Thursday, September 08, 2011

The State of the Economy...

Well now that we've had a unprecedented speech from the president in the House Chambers, outside of a major event or the State of the Union, I'll put my thoughts down on how I see the future going for the president.

At first he sounded somewhat reasonable.  But by the end of his speech, it was the same old song and dance that he's said every other time he's talked about the economy.  Fair share was one the first things out of his mouth as usual.  Fairness seems to be the only thing he knows when it comes to denigrating the rich, to help the poor.  The American Jobs Act, is supposedly something that even the Republicans are supposed to want to act on right now.  Payroll tax cuts are to be cut in half.  However, he couldn't help but bring up the corporate fat cats. He again brings up shovel ready jobs.  Let's hope this time the money gets to where it needs to be for these construction companies he's always talking about.

The last time he promised that jobs will be immediately available, it was an abject failure, and we're still looking for those jobs.  Unemployment insurance will be extended another year.  That is not stimulus!  How is he going to say the bill will be paid for immediately, then turn around a say that it will be paid for as soon as Congress finds more spending cuts somewhere else.  Once again he's expecting the wealthy to do their fair share, to help those who can not find work.  Still not sure how he plans on implementing just how much more the wealthy needs to pay to get to their "fair share" amount.

I'm sick of hearing Warren Buffett's name every damn time he talks about the economy.  Soak the rich blah, blah, blah.  The government also needs to stay away from the housing market.  He also can't talk about working with businesses, when he just called some of those same businesses greedy.  The only one putting a burden on businesses is HIM!!!  The First Lady looked like she'd rather be shopping, than sitting in chambers.

He sees his future as having another term as president going down the drain.  Tonight's speech didn't help him any.  This was a huge waste of time, and now I'm going to watch football.


DLBowers said...

AWESOME!!!! You DO have a way with words!!! He thinks we are gullible sheep that will do whatever he says! HIS potus days ARE numbered. and COUNTING DOWN!!!

SO ready for him to be OUTTA THERE!!!

coach said...

I will be happy to pay you tomorrow for a hamburger today. Same ole talk, by the way Buffett owes the IRS over a billion, yep with a B