Sunday, August 07, 2011

The continued takeover of health care...

I listened to a very heated debate with Star Parker, and Tamara Holder on Sean Hannity's afternoon show, on the fact that the private insurance companies will now have to cover women's contraceptives, and other preventative medical procedures. O.K., here's my view; if this is only about women's health, then only breast mammograms, HPV screenings, well woman check ups, STD tests, and gestational diabetes should be covered. Birth control and sterilizations should not be covered. Secretary Sebelius has overstepped her authority by making it mandatory for these companies to have to cover this for free.

Holder questioned Star's claim that sterilization would be covered or not, well here's the proof that it is:

Health and Human Services

Tamara should've done her homework before getting wiped all over the floor.

A follow up conversation on his evening show with Jehmu Greene (who I can not stand, as I have stated before in a previous post), and Kimberly Guilfoyle, went into what this requirement is really about. It's about paying for birth control for everyone, and to hell with those who have a religious objection.

There are those fighting to remove what little religious exemptions this rule allows, and we're just supposed to sit silently on the sidelines while this administration runs roughshod over our conservative values. If we sit back and do and say nothing, we will have no religious freedoms anymore.

If I remember correctly, didn't the Obama administration state emphatically that they didn't want to run the insurance companies? I remember very vividly being called a domestic terrorist, while protesting with hundreds of thousands of Americans who were worried about too much government interference. Guess that hunch ended up being right huh?