Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The non-apology apology...

On Tuesday Ed Schultz from MSNBC, who finds a race issue in anything that involves President Obama, showed the following where he tried to implicate Governor Perry as a racist:

Now that just warms your heart doesn't it? This race-baiting, conservative woman hating, "I-think-I'm-smarter-than-I-really-am" jerk, should've been permanently yanked off the air after calling Laura Ingraham a "Right Wing Slut". Just imagine for a moment if a conservative host said anything like this on air (aside from Imus, who apologized and was still fired). Can you picture it? Of course not, because the liberal media has no room for giving leeway, the way they always excuse their own behavior.

Now yesterday, Schultz said this, "Last night we played a clip of Governor Perry talking about the debt being a 'big black cloud' over this country. We did not present the full context of those statements and we should' doubt about it, it was a mistake and we regret the error. On this particular statement, we should not have included it in our coverage of his overheated rhetoric (emphasis is mine). That's our mistake. The full context of all of these other statements show who he is and what he stands for."

This rectal aperture (a favorite phrase of my friend Chris Plante),  couldn't even bring himself to repeat that he said Perry accused Obama of being the black cloud!  This wasn't an error, and it wasn't a mistake.  He meant every word of what he said.  I am sick and tired of the liberal media getting away with unabashed hatred, and many on the right wanting to play nice and not say anything. This is going to be an ugly battle for control of what should be the people's government, and we need to bring it all to this fight, not a bouquet of flowers. We should be playing to win.

Let this parting video be a reminder of how the left wing media will treat any conservative:

Now if only they would've treated Obama with the same scrutiny, and dedication to "journalism"... if only.


DLBowers said...

WAY TO TO TELL 'EM!!!! Don't hold anything back! We have been "nice" for FAR too long!!!