Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What is the President waiting for...

Why must the bravest of us suffer for the lack of urgency or confidence from their Commander-in-Chief? These men and women have volunteered to give their lives if need be to continue to protect us, and it takes the president months to make up his mind on whether to send them help or not?!

I don't want to hear about an exit strategy, our end goal should be no less than victory. I want those brave souls to have every ounce of resources they need while on the ground now. If it takes 5 more years before Al-Qaeda is done fighting us then that's what we need to do. Stop golfing, and having summit meetings, and lavish dinner parties, and send the troops that Gen. McChrystal needed months ago. It kills me to think about our troops waiting, and waiting for an answer from the man that is supposed to have their best interest, and those of their families at heart.

Let the full might of our military, the baddest one on the face of the earth, loose, let them do their job, so they can come home. I pray that our president will guide our troops with wisdom, and not act like this is a board game. Our guys and gals over there deserve nothing less.