Monday, August 22, 2011

Go to Hell huh?

This is just too easy:

A woman Lisa Agcaolil in the very beginning of the video wants to know what America can do for her? I have a better question for you Ms. Agcaolil... what can you do for yourself? Maybe you should watch JFK's speech where he very clearly says, "Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country." It's sad that this woman lives by a entitlement mentality. What's even sadder is the amount of claps that she received. Great - a room full of people who want everything handed to them from the government. This sentiment is running rampant within the Black and Hispanic communities, where unemployment hovers at around 30%.

So I penned this letter, wondering if I should send this to the always spiteful Rep. Waters:

Dear Rep. Maxine Waters,

This letter is in response to you telling the Tea Party to go to Hell. Would you be so bold as to say that to my face? Or how about Rep. Allen West? You apparently have some anger management issues, and need some help. Maybe retiring from public office would be a great start. You seem to get your hackles up whenever you want to take attention off of yourself and blame everyone else for the failings within your community. I don't recall any conservative, or Tea Party member publicly saying the Congressional Black Caucus can go to Hell, do you? Imagine the outrage from the Democrats if that was the case.

You're not afraid of anybody huh? Then why are you attacking the Tea Party? I thought the Tea Party was obsolete. I thought we were AstroTurf. How can this lowly bunch of racist rednecks, really be a threat to you? It's funny how you say that in front of a room filled with a great deal of SEIU members. Those very same members who hate the Tea Party, because we're calling for fiscal responsibility that includes not supporting many of these unions. The rest were mostly Blacks and Hispanics, who you've successfully convinced that the Tea Party and Republicans hate them and that we are racists. You madam are a race baiter, who is a disgrace to public office.

Please for the sake of "unity" and "civility" in public discourse, do not run again for office. I'm sure you and your pal Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee would have a grand ol' time making sweaters, or scarves, or something that doesn't involve you speaking in public ever again. Go to Hell? If you want to lead the way, then you first Rep. Waters.

Danielle Hollars, A Sellout Black, Who Is a Tea Party Member


InHisGrip said...

Excellent, Danielle. I am proud to know you... It's disturbing that the black community has been held hostage for way too long by a liberal party that uses them and takes them for granted, a party that cares way more about their VOTES than about their circumstances. Good for you for speaking up... Yes, send the letter...

terrig said...

Sadly this happens across all race lines. Ever noticed why my neighbors are not invited to our little gatherings? They have the same mindset.
Yes, send that letter to Maxine. I don't know if I've ever really seen her smile. She's a socialist and anyone who thinks that Franklin Raines did "an outstanding job" at Fannie Mae (or any of those clowns there for that matter) really needs to have her head examined.

DLBowers said...

BRAVO Danielle!!! You are RIGHT ON THE MONEY! I say send it! Unfortunately, she will never know who you are and whence you come unless you were to meet her face to face.

She is a DISGRACE and an embarrassment to Human Society!
Go to hell indeed!

Nicki said...

Great letter! I haz linked. And thanks for the friend request on SGP.


aka Al said...

You tell it like it is Danielle. I really enjoy your posts!

Danielle Hollars said...

Thanks for the comments everyone.

Thanks Nicki! I have also added you to my page as one of my favorite sites. I look forward to many great conversations with you!