Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Open Letter to Hillary Clinton, from an angry Army veteran

Well, you did it again. You have managed to weasel your way out of another conspiracy. FBI Director Comey tossed you a life preserver, and saved you and your staff from prosecution. Attorney General Loretta Lynch 'conveniently' meets with your husband, and she will also 'conveniently' follow the recommendations of the FBI.

Do you really think that the American people who are honest, are going to believe that you think you should not be charged? You were the First Lady of Arkansas, the First Lady of The United States, a Senator from New York, and the Secretary of State. You have been read in so many times you could fill a book. You knew what you did was shady, but you continued anyway. Feigned ignorance of the rules is no excuse for what you did! Those of us who have held clearances know that you and those that answered to you should have had charges levied against you all, or at the very least, you should NEVER hold a clearance again!

You lied to the American people about your emails, and you lied to us about Benghazi! Worst of all, you looked those families of the men who died in the eyes, and lied to them!

Did you cry when you heard that Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, and Tyrone Woods were dead? Or did you shed fake tears, just like you put on your fake accents when you go down South? No, you were too busy trying to save you and President Obama's so-called legacies! Well let me tell you a little secret: if it was YOU sitting in that consulate, those planes would've been scrambled immediately!!! President Obama would have been in the Situation Room all night waiting to find out your status. I guess Las Vegas and fundraising was more important for you and the President's future political careers, right? Those of us who wear the uniforms of our United States military know the truth! You had a chance to save them, and nothing was done!

Do you honestly want us to believe that all of the various charges against you over these past decades are just a right-wing conspiracy? That the mean ol' Republicans are so hard on little ol' Hillary Clinton, and that everyone else is lying? No, I fully believe that you knew exactly what you were doing, that you feel a sense of entitlement, and you will have to answer for the blood on your hands in the end!

I pray that the American people will see through your blatant lies, and that they will see you for who you really are: a bitter, washed up has-been, who does not deserve one more day in the White House!

Danielle D. Hollars
An angry American and Army veteran


BrionBoyles said...

She has all the moral scruples of a schoolyard crack dealer.