but I thank you for serving our nation, and for the success you have had in raising your family. Am glad that you pointed out the craziness inherent with The Donald's idea that he can make the military dance to his tune in regards to such matters.

This is one blog I intend to follow, and am adding it to my blog links page on my own blog. Take care and stay cool this summer!