Thursday, November 19, 2009

We're a nation of cowards...Congrats America!!!

Once again our esteemed Attorney General Eric Holder (the first Black Attorney General I might add), has said we are a nation of cowards. Eric Holder, the same guy who couldn't be bothered to follow through on voter intimidation charges against the NEW BLACK PANTHER PARTY, has said that we need to spend more time talking about race. OK Eric, let's talk about race involving this last presidential election cycle. I'll get to his other comment about us being cowards in a moment. By the way, it does no good to be the first anything if you are an utter failure at it.

When Barack Obama was nominated for president, all everyone talked about was how we could have the first Black president!!! All I could think of was if he failed, everyone suffered, no matter what the race. And here we are 10 months later, and on the brink of ruin. Anyone who harshly questioned Obama during the campaign was either a racist, or an Uncle Tom. A whole lot of white people were more worried about not offending a Black person. Never mind if their complaint was legit, they made themselves feel better by saying, "Maybe it is time for a Black president. We are a nation of change". Black people flooded the airwaves and streets saying that it was about time, all the while ignoring the obvious pandering nature of this candidate. We weren't allowed to say his middle name, it was racist; we couldn't ask about his college papers, and transcripts, if we did it was racist; we couldn't question Michelle Obama, we couldn't question his affiliations, we couldn't question his non existent voting record...I think you get the point. Then we come to election day, and what happens? The New Black Panther Party intimidates voters by standing in front of the buildings with large pieces of wood. Message received - if you come here you'd better tow the line. So what did our justice department do? Absolutely nothing. Then we have the lovely Professor Gates. What did the President say...oh that's right, that the police acted stupidly. Don Imus said something stupid and was crucified. The President says something almost as dumb, and we are supposed to ignore it. How are we supposed to talk about race when the conversation is so lopsided? Whites will continue to be portrayed as the enemy, and blacks will be treated with kids gloves, as long as those in the spotlight continue to say that race is a major factor. It's only a major factor when they want it to be.
Now on to the second comment of us being a nation a cowards...we are not afraid of what KSM might say in court. We are afraid of some judge or jury feeling sorry for him, and releasing him back into society, and there won't be a damn thing we can do about it, because he will be tried as a American citizen. Because Holder guaranteed that Muhammad would be found guilty, he is tainting the jury pool, and possibly giving his lawyers (lawyers from the firm you came from), a way to ask for a dismissal of charges because of comments made by the President and Holder. For goodness sakes, you are both lawyers!! HOW could you be so arrogant? Please for all our sake, stop talking, and tell those on the left to pipe down. Or are you the ones that are truly cowards by not standing up to your base?'s that "Hope" and "Change" thing working out for you?