Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Who's the hate filled bigots again?

I try to stay civil when sitting here thinking about what I want to put down in my blog. I try not sink to the soul destroying level of the left that loves to denigrate and demonize those that disagree with them on every issue. Right now though, they are making it very hard. I'm trying hard not to regress to my Army days, where I just let everything fly out of my mouth and didn't care who's feelings were hurt. The battle of Angel and Demon on my shoulders rages on!

What has me irate? The fact that the very President of the United States Barack Hussein Obama, said that Republicans are the "enemy", and the left doesn't bat an eye. Terrorists are not called terrorists, but me and my husband and children peacefully protest with fellow Americans, and we're domestic terrorists. Where in the Hell is his leadership when it comes to the vitriolic, and now physical attacks against conservatives, and Tea Party supporters? Answer: Nowhere to be found because he isn't a leader.

Here's just a few comments recently made from Congressional Members and the President:

* "We're going to have to fight them, we're going to have to go to their homes"
~Rep. Frederica Wilson
* "Some current Tea Party Congressional members want Black people hanging from trees"
~Rep. André Carson
* "Domestic Terrorists" ~Rep. Bart Stupak, and Rep. James Clyburn
* "Put a Gun Against the Heads of the American People" ~President Barack Obama
* "They want to take us back to Jim Crow laws" ~Debbie Wasserman-Schultz

What pissed me off is if you look at these Reps. home districts, I'll bet they all have an extremely low employment rate, huge numbers of abortions, and plenty of single parents. They want to shift the blame from their failures to someone else. That being the Tea Party.

Rep. Wilson should really rethink her comment of going to conservatives or Tea Party members homes looking for confrontations. Why, because: WE OWN GUNS!!!

Enjoy the video!!!


'the IN word' said...

One of my new favorite bloggers.... Danielle rocks---even if she is a violent racist, LMAO.

Joe Dan

DLBowers said...

ALSO, notice...that one of the "townhalls" had taken place in what appeared to be church.

Now how does that look to you all??
Just don't make sense to me!


Anonymous said...

At least you can say these things about people crying "bigot" without reason! Many of us are deemed the "wrong color" to point out that the word is being overused.

I found you via As A Mom, absolutely loved your "favorite things list" (especially the Great JPII, Tepeyac Center, anything homeschooling, Williamsburg, Fox News, and Dr. Ray)... and am very disappointed to realize you live all the way up in Woodbridge. Darn it.