Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Please Stop Embarrassing Us Mr. President...

Once again I felt like throwing my remote through my very nice TV yesterday morning when I saw Obama bowing yet again:

How many times in one year can this embarassment of a president send us backwards in the eyes of the world? He bent over so far he might as well have kissed the emperor's shoes!

I told my family when he was voted president, he would spend his first year going around the world trying to "undue" all the "damage" the Bush administration has done in the eyes of any Muslim that would listen, that we will bend over backwards to appease their fragile egos. Telling students in France that America was ignorant of Europe's leading role in the world. France!!! Of all the places to accuse someone of being arrogant, the French are the last people in the world to nod their heads like they have a leg to stand on. If it weren't for us they would be speaking German right now. You're very welcome Europe, for us bailing you out, and continuing to prop up your sorry economies by the goods that we buy, and the goods and money that our service members provide to the surrounding areas where we are stationed. Every time there is a disaster over there whether it be Europe, Africa, or Asia, we send money, food, civilian and military personnel, and other resources to help. But we're arrogant?!

Bowing to leaders of another nation is a move of submission, telling them, "We are beneath you". We are not beneath anyone!!! We are their equal. But by the time Obama's done, we'll be the whipping child of the whole friggin' world. How can people be ok with this...or just blow this off as no big deal? This is a disgrace!

Mr. President since you insist on bowing to other leaders, may I suggest you just go ahead and get on your knees, and ask if you can shine their shoes as well...