Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Way to go Mayor Nutter!

Click Here: Mayor talks tough to black teens after flash mobs

I had a great conversation today with my friend Austin Hill, who sat in for Chris Plante who's on vacation. Austin and I have spoken many times on air, and today was particularly wonderful in the sense that finally, this issue is getting the attention it deserves. Recently Bill Cosby said something along the same lines, about taking personal responsibility so we don't get to this point of the black youth running rampant, and was blasted by blacks who thought he was being condescending. Now those same blacks want to listen because they are being affected first hand by the violence these mobs are creating. I'm wondering when the president, and AG Eric Holder are going to make a comment. These kids idolize Obama, so he may be the only one to reach these kids, because their parents and community sure aren't able to.

There was something that I thought about while reading this article. In the movie Boyz N The Hood, part of the story is about two black brothers who are being raised by a single mother. One brother wanted to do the right thing by graduating high school, and going on to college and play football. The other brother didn't want to do anything but sit around getting high, being jealous of his brother's success. Therein lies the rub. How can two people raised together in the same house, have such completely different wants out of life? The answer is simple: personal responsibility. A lot of people want to just blame bad behavior on single parents especially if they're poor, or claiming that it is part of their culture, but there are plenty of people who come from single family homes who go on to do great things. There are also those who come from homes of wealth with both parents, and they still turn into some of the most vile people you'll ever come across.

This didn't start out about race, although it turned into that very quickly. They have the same mentality of these people burning England to the ground: We are going to make the rich people and conservatives pay. Poverty doesn't mean stupidity, but until these youths learn that no one owes them a damn thing, and they pay the price for the destruction and physical pain they've caused, they will only perpetrate the notion that they will be nothing more than hoodlums, who no one will trust, take seriously, or want to hire.

Bravo Mayor Nutter for saying what has needed to be said by a public official, but not nearly enough, for a very long time.


terrig said...

It's not about race for me but the disgusting denigration of our culture. I love what the Mayor says and it applies to everyone.