Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Who's the hate filled bigots again?

I try to stay civil when sitting here thinking about what I want to put down in my blog. I try not sink to the soul destroying level of the left that loves to denigrate and demonize those that disagree with them on every issue. Right now though, they are making it very hard. I'm trying hard not to regress to my Army days, where I just let everything fly out of my mouth and didn't care who's feelings were hurt. The battle of Angel and Demon on my shoulders rages on!

What has me irate? The fact that the very President of the United States Barack Hussein Obama, said that Republicans are the "enemy", and the left doesn't bat an eye. Terrorists are not called terrorists, but me and my husband and children peacefully protest with fellow Americans, and we're domestic terrorists. Where in the Hell is his leadership when it comes to the vitriolic, and now physical attacks against conservatives, and Tea Party supporters? Answer: Nowhere to be found because he isn't a leader.

Here's just a few comments recently made from Congressional Members and the President:

* "We're going to have to fight them, we're going to have to go to their homes"
~Rep. Frederica Wilson
* "Some current Tea Party Congressional members want Black people hanging from trees"
~Rep. André Carson
* "Domestic Terrorists" ~Rep. Bart Stupak, and Rep. James Clyburn
* "Put a Gun Against the Heads of the American People" ~President Barack Obama
* "They want to take us back to Jim Crow laws" ~Debbie Wasserman-Schultz

What pissed me off is if you look at these Reps. home districts, I'll bet they all have an extremely low employment rate, huge numbers of abortions, and plenty of single parents. They want to shift the blame from their failures to someone else. That being the Tea Party.

Rep. Wilson should really rethink her comment of going to conservatives or Tea Party members homes looking for confrontations. Why, because: WE OWN GUNS!!!

Enjoy the video!!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Go to Hell huh?

This is just too easy:

A woman Lisa Agcaolil in the very beginning of the video wants to know what America can do for her? I have a better question for you Ms. Agcaolil... what can you do for yourself? Maybe you should watch JFK's speech where he very clearly says, "Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country." It's sad that this woman lives by a entitlement mentality. What's even sadder is the amount of claps that she received. Great - a room full of people who want everything handed to them from the government. This sentiment is running rampant within the Black and Hispanic communities, where unemployment hovers at around 30%.

So I penned this letter, wondering if I should send this to the always spiteful Rep. Waters:

Dear Rep. Maxine Waters,

This letter is in response to you telling the Tea Party to go to Hell. Would you be so bold as to say that to my face? Or how about Rep. Allen West? You apparently have some anger management issues, and need some help. Maybe retiring from public office would be a great start. You seem to get your hackles up whenever you want to take attention off of yourself and blame everyone else for the failings within your community. I don't recall any conservative, or Tea Party member publicly saying the Congressional Black Caucus can go to Hell, do you? Imagine the outrage from the Democrats if that was the case.

You're not afraid of anybody huh? Then why are you attacking the Tea Party? I thought the Tea Party was obsolete. I thought we were AstroTurf. How can this lowly bunch of racist rednecks, really be a threat to you? It's funny how you say that in front of a room filled with a great deal of SEIU members. Those very same members who hate the Tea Party, because we're calling for fiscal responsibility that includes not supporting many of these unions. The rest were mostly Blacks and Hispanics, who you've successfully convinced that the Tea Party and Republicans hate them and that we are racists. You madam are a race baiter, who is a disgrace to public office.

Please for the sake of "unity" and "civility" in public discourse, do not run again for office. I'm sure you and your pal Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee would have a grand ol' time making sweaters, or scarves, or something that doesn't involve you speaking in public ever again. Go to Hell? If you want to lead the way, then you first Rep. Waters.

Danielle Hollars, A Sellout Black, Who Is a Tea Party Member

Saturday, August 20, 2011

This is what is wrong with "Choice"

Young woman seeks free abortion, to save for new iPhone

This is a direct result of diminishing life to the point of "inconvenience". This young woman was adult enough to have sex. She should have stopped to think of the consequences of said action. Life is now worth absolutely nothing. I will pray for her and her unborn baby. Maybe she decided to keep it after all. Who knows.

Now with Obama's administration making insurance companies pay for contraceptives in the near future, what happens when that contraception fails? Then HHS will insist we cover all abortions, because they didn't intend on getting pregnant. News flash: If you have sex you can get pregnant. If you think you are too poor to have a baby, then why would you commit an act that could lead to a pregnancy? This is where self control comes into play, unless we are now no more than mere animals in the wild.

I thought abortions were to be safe, legal, and rare. Not used as a form of birth control. This makes my heart very heavy, that our society has come to this; where a phone is more important than the life of an unborn baby...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The non-apology apology...

On Tuesday Ed Schultz from MSNBC, who finds a race issue in anything that involves President Obama, showed the following where he tried to implicate Governor Perry as a racist:

Now that just warms your heart doesn't it? This race-baiting, conservative woman hating, "I-think-I'm-smarter-than-I-really-am" jerk, should've been permanently yanked off the air after calling Laura Ingraham a "Right Wing Slut". Just imagine for a moment if a conservative host said anything like this on air (aside from Imus, who apologized and was still fired). Can you picture it? Of course not, because the liberal media has no room for giving leeway, the way they always excuse their own behavior.

Now yesterday, Schultz said this, "Last night we played a clip of Governor Perry talking about the debt being a 'big black cloud' over this country. We did not present the full context of those statements and we should've...no doubt about it, it was a mistake and we regret the error. On this particular statement, we should not have included it in our coverage of his overheated rhetoric (emphasis is mine). That's our mistake. The full context of all of these other statements show who he is and what he stands for."

This rectal aperture (a favorite phrase of my friend Chris Plante),  couldn't even bring himself to repeat that he said Perry accused Obama of being the black cloud!  This wasn't an error, and it wasn't a mistake.  He meant every word of what he said.  I am sick and tired of the liberal media getting away with unabashed hatred, and many on the right wanting to play nice and not say anything. This is going to be an ugly battle for control of what should be the people's government, and we need to bring it all to this fight, not a bouquet of flowers. We should be playing to win.

Let this parting video be a reminder of how the left wing media will treat any conservative:

Now if only they would've treated Obama with the same scrutiny, and dedication to "journalism"... if only.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The debate, who's next to leave, and Gov. Perry

So when it was leading up to the 2008 elections, I had a friend ask me who I thought would be going head to head in the end for president. I had told him I thought it would be Obama and McCain. Now mind you, this was when there seemed to be no daylight for McCain. I also told him that Obama would win.

Fast forward three years, and after watching the debate on Thursday night, here are my thoughts: Everyone got in a good shot or two either at each other, or at Obama. However, Newt Gingrinch and Gov. Tim Pawlenty had seemed to whine too much. Herman Cain had a great line about America needing to learn how to take a joke. Santorum got shafted some by not having a lot of question and answer time. Michele seemed to stumble a bit when asked about being submissive to her husband. Ron Paul really ticked me off me off with his unwillingness to stand with Israel. I'll post about that another day. Huntsman said nothing that was very impressive to me.

Now, since the Iowa Straw Poll is over, and Michele won, Pawlenty has just dropped out of the race. I think Santorum, Newt, Huntsman, and Cain will soon follow. Ron Paul will be stubborn as usual and try to hold on longer than anyone other than his most devout fans will want him to. Although I'm still trying to figure out how he came in second with that many votes... call me crazy, but maybe all of his supporters live out in Iowa!  I'm wondering how many of these Ron Paul supporters voted for Obama because they thought he was different.

With Gov. Perry entering the race on Saturday, the others who scored very low will have a difficult time convincing more Americans to follow their lead. Gov. Perry had done an amazing job in Texas, with his state having more than  40% of the overall job growth in the nation.

I think in the end it will be Governor Rick Perry facing Obama, with Rep. Michele Bachmann, or maybe Gov. Mitt Romney as his VP pick.  Let's see if I'm two for two!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Way to go Mayor Nutter!

Click Here: Mayor talks tough to black teens after flash mobs

I had a great conversation today with my friend Austin Hill, who sat in for Chris Plante who's on vacation. Austin and I have spoken many times on air, and today was particularly wonderful in the sense that finally, this issue is getting the attention it deserves. Recently Bill Cosby said something along the same lines, about taking personal responsibility so we don't get to this point of the black youth running rampant, and was blasted by blacks who thought he was being condescending. Now those same blacks want to listen because they are being affected first hand by the violence these mobs are creating. I'm wondering when the president, and AG Eric Holder are going to make a comment. These kids idolize Obama, so he may be the only one to reach these kids, because their parents and community sure aren't able to.

There was something that I thought about while reading this article. In the movie Boyz N The Hood, part of the story is about two black brothers who are being raised by a single mother. One brother wanted to do the right thing by graduating high school, and going on to college and play football. The other brother didn't want to do anything but sit around getting high, being jealous of his brother's success. Therein lies the rub. How can two people raised together in the same house, have such completely different wants out of life? The answer is simple: personal responsibility. A lot of people want to just blame bad behavior on single parents especially if they're poor, or claiming that it is part of their culture, but there are plenty of people who come from single family homes who go on to do great things. There are also those who come from homes of wealth with both parents, and they still turn into some of the most vile people you'll ever come across.

This didn't start out about race, although it turned into that very quickly. They have the same mentality of these people burning England to the ground: We are going to make the rich people and conservatives pay. Poverty doesn't mean stupidity, but until these youths learn that no one owes them a damn thing, and they pay the price for the destruction and physical pain they've caused, they will only perpetrate the notion that they will be nothing more than hoodlums, who no one will trust, take seriously, or want to hire.

Bravo Mayor Nutter for saying what has needed to be said by a public official, but not nearly enough, for a very long time.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

The continued takeover of health care...

I listened to a very heated debate with Star Parker, and Tamara Holder on Sean Hannity's afternoon show, on the fact that the private insurance companies will now have to cover women's contraceptives, and other preventative medical procedures. O.K., here's my view; if this is only about women's health, then only breast mammograms, HPV screenings, well woman check ups, STD tests, and gestational diabetes should be covered. Birth control and sterilizations should not be covered. Secretary Sebelius has overstepped her authority by making it mandatory for these companies to have to cover this for free.

Holder questioned Star's claim that sterilization would be covered or not, well here's the proof that it is:

Health and Human Services

Tamara should've done her homework before getting wiped all over the floor.

A follow up conversation on his evening show with Jehmu Greene (who I can not stand, as I have stated before in a previous post), and Kimberly Guilfoyle, went into what this requirement is really about. It's about paying for birth control for everyone, and to hell with those who have a religious objection.

There are those fighting to remove what little religious exemptions this rule allows, and we're just supposed to sit silently on the sidelines while this administration runs roughshod over our conservative values. If we sit back and do and say nothing, we will have no religious freedoms anymore.

If I remember correctly, didn't the Obama administration state emphatically that they didn't want to run the insurance companies? I remember very vividly being called a domestic terrorist, while protesting with hundreds of thousands of Americans who were worried about too much government interference. Guess that hunch ended up being right huh?