Sunday, August 14, 2011

The debate, who's next to leave, and Gov. Perry

So when it was leading up to the 2008 elections, I had a friend ask me who I thought would be going head to head in the end for president. I had told him I thought it would be Obama and McCain. Now mind you, this was when there seemed to be no daylight for McCain. I also told him that Obama would win.

Fast forward three years, and after watching the debate on Thursday night, here are my thoughts: Everyone got in a good shot or two either at each other, or at Obama. However, Newt Gingrinch and Gov. Tim Pawlenty had seemed to whine too much. Herman Cain had a great line about America needing to learn how to take a joke. Santorum got shafted some by not having a lot of question and answer time. Michele seemed to stumble a bit when asked about being submissive to her husband. Ron Paul really ticked me off me off with his unwillingness to stand with Israel. I'll post about that another day. Huntsman said nothing that was very impressive to me.

Now, since the Iowa Straw Poll is over, and Michele won, Pawlenty has just dropped out of the race. I think Santorum, Newt, Huntsman, and Cain will soon follow. Ron Paul will be stubborn as usual and try to hold on longer than anyone other than his most devout fans will want him to. Although I'm still trying to figure out how he came in second with that many votes... call me crazy, but maybe all of his supporters live out in Iowa!  I'm wondering how many of these Ron Paul supporters voted for Obama because they thought he was different.

With Gov. Perry entering the race on Saturday, the others who scored very low will have a difficult time convincing more Americans to follow their lead. Gov. Perry had done an amazing job in Texas, with his state having more than  40% of the overall job growth in the nation.

I think in the end it will be Governor Rick Perry facing Obama, with Rep. Michele Bachmann, or maybe Gov. Mitt Romney as his VP pick.  Let's see if I'm two for two!